1. Scooby_Doo

    If you're going to have a puncture .......

    Whilst my wife's "A" class was in for a service with MB last week it was found that both rear springs had snapped. Declined MB's quote and took it to my local Tyre/Service centre and whilst there on Monday ordered 2 new Goodyear Assymetric 3's for my C207 to replace the rear Continentals which...
  2. MSG2004

    Puncture repair costs inc wheel balancing

    Hi I thought twice re buying a car without a spare wheel of any type but did by a brand new gle last year. Last week, tyre warning light on, screw in tyre, (cars only done 4k) and thankfully in the middle of the tyre so can be repaired - went to National Tyres, nearest to home - got the tyre...
  3. G

    Puncture repair

    Found an almost flat NSR tyre this morning, pumped it up, went for a 10-mile drive and then to my local MB, only to discover this: Luckily, it was repairable - I fully expected them to come up with a bill for a new tyre - so I was on my way shortly thereafter. Now, the question is: how...
  4. lisa110rry

    How to deal with potential puncture on SLK R170?

    Hello and apologies if this has been done before, the search function is just not working for me. Because my little car has differently sized wheels or tyres front and back, is there an accepted way of dealing with a potential puncture, other than on a breakdown lorry? I realise there is 0%...
  5. T

    Automotive Emergency Puncture Repair

    Hi, is 400ml Automotive Emergency Puncture Repair sufficient for a 18" tyre Thanks.
  6. E

    Puncture Arrr!

    Of all days to get a puncture...spend...spend, on the edge aswel so looks like a new tyre:doh: 3/4 worn thank god. Cheapish tyres Car Tyres Online | Fitted Locally from ASDA® Tyres
  7. 38FP

    5th puncture in 8 months of ownership

  8. P

    Puncture Repair - Quinton, Birmingham

    Hi, just noticed a nail in my rear tyre, can anyone recommend a decent tyre repair place in Quinton, Birmingham or perhaps Halesowen? It's still got some life in it, and will probably get a full set in a round 5000 miles or so!! Need to get it done tomorrow, as will probably start to leak in...
  9. Igurisu

    Not a slow puncture

    I thought I had a slow puncture on my front nearside wheel. Its been losing 5 or 6 psi over a week. Had a chance to take it to get looked at yesterday. After removing the wheel and dipping in the big water bath it turns out the seal was not airtight. So the tyre guy took the tyre off with...
  10. G

    Space saver spare question

    So I've owned my MB for all of 7 days now and yesterday i got a puncture! Now that's just bad luck and you've got to just swallow those ones. When attempting to change over to the space saver though I ran in to problems. Firstly I've got to say that when pumping up the space saver spare it is...
  11. markjay


    Had a puncture today. Changed wheel, used the space-saver. Went home checked when local 'national chain type tyre place' closes on Saturday - 17:00. Arrived 15:55. One person cleaning-up. We can't do it today Sir. But you shut at five? No we shut at half four today Sir, and it takes more...
  12. P

    Cheap puncture repair - NOT KWIK FIT!

    Hi Just to let people in the north know that Gordons Tyres gave me a quote for pucture repair of 11.75, verses kwik fit and nationwide of 20 quid. Also, last time I went there they did a 4 wheel alignment for about 30 quid. rgs, p
  13. CLK 320 AMG

    Quickest puncture?

    Hey guys. The story goes like this........ I had 2 new tyres put on the rear of my CLK this morning at about 10:15 and I drove for about 13 miles to my first appointment and by 11:00 I had a large bolt (about 20mm head) imbedid in the near side rear tyre :doh: Lets hear your stories then...
  14. bpsorrel

    Grrr!! Slow puncture on my S211!

    Just decided to take the Merc for a run today and guess what - flat tyre! :( Looking closely reveals a nice nail head poking out, near the tyre wall, so that's probably not repairable!! Anyone know any deals on Conti 2s, 245/40/18 anywhere?
  15. HumberMart

    Puncture not repairable

    Hi, my wife was unfortunate to get a punture only 4 days after picking up a new B180 Sport. The local tyre place said it couldn't be repaired as the small screw had entered the tyre too close to the shoulder - it is quite close to the side wall, but still just on the treaded part. Was this a...
  16. Darrell


    Just noticed that I have a puncture so I had to whack on the spare. It's never been used before and it's the first time that I have lifted the boot liner up. So nice and clean in there. The tool-kit is also un-used. In the tool-kit is a little alloy bar with a knurled effect on one end and...
  17. C

    2007 E280 CDI W211 Saloon 18" Alloy "Puncture" !!!!!!!

    Hi All, My W211 (I just found out what it is called at the factory) saloon suffered an inch square punctured alloy this morning. There was a bang and a loud revolving clunking. I took the tyre off and imagine my surprise. A large piece of metal sticking out of the tyre and a 'hole' in the rear...
  18. Ade B


    So driving back after an evening in town, loud bang from the back followed by tap tap tap tap noise... Get home at 11.30pm and find this: Sodding great screw and rawplug through the tyre. Thought of leaving it till the morning and then with visions of knackered sidewalls did a quick swap...
  19. PaulE230

    Had a slow (nail embeded) puncture repaired today cost me £5.50

    not bad really and they let me watch . I hate people watching me when I work but I didnt want him to scratch my alloys. he did a good job took him 45 mins
  20. R

    Smart Roadster Puncture Adventure

    So its Sunday, I've been to the Festival of Mud, I mean Speed, all day and had a thoroughly good time. :) Given the nature of the event and in the laughable belief it might be sunny, I took the Smart Roadster. Leaving the car park was an adventure in mud spraying power oversteer, and with...
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