1. A

    W124 Cabrio heated seats retrofit

    Hello, I'm pretty new on here so forgive me. Just buying a nice E320 cabrio, but doesn't have heated seats. I was hoping to source from a main dealer the heating pads to go under the leather, but am being told not available as stitched into leather. Anybody know if that is right and if not the...
  2. A

    R230 Comand Retrofit

    Hi, all This may have been asked before, but I've searched and can't find anything. I've just bought a 2004 SL350 R230 and it just has an audio console with radio, cd changer and cassette player(!) Can I retrofit a comand unit with satnav, aux input etc to this car without major surgery? Thanks...
  3. D

    W639 Vito/Viano Later Cluster / Dash Retrofit / Update

    Hi Guys, I've recently bought a 2004 Viano I wouldn't normally buy such an early car but I wanted a LWB model (not an EXLong) and wanted one with less than 100k miles on the clock and I didn't want to spend INSANE amounts of money :) so this one ticked all of the boxes.. It does how ever...
  4. mikeyodowd

    W211 paddle shift retrofit

    Hi I'm driving a 2005 e200 sport with button shift on the steering. Iv read conflicting views that this can and can't be done. Has anyone actually done this upgrade and is it a straight swap from the electrics point of view? I know size it an issue but it's the electric side of things I'm...
  5. V

    NTG2.5 retrofit: Pre-wire mic

    Hi, I'm retrofitting an NTG2.5 to a 2007 w203 coupe and everything has gone fine so far, but I've no idea how to connect the factory mics to the head unit. I understand I need the re-routing cable (which I have purchased), but where am I re-routing from? Obviously one end goes into the...
  6. wongl

    Folding Mirror Retrofit on Classic W169

    Retrofitted folding mirrors to a W169 Classic this weekend with the help of a seasoned MB Mechanic. We fitted new folding mirrors (A1698101376 LHS and A1698101476 RHS). Hardest part was getting the old painted cover off the old mirrors to refit on the new folding mirror frames. Quite easy to...
  7. K

    W221 - s320 cdi

    Hi, I have just bought a s320 cdi 2009 plate. Few issues: CD player doesn't work "CD error" when I start the radio Parking sensors don't work, beep upon starting but can't rely on them to be truthful. I would like: to retro fit a reverse camera retro fit a rear entertainment pack...
  8. J

    W204 sport button retrofit ?

    I have a c320 sport w204 It has sport function on the gearbox my mate has a c320 amg which has same function on gearbox but also has a sport button under the radio Apparently the sport button changes the revs for gear changed and stiffens the suspension? He says all c320 and c350 have...
  9. G

    W211 - Retrofit Parking sensors

    Dealer price £350 for each (front or rear)... Any one have experience with Halfords ones. They are fitted by hyde park corner (I think £80 for the rear sensors and 50 for fitting)... Any suggestions welcomed Thank you
  10. alzieboy

    DAB retrofit

    Has anybody who has Comand NTG4.5 in their cars had DAB retrofitted, I have To-day had a quote from Mercedes Retrofit Specialist - which came to £1450 ,£1350 discounted price , which is rather more than I expected to pay, although the end result would be OEM. So will carry on...
  11. S

    Speed Limit assist retrofit help please?

    Hi All, Just wondering what is involved for this mod, please & part numbers if possible? -I presume: windscreen camera, possible new loom, ?coding, anything else? Many thanks in advance Matt
  12. R

    Auto-dimming mirror retrofit

    Hi all, Further to a previous post about retrofitting an auto-dimming mirror on my CLS, it was suggested that all it would take was a simple swap of the mirror glass. It has been a bit more fiddly than that because the front edge of the mirror housing unit was not thick enough to accommodate...
  13. U

    How tricky is it to retro-fit Keyless start?

    ... in an 04 SL65?
  14. U

    Is it feasible to retrofit a 7 speed box into a 5 speed SL65?

    So there's my 04 SL65 and the Mrs's 'cute' 05 SLK 350. Thing is though, she's got 7 gears and I've only got 5 and even though it's not a competition (apparently!) it just doesn't seem right somehow, when I've got more horses and wider tyres, that there should be fewer gears between them...
  15. C

    W211 2006 Tv tuner retrofit Question ?? HELP PLEASE !

    Hi all i have bought an analogue tv tuner for my W211 2006 and now i bought the digital box to get digital tv here in the uk . i have set up everything with all the wiring and everything and i have a menu and aux 1 and aux 2 . when i click aux 1 it works but only sound not picture ?????. can...
  16. poormansporsche

    Retrofit Aircon on W202 - how hard can it be !

    I know I should just buy another with it on but I love my car and the chances of getting another C230K, non rusty, low mileage, C36 Rep with LPG is zero !! So if if i got a complete donor car for more or less free the same age and engine - whats involved ? I know its a dash out job but does...
  17. D

    W210 Facelift > Full Electric/Momory Passenger Seat Retrofit

    I've done a search on this and only comes up with drivers side retrofit - I already have memory driver seat. I have access to a donor car which his left hand drive and has an electric drivers seat. I would like to implant this seat as a RHD passenger full electric memory seat. Its a short...
  18. Z

    Retrofit audio 50 aps antenna problem HELP!

    I have installed audio 50 aps and fakra gps aftermark antenna on my w212 but now i have a problem gps antenna don't find signal. What shoud i do? Link for gps antenna...
  19. C

    Mercedes Benz W211 2006 TV Tuner Retrofit

    Hi all , I need some help on fitting my TV tuner on my Mercedes E320 cdi sport 2006 . I recently purchased a TV tuner with the part number : A211 820 1497, which is suppose to be the right one for my car and my question is, does this unit operate direct through most optical connection to the...
  20. Maurauth

    [W204] Retro-fit Facelift Rear Bumper

    So it's been a week and I've only gone and bloody reversed into a bollard! There's only a few chips, scuffs and a small bit of paint that's bubbled luckily. However this has given me an excuse to try and replace my pre-facelift rear bumper with a facelift one! From what I've read online...
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