1. R

    Retrofit LED lamps

    Excuse me if this has been covered previously, but I am wondering if anyone has recent experience with fitting LED lamps in to a late C Class. I have a 2014 AMG Sport Estate with halogen head lamps, but would like to fit LED to the side lights, front indicators, and perhaps the door mirror down...
  2. B

    W209 Autodim mirror retrofit

    Is it possible to fit an Autodim rear view mirror to a CLK that has a manual dip mirror?
  3. B

    W212 command retrofit

    Hi, Took delivery of my car today. Sadly I've had a nightmare with the dealership and so far haven't enjoyed the day due to this. Purchased a late 2011 e350 coupe (265bhp model). It has come wih audio 50 but no command despite it being listed with it. I bought it over the phone / Internet...
  4. Koolvin

    W169 Dimming rear view mirror retrofit

    Was bored.... cover removed new loom loom run harness plugged into OCP and Mirror Fully installed
  5. Kingpin!

    R-Class Linguatronic buttons retrofit

    Hi forum! I wonder what steps to take to change/go from 4+4 buttons to 5+5 buttons on a 2006 R-Class (guess it's exactly the same with ML & GL)? Is it a DYI? TIA!
  6. C

    Mercedes C Class Retrofit Options

    I want to upgrade my standard Audio 20 unit to Comand NTG2.5 so that I can have integrated satnav and Bluetooth. Getting hold of a W203 for Class C is proving difficult at the moment so wondered if anyone could tell me what alternatives are available other than Mercedes command units. I have...
  7. Silver CL55

    How difficult would it be to retrofit Distronic to a 2008 W216 CL500?

    I'd rather not have answers of "pretty difficult" or suchlike, if you don't know, don't answer. An idea of price/timescale/difficulty would be welcome. Thanks, C.
  8. I

    Rearview Auto Dimming Mirror Retrofit

    Does anyone knows if 2001 W203 are prewired for auto dimming mirror?
  9. cinek

    DAB retrofit

    Hi all I know there are vast amount of posts regarding the matter, but those which have the answers, are quite old. What would be the cost of retrofitting DAB to W204, Dec 2012 with the Command? There was a link in some other thread, suggesting the cost would be around £700. As this was two...
  10. Gistek

    W211 Facelift Mirrors Retrofit HELP!

    Hi I have a 2003 W211 E240 with the now very outdated looking side mirrors. I have decided, if possible, i would like to replace them with the facelift version. I have done some research, which has left me in two minds with compatibility. Basically i want to know if its possible to do...
  11. mbnerd

    NTG2.5 Retrofit for R230

    Have seen quite a few posts about this topic for various models other than mine and I have a couple of basic questions: 1. Where do you get hold of the unit? 2. How much do they cost?
  12. S

    W204 Steering Wheel / Squib retrofit to W203 C Class Coupe

    Hello This is my first real post on the forum other than one thread I made sharing my BBS LM adventure with my first W203 Coupe (C230K) seen below but thought I should introduce myself, Im based in London and am now dabbling with my 4th W203 coupe (long story!) and the current one is a...
  13. lancer

    w204, retrofit , facelift

    hey guys , dose anybody know if the w204 facelift amg sport rear bumper fits on the pre facelift 2010 model like wise with the front bumper, i heard the bottom of the front headlights are the same shape, so the sport pack bumpers should fit can anybody confirm this :dk:
  14. Gistek

    UCI (Media Interface) Retrofit

    I have just purchased and took delivery of a UCI or Media Interface Kit for my W211 E Class, purchased from Comand online of course. I have found the Mercupgrades guide based on the W204 C Class, and i want to know is the process described identical to the installation on my car, is their a...
  15. S

    W204 Mopf Distronic retrofit

    Hi! I have bought S204 at last summer. I like that car very much but I miss Distronic witch I have on my last W211. Now I'm asking have enyone done retrofit? Is it even possible to my car? I have read forum nad find only one thread about this. Nachrüstung Distronic W204 MOPF ...
  16. L

    W203 Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Retrofit

    Hi All, I have done a search on this but my question doesn't appear to have been asked before. So....... I have purchased an Auto Dimming RVM for my CLC. It was out of a Sport Coupe but it will fit. I understand that it will not be plug and play, as MB don't install prep for options not...
  17. L

    Wanted- W203 Comand Retrofit

    As title, Most up to date please- NTG 2.5 is it? I know it is a long shot but you never know. Thanks.
  18. grober

    Jehnert retrofit instructions

    Came across the Jehnert instruction pdf for fitting modifying a card card with one of their units. They obviously supplied them as retro fits as well as complete door card assemblies at one time. A must for all W124 hifi ICE fanatics. Might be useful in the design of a homebuilt unit?? enjoy...
  19. X

    Illuminating Star Retro-Fit - C Class W204 Sport

    Hi, Can't find any threads relating to this topic so it must be relatively new retro fit job. I ordered the illuminating star, control module and wiring harness from the US cost approx £250 The wiring harness consists of a black connector, and 3 loose wires, red and 2 brown. One brown...
  20. Hayabusa1984

    can you retrofit a more modern comand into a w210?

    Hi everyone just as the title says I want a comand fitted to my 2002 E320 CDI just wondering is the newer models able to work in it from the w211 onwards? And also what I would need??
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