1. Max Shine

    What tyre pressure?

    I have Genuine Staggered Night Edition alloys with 285/30/19 on rears. What tyre pressure should these be at as my filler cap only shows 275/30/19?
  2. T

    No pressure in cooling

    Hi, I changed the thermostat on my car yesterday and renewed the coolant, I ran the car up to temprature initially the guage stayed at 80 degrees. I then took the car it for a drive and the guage showed mid way between 80 and 100 degrees, the heater is blowing hot air but what puzzles me is when...
  3. P

    W124 Pressure in Fuel Tank

    I've had my 260E for a month now, covered 1000 miles, and filled up 4 times (averaging 27mpg). Each time I take the cap off, there's a rush of air. I understand that fuel is cold when underground and expands a bit in the tank as it warms up, but this seems a bit more than I'd expect. Any...
  4. I

    VDO Tyre Pressure Sensor

    Part number S180014730Z. New in box. Fits a variety of MB models using part numbers: A002 540 48 17 A002 540 67 17 A002 540 69 17 A002 540 80 17 £35 inc delivery.
  5. Londonscottish

    Will W207 Tyre Pressure Sensors work on a 212?

    Hi All, I'm getting the 18's I bought off Woodythewise fitted later today. Two are being refurbed, polished and waxed as I type this, the other two are sitting gleaming in my garage. BUT I called the tyre place earlier and asked them if they could swap over the tyre pressure monitor...
  6. M

    W211 - DPF Pressure Sensor Problem

    I have a W211 E320CDi in line 6 which keeps going into limp mode although no CEL comes on. The symptoms are the car goes normally for about 5 mins and then won't rev past 2000 RPM I have had a look at most possible/probable causes and I have an idea that the cause may be the DPF Pressure...
  7. R

    Odd Tyre Pressure Warning

    Was driving my w169 A Class yesterday and out of the blue got a big red 'Check Tyre pressures' warning on the display. All tyres looked ok,pressures normal. Then asked to reset pressure warning system which I did and went on my way. Anyone had anything similar?
  8. D

    W213 Low Oil Pressure Warning

    I have the above error message appear very intermittently over the last few weeks, the message been "Engine Oil Pressure Low. Stop Engine immediately". The car has been to the dealer and no faults are logged in the ECU and the engine oil levels etc are where they should be. This is worrying as...
  9. JohnnyLou

    Fuel rail pressure sensor

    Hi. Can anybody confirm that it is ok to renew a pressure sensor switch without having to buy the complete fuel rail assembly ? I'm being told by a Mercedes workshop that the Delphi sensor switch cannot be renewed by it self, the sensor was a genuine Delphi part with all the right part...
  10. clk320x

    Tyre Pressure recommendations

    Running 36 front , 44 rear. Anyone tried another combination and got good results? 18" alloys Cheers
  11. M

    Start Stop - Break Pedal Pressure (W204)

    Question from any W204 C class owners. With the 'Eco' start stop feature enabled, can you hold the car on the break pedal without stopping the engine. All other cars I've driven with start stop require you to push the brake pedal slightly harder once stationary to turn the engine off, my merc...
  12. clk320x

    Tyre Pressure

    Hi Has anyone got the tyre pressure values for a w209 Clk 320 (18 inch wheels) Thanks Abs
  13. L

    W210 smoke issue after changing high pressure fuel pump seals.

    Hi, Need massive help from you guys if possible please? I have W210 320cdi. High pressure fuel pump started leaking. So I changed all the seals and it's fixed now. HOWEVER!! since then it's causing blue (ish) smoke. Before sorting the high pressure fuel pump it had no smoke issue at all. My...
  14. K

    W211 SBC pressure pump advice/ help please

    Hi folks, My garage have just called to say that they cannot clear the brake warning light because the SBC unit has reached its capacity and needs replacing - cost £1000 plus labour. Out of the question for me right now, but can I drive the car with this error light on? Is it safe...
  15. C

    Tyre Pressure Warning Light

    My tyre pressure warning light is constantly on even after I put air in the tyres. The pressure changes throughout the journey - for example sometimes it will display pressure of 215 rising to 235 five minutes later. I have 19" alloys - any idea what the ideal pressure should be?
  16. C

    M103 hesitation + other problems / fuel pressure testing

    Hi everyone, what follows is a slightly long and rambling post, but any help would be appreciated. Ever since I've had my 190E 2.6 the throttle response hasn't been quite what you'd expect for a car of its power. The car is perfectly driveable (indeed, I've driven it over 20,000 miles in this...
  17. F

    Pressure washer

    Afternoon, my first post (other than my hello in the newbie section) so not sure if it should be here or in the detailing section. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to what pressure washer would be good for washing the car with the option of getting a snow foam lance as an...
  18. A

    E63 AMG manifold pressure?

    Just curious, what would a stock 2013 E63 5.5TT be seeing in terms of maximum boost? what about an 'S', and what about a mapped car?. My torque profile seems to be showing low boost .. < 1bar. What should it be reading? Cheers, Alex
  19. V

    No AC: Possible Faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor? (pic - fault codes)

    Hi guys, AC not worked for while in my Vito W639 120cdi, suddenly stopped blowing cold & compressor does not turn on, checked fault codes, not sure what 2nd code means but 1st says faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor. Shall I replace the sensor or could this code have been triggered...
  20. F

    Tyre pressure testing

    Hi All, When is the best time to test tyre pressure? My car is fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system. Tyres should be 35psi. If they are set to that on a cold tyre after driving they read at a much higher pressure obviously because tyres have warmed up. So when should you take a...
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