1. C

    Wing Mirror - Reversing

    Might sound like a silly question but ive had my Mercedez E250 CDI (2015) for around 2 months now and I noticed that when you put the car into Reverse the left side wing mirror doesn't move down to show you the curb. I thought this would be a pretty standard feature as my old 2010 BMW 320d had...
  2. P

    Enabling Reversing Camera on an Audio 50 APS

    Hi, I would like to fit a reversing camera onto my s212. It has the Audio 50 APS Nav/Audio system, does anyone know if it is possible to enable the reversing camera feature on this model of Nav Audio system, and also how to do it? I have been into the secret menu on the Audio 50 APS...
  3. M

    Numberplate Reversing Sensors

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend a number plate surround which has parking sensors on built. A colleague not on the forum, has a w203 with no rear sensors and was considering this option rather than drilling in to the bumpers. Also how difficult is it to wire up to the reverse lights on this...
  4. T

    reversing camera on w219 coding

    Hi i have recently bought a 2006 cls and have noticed a reversing camera installed. When i select reverse nothing comes up. Can i check the comand coding to see if it is activated or can i check it some other way?
  5. J

    Reversing Camera once again

    Hello - I did do a search first but could not find anything - would anyone happen to know if a reversing camera can be retro-fitted through command on my 2004 w203 please - and if not has anyone any experience of stand alone ones that are half decent ? Thanks John
  6. C

    After fit reversing camera on E250 estate

    Hello I'm looking for advice on a fitted reverse camera on a new 15 plate E250 estate. I have been quoted £600 inc fitting which I thought was steep. I have been very disappointed with the audio reverse which it has, visibly giving off amber lighting and only sounding when your 8 inches from an...
  7. Hawkwind

    Reversing Camera V's Parking Sensors.

    Hi there, my W208 convertible doesn't have Parktronic. My previous Saab convertible had parking sensors and with the limited visibility in a convertible I really miss them. So I want to fit something after market, but can't decide which, sensors or camera? If anyone has experience of either...
  8. D

    W140 Reversing Mast Trim

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to track down the part number for the chrome trim/grommet that seals the hole in the rear wings for the reversing masts. Mine are missing and I can't seem to find parts drawings for the reversing mast system. Thanks in advance! Drew
  9. thebig1

    Reversing Full Lock Noise

    Hi Guys, When reversing off my drive on full right lock, I get a horrid thudding noise. I can feel it through the steering wheel. Sounds like the wheel is being dragged across the ground. Only seems to happen when cold to or just a lot worse. By the time I get to the dealer, its not doing it. I...
  10. DazNich

    Clunking Noise when Reversing (C63 2014) - coming from tyres I think

    Hi, Just bought a C63 AMG and love the car, it's a 2014 plate with 4k miles on it. A strange sound happens when I reverse and it's quite hard to describe but I think somebody else had exactly the same issue:-...
  11. omega1

    W204 (2010) C220 Reversing Camera

    Hi all, I'm looking at fitting a reversing camera to my W204 2010 C220 and wondered how/where the camera would be fitted? Is there an 'official' camera that has a 'proper' place it can be mounted? Also, what 'compatible' cameras are people using and where are they mounting them? The head end...
  12. M

    Reversing camera fitting

    Can anyone recommend where I can take my w204 to have a reversing camera fitted in the Derby area.
  13. K

    W204 reversing mirrors?

    My w205 order was delayed for a month so I've got a brand new c180 w204 as a loaner. When I reverse to park the mirrors don't tilt down, am I missing something or is this some add on this car doesn't have? It has a reversing camera so I'm surprised the mirrors don't also tilt down.
  14. Beno

    Reversing camera

    Fitted a reversing camera to the c350 today surprisingly easy and cheap bought a ccd camera off fleabag for £23 only took approx 1 & 1/2 hours probably quicker next time. Used the help from youtube (Aussie guy). If your considering it have a go.
  15. S

    Viano Reversing camera

    Hello all, I've installed an after market reversing camera in my Viano which has a Comand NTG2 installed. I've bought and installed an interface and a wireless unit so I don't need to run a video cable from front to rear. The video interface for the NTG2 needs a reversing signal to...
  16. R

    Reversing sensors

    Hi can anyone help, after a recent visit to longleat safari park the monkeys decided their need for reversing sensors was greater than mine and pulled them out of the rear bumper on my clk 270 and bit through the wires ! they are after market kit fitted to the car when I bought it, does...
  17. abueloeddie

    Retro fitting of Reversing camera

    A New E Class 2.2 CDI came without a reversing camera... The MB 'Build Your Own' site gives the price of one (factory fitted presumably) of £360+ Are these able to be fitted after taking delivery my latest pride and joy?
  18. M

    B class aftermarket reversing cam help

    Hi I Have a 2013 B class with Audio 20 system, I want to retro -it reversing camera, does anyone know if this is possible? Regards Mike
  19. L

    aftermarket reversing cam help....

    I'm new too the forums on here so Hi...:D To start off I have a pioneer app radio installed and is great. I'm trying to connect up a reversing camera but am having some issues. For some reason I can't get a reverse signal too the head unit and don't know where id tap into for this... and...
  20. L

    Fitting a Parking Dynamics reversing sensor to a Vito W639

    Hi, Has anyone any experience of fitting a Parking Dynamics reversing sensor to a Mercedes Vito W639. Looking at fitting them front and rear. Thanks in advance. Paul
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