1. clk320x

    Restoring Rubbers and other black trim

    Car went to bodyshop and since its returned where they have masked the car off etc around the rubbers some have discoloured slightly and become whitish.. Anyone know any products which can restore them back to black? Same applies for the black plastic... in some areas :( Cheers
  2. C

    W210 E320cdi, worth restoring?

    Well I've been thinking about the above question for a while now. I love my car, but as it gets older, its wanting more and more TLC. I travel 150 miles per day back and forth to work from Cheltenham to Reading and the mileage racks up fast. I spent £1900 on the car and probably around £1500 so...
  3. R

    Restoring “Factory Original” Ride Height

    Hello All, My car is a 1991 300CE-24 Sportline. It is an original Sportline supplied by MB. Some years ago, we fitted a Bilstein B12 kit (springs and dampers). We did this because the old dampers were a little tired. It’s been fine although harsher that the Sportline setup. The only down side...
  4. C

    Restoring colour on seat bolsters, which products....

    The seat bolster on my C63 has started to fade in colour (thankfully not wearing yet!), what is the best stuff to use to bring the colour / restore them back to life? They are black leather. Thanks
  5. Hunty2198

    restoring headlights

    Anyone know of any companies who will restor and pollish up headlights? Mine look cloudy and dull from weather and age. Looking around Bournemouth, Poo or Salisbury area?
  6. Reggie-rock

    Best products to restore convertible roof ?

    The hood on my A209 CLK 350 has some faint green streaks which could be some mould and no matter how much I shampoo it with a baby brush it will not budge. The hood is otherwise in excellent condition so I need some product recommendations to deep clean it, maybe colour restore and seal it. I...
  7. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Restoring grip of leather steering wheel

    Please ignore. Mods please delete.
  8. RKC-benz

    Restoring black painted satin roof bars

    Any advice on a good single product to restore the finish on my black satin painted roof bars? They are on a W124 estate ... Have posted elsewhere but with limited response.
  9. Ricks Cafe

    Restoring That New Car Ride Quality

    Hi All The ride quality of my 2004 c180 sports coupe has deteriorated over the last few months and I would like to do what I can to restore it as close to when new as possible. The car has done 1008k miles. I will be replacing the front shocks, springs and top mounts in the next fortnight...
  10. C

    Restoring rust wheel arches

    Is it impossible..... I have bubbling on all 4 now, I have no idea what the price would be...I'm UK based, but is it a hard DIY...I mean could I buy a hand held grinder, prep, etc. then spray myself...I'm not after perfection it's a 1999 320...just get rid of the bubbles and she'd look a lot...
  11. S

    restoring tired looking seats

    Hi i had an upholsterer come and have a look at the interior of my car today (w123ce)which i thought was MB Tex vinyl but was told its leather,anyway its a light cream/beige colour and after 27 years its looking a bit tired,the upholsterer said he can clean it and treat it by spraying it back to...
  12. T

    w124 - Leather Seat Restoring

    Both of the front seats in the convertible are cracked and dirty but no holes thankfully Anyone got any phone numbers that they would recommend that will come to the cambridge area? id rather get a recommendation that pot luck from google cheers
  13. L

    Leather seat restoring product? any advice please?

    Hiya, my newly aquired w210 estate has blue leather seats & is not torn anywhere but quite dry & cracked which is to be expected for it's aged & being no doubt a family car for the previous owner too (7-seater estate). Any advice on any leather restoring and or protecting product(s) I can...
  14. P

    Restoring colour to my seats??

    Hi, I have an E320 avant guarde with grey leather, does anyone have any idea how to restore the colour? I have patchy areas where the grey has given way to light brown, I have tried the rub in leather polish/dye to no avail, it just polishes straight off, will they need repsraying? Thanks
  15. DSLiverpool

    Restoring scratched interior plastic

    The boot trim strip running across the width of the car inside the boot from back light to back light has taken some light but numerous scratches. It's black and I hate scratches is a method of reducing them available ?
  16. G

    Restoring IPAD from Iphone back up

    I restored a new ipad from an iphone back up, but none of the email accounts have copied across. Any ideas how to do this?
  17. B

    Restoring a 1975 w114 280ce

    Does anyone know any good not too expensive bodywork restorers in the leicester/Midlands area?
  18. K

    Help needed for restoring A124 Cabriolet audio system

    I'm in Thailand with A124 e220 cabriolet 1993 (UK Specification). The car has come with no owner manual. Hence, I am trying to get information from the forum. 1) The car has been modified with a fancy audio system. I am now trying to convert it back to original MB sound system. I would like to...
  19. vincenz

    Restoring Diamond Cut Wheels

    All I have seen a set of diamond cut 8 hole wheels for the w124 however they are suffering from that 'stringy' corrosion (is it lacquer or something peel off) i don't know. Anyway is there a way of properly restoring the diamond cut finish, i know alot of restorers just fill scrapes then...
  20. alanuk400

    Leather restoring

    My W210 leather has a few worn patches from child seats from the previous owner. Orion Grey code 218 Is this any good, CAR INTERIOR ANY LEATHER SEAT DYE COLOUR CHANGE REPAIR on eBay (end time 25-Dec-09 08:40:27 GMT) Or can anyone recommend anything else that is not too expensive Alan
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