1. wongl

    Problem with Linguatronic retrofit on NTG2.5

    I retrofitted two Linguatronic stalks to both my W169 A-Class cars today. One worked straight away, but the second one didn't. Interesting to note that the second unit is missing a Linguatronic menu option in the System menu, so I suspect this NTG 2.5 needs to be coded to enable Linguatronic...
  2. H

    CLS Distronic plus retro-fit

    Any one know if I can retro-fit Distronic plus to my c l s 2013
  3. M

    w221 Retrofit memory seats

    Just retrofitted memory seats on my w221 . very easy option. Just swapped the doorcards, pretty much straight forward swap.
  4. M

    w221 Retrofit DAB and TV tuner

    Hi peeps. I Have a TV tuner and a DAB receiver from a s class. I also have a donor wiring loom but can't figure out what wires I'd need to help get this fitted in my car. My car is a non Harmon Kardon model. Does any one have any experience with this. Could I buy a wiring loom from somewhere.
  5. MervC

    W203 (2005) Retrofit NTG 2.5

    Hi, I have finally become a Marcedes Benz owner! :bannana: My C220 2.1 CDI Elegance 2005 (W203) is a dream to drive but it came with the standard CD/radio configuration so I purchased a Viseeo MB-3 Bluetooth adaptor which goes in the arm rest and I can play music from my Sony Xperia Z3 and...
  6. L

    retrofit electric seats in 2000 ML?

    Hi all I seem to have bought a poverty spec 2000 ML270CDI which while I enjoy driving it, it seems to be missing a few of the comforts of others and which my w220 S Class had. 1. It has no trip computer to keep track of the distance left and mpg figures 2. It has a button for folding...
  7. Lapchien

    Retrofit in West Midlands

    Hi, I recently changed my CLA 220 for a CLS 400. Three weeks old, fully loaded - apart from the option I forgot to add, Speed Limit Assist. It shows the speed limit signs in the dash. There is a firm down south that can retrofit it, but is there any company around the midlands that can do this?
  8. S

    Keyless Go Retrofit ML350

    Just bought a 2010 ML350 and interested what is involved in retrofitting KeyLess Go, or even if it's already installed. Obviously the key slot could take the button that just clips in and out but I know there's much more to it in terms of STAR-enabling and electronics. The drivers door has the...
  9. S

    W164 retrofit 12v socket in centre storage box

    Simple question: I see there's a blanking plate inside the centre storage box in my W164 ML350 (I don't have the phone cradle option - just the storage bin) and wondered whether it would be possible to retrofit a 12v cigar lighter socket in there ? I had a W163 before this one and it was really...
  10. astamir

    w209 steering wheel retrofit to w208?

    Hi guys! help needed in fitting the steering wheel clk w209 e class w211 and cls w219 style wheel to w208 model. is that possible at all? anyone has ever done something like that? any tips and suggestions would be very much apressiated thanks in advance.
  11. M

    retro-fit xenons to w166 ML

    has anyone done this? standard lights are rubbish and interested in fitting xenons also anyone know where to buy running boards also to fit?
  12. hercules

    Latest W164 mods and retrofit

    Here are the latest addition to my W164 AMG radiator Grill with an illuminated Star emblem And a night vision camera with Pedestrian / Animal Detection My car is at the body workshop for repair at the moment and will be busy soon as I get it back to fit these addition. I will need to get...
  13. Alfie

    W205 C class NTG5 retrofit

    Just thought those of you who have the new W205 C class might like to know we can now retrofit full Comand to the car. Here are a couple of images; I have to say that it is probably the smoothest operating, nicest comand system ive ever seen.
  14. thebig1

    Retrofit Footwell Lights And Puddle Lights

    Hi Guys, I have a 2013 C63 and it doesnt have footwell lights or puddle lights. Can I retrofit these, anyone done it or a guide of how too?
  15. wars

    W218 CLS 2012, Retrofit Parking Mirror reverse assist?

    Hi everyone. It's been quite a long time since I last posted on here but I'll be a regular visitor now I have my new car. Just upgraded from a 2008 CLK 320 CDI Sport in Tenorite Grey to a new 2012 CLS 250 CDI Sport in Black. Turns out we needed more doors as the other half started complaining...
  16. omega1

    W204 Retrofit Head End max depth?

    Hi all, I am looking at retrofitting an audio head end unit on the W204 but am unsure about the available depth, I do not have the vehicle yet (pick it up in 10 days) but wanted to get the bits to carry this out ASAP. This is the unit I'm looking at, and wondered if anyone knew if there is...
  17. 5

    Audio 50 APS - aux retrofit?

    Hello all Just picked up an SLK55 which has the audio 50 APS fitted. There is no aux cable in the glovebox and I can't see aux anywhere on the headunit itself, is there any way of retrofitting aux so I can play music off my phone? Cheers, Bill
  18. T

    Comand retrofit - autologics

    Hi Has anyone used this company before? Mercedes Comand Navigation | Mercedes Sat Nav | Mercedes Navigation Autologics in Knutsford? Cheers
  19. M

    DAB retrofit W221

    Hi Guys, A salvage local to me as a DAB unit for a w221, Its something Id quite like in my S Class. Does anyone know or have experience of if this can be easily just added to the car. I assume it would just use the normal aerials in the car and show up on the interface as normal as its a...
  20. wongl

    W169 NTG2.5 Retrofit

    Just retrofitted a NTG2.5 to my 2009 W169 today and noticed a big 'F' on Star - something to do with the MOST. Thing is this is the second NTG 2.5 I have retrofitted, the previous one went without an problems. So does anyone know how I can disable or reconfigure the MOST settings on the...
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