1. damiandavis

    Which Fibre Optic (Most) to RCA Adapter to use

    Hello, so i am preparing to switch the NTG1 Comand Nav stereo in my W211 (2007) E63 with an aftermarket head unit. I have been told that i need to put a MOST Fibre to RCA interface in to allow the head to connect to the speakers via the boot AMP. I have been recommended a unit from IncarTech...
  2. S

    W211 Radio with fibre optic convrt to Android 5.1

    Hi Just bought a 2003 w211 e320 , radio screen is blank,radio works fine though,,I bought a aftermarket Android 5.1 touchscreen ,,,,only to find my stereo has fibre optic connection at back ,,not the normal radio iso wiring connector..Is it possible to still fit the Android unit,,, if so how do...
  3. Sudesh

    Fiber optic cable

    Good day everyone..... My Dad has a 2004 S-Class. He Got a new aftermarket radio/nav/hands free thing. Anyway he has been told by the installer he heeds a Fiber Optic Cable, he can't get one and tried a few places. So though I would as on here? Thank you kindly, Sudesh....
  4. W

    w219 cls fibre optic radio upgrade

    my 2007 cls 350 has the hk command unit in it. i have an after market dvd head unit which im trying to install. i can connect the new unit to the existing fibre connection via the adapter it came with and the sound works. i believe i need a 5m aerial lead to go to the amp in the boot. my main...
  5. R

    Spare fiber optic test loop

    FOC to first responder. Like this one: MOST Fiber Optic Loop Plastic Female Connector Adaptor For Audi BMW Porsche DE | eBay
  6. C

    break in fibre optic most ring

    hi all my comand has just told me no cdc no tv no phone so think most ring is broken somewhere any ideas how I can find out where many thanks
  7. Ruonis13

    HELP, FIBER OPTIC CABLES,STEREO UPGRADE,HELP! Fiber optic cables??? what do i do>???

    Please help, fiber optic cables,ugrade,stereo Hi and Hello Everyone:thumb: Im going literaly mental!!! I have MB e class w211 52 plate (2002) elegance :rock: So I decided I had enough of my "poor" sound quality-So I bought a brand new double din,subwoofer,amp,leads and all that... So I...
  8. A

    S211 Audio 20 does it use fiber optic?

    Hi i bought a few months ago a late 2005 E280cdi avantgarde S211 and it comes with a audio 20 unit, doesnt have the cd changer and doesnt also have the phone craddle, so quite basic spec , im planning to change the headunit as cant play recorded cds and wont be spending a fortune to get a...
  9. J

    Is my audio 20 cd player fibre optic???

    Guys, without me taking out the stereo could someone help me....? I have cls W219 and audio 20 cd player, no other upgrades no external cd changer, no phone...nothing just bog standard. Is my stereo fibre optic or not? I want to upgrade to aftermarket but they say they need to know if...
  10. H

    W203 audio - fiber optic?

    Hi guys I've been looking to replace my Audio 20 on my 2006 W203 estate for the past week or so, and kind of decided on the headunit. Then I rang a few shops to enquire about the connector kit, but was told that it will have fiber optic system, so it will be a big job, and not a straight...
  11. P

    firbe optic ?

    What Is the best way to find out if my AUDIO 20 has a fibre optic cable to the amp ? And where is the amp? Many thanks.
  12. B

    Bose fibre optic cable nightmare

    Gents..... In need of desperate help... CLK 270 CDI - trying to fit an alpine cd/radio/Bluetooth aftermarket system... Going great until I discovered a yellow fibre optic cable terminating in two small lights (red&white)... Robbing git in local audio shop explained they are from the Bose...
  13. B

    2003 270 CDI fibre optic nightmare

    :( Help please from any MB radio experts.. Proud new owner of a 2003 CLK....wasn't happy with standard radio ( wanted to install a comand combination system-but couldn't find one) Went for an alpine system with Bluetooth etc....then nightmare started!! It appears my standard fit has...
  14. V

    W211 Audio 20 - Cassete player with fiber optic FAULT, help somebody ?

    Hi All, I'm new here, I own a W211 E270 CDi. Just had small accident and a lade hit my MB's in the trunk. So after repairing it, a repairman dismantled all electronics in the trunk. So he got back all together, but unfortunately the cassete player with 6CD changer seems not working. all there is...
  15. greggster

    Virgin 50mb fibre optic broadband help

    Anyone got this? I'm thinking of taking the plunge as apparently it's available to my house. Would I notice the speed increase from say 20 to 50, i.e. Is it proportional? Its just for surfing, I'm not a big downloader but I do work at home so it gets used a lot. I've currently got sky...
  16. ringway

    Replacing Audio 10 with new headset. Fibre optic an issue?

    I'm thinking of replacing my Audio 10 with a face off, single CD, USB socket headset. It would be more convenient to have a 16GB USB pen drive containing my Mp3's than to keep changing CD's. Can I install a head unit such as this one without the fibre optic cabling becoming an issue? Also...
  17. BIG Sean

    Audio 30/Fibre optic and Ebay Advice required

    Further to my Radio Screeching thread..........The Audio 30 mercedes audio 30 radio cassette on eBay (end time 23-Feb-10 09:27:23 GMT) I bought doesn't work the changer - seller is saying that the unit is wrong for my 98 c280 because this unit needs a fibre optic cable - everything on mine is...
  18. daniemj

    Fibre optic Bose Comand2 Parrot ck3100

    Hallo everyone There are lots and lots of threads about different parrot kits onto different sytems. Problem is that on everyone which I could find where the fibre optic bose system has been quoted,:dk: no one has provided an answer or solution in order to connect the parrot ck3100 (or ck3000...
  19. S

    Fibre Optic Lead!

    Hi, I have a CLK320 2003 Model and I took out my stereo today and noticed the dual fiber optic. I am sure my car doesn't have phone but there is a CD changer in the glove box and there is a connection labelled AMP on the back of the stereo which I can only assume relates to BOSE or other make of...
  20. mb240

    D2B converter? How to remove a fibre optic loop?

    I have a Becker Cascade headunit. I previously posted that it stops working after an hour and doesn't come on or off with ignition like the factory Audio 10 did. It also had a factory CD changer installed and has the D2B fibre optic connection in the dash. The Becker shuts itself off after an...
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