1. F

    Mercedes C Class w205 new shape manual gear stick shaking

    Hello all, I am new on here and have a issue with my new shape C Class W205 saloon which I am hoping someone can help with. Whilst driving in gear 4 or 6, my gear stick excessively shakes and vibrates which I feel is not normal at all. I have taken the car to the dealers and I was told...
  2. AMGeed

    The shape of things to come?

    How long before other councils adopt this ruling? It doesn't seem that long ago we were being advised to buy diesel cars by the government. How times change...
  3. S

    E250 new shape cabriolet advice please

    Hi all ive just joined up, thinking of buying my first ever mercedes and really looking forward to it. I know very little about mercedes but have always loved them and i am now in a possition to buy one. Im looking at a late 2013 E250 cdi cabriolet in white and would like your advice on the...
  4. C180CGI

    Audi A3 2009 2.0 TDI SPORT, FULL Audi Service History, New Shape, Low Mileage

    Audi A3 2009 2.0 TDI SPORT, FULL Audi main dealer service history, excellent condition both inside and out. Very powerful car which pulls like a dream and has a silky smooth 6 speed gearbox. High spec model, has 3 spoke leather steering wheel with controls on it, A/C, AUX, day time lights...
  5. T

    smokey sprinter 311cdi 06/old shape

    I was thinking of cleaning the egr with a tin of the spray you can buy from halfords? Just wanted to check that firstly mines has an egr and secondly do I just undo the air intake at the air box and spray the cleaner into there? And hello noobie alert from Glasgow
  6. I

    116 in rare colo(u)r and good shape ex US

    1973 Mercedes Benz 450SE LHD, California Car | eBay Rear seats need a bit of stuffing, but I find this really quite a handsome thing. Not often seen in 860 Green - little was! Eye of the beholder, of course!
  7. T

    S63 amg (new shape)

    Has anyone on the forum got one of these? I was at Mercedes Benz Ipswich recently visiting my friend who is the sales manager. There was an S63 in for service and I was astounded by the sheer presence of the thing! The number plate was 7**, I can't remember the letter but it was a 3...
  8. fozi.g

    New shape AMG style Flat bottom steering wheel.

    Hi guys, I have for sale an AMG sport flat bottom steering wheel which came from a 2013 C Class sport. It's in excellent condition and is as new. There are no scratches or scuffs on the leather or aluminum sections. Just to clarify this is not an AMG wheel but from a sport model. Should fit...
  9. N

    Tuning box for new shape A Class

    Hi. I remember someone saying that the A180 CDI engine in our (manual box) cars is actually the Renault sourced 1.5 DCI unit. In which case does anyone know if a diesel tuning box for that engine would fit our cars ? Found a great price on this unit on Ebay. The seller is actually...
  10. A

    New Shape ML 250 or 350 Cdi real life MPG please

    Hello Any owners care to give an indication of real world MPG? My dad currently has a 164 ML and on his list now the CLS shooting brake maybe off the list is the new shape ML. The ML250Cdi claims 45mpg? it sound too good to be true? is it?
  11. D

    New shape RR Sport

    Looks a bit like a FFRR and an Evoque had a love-child...
  12. pjs

    1 week 1000 miles 1 CLS350cdi (old shape)

    Had a bit of a incident with the wifes BMW which meant the provision of a CLS loan car last week. Must admit I was looking forward to driving it when I saw the '60' plate on the paperwork, but sadly not the new shape. Have to say what a strange car it is. It certainly attracts a few looks and...
  13. G

    W210 E55 estate wanted preferably with facelift

    Hello to all, after much research, great information on the MBClub forums. I am now ready to purchase a W210 E55 estate in decent condition, FSH etc etc. Anyone out their know of a good one?
  14. S

    X reg new shape c200 kompressor £1200!!! Amg alloys mot tax leather

    Right Folks Cheap car here needs some attention to - Handbrake - Engine management light on - Air Flow Meter - Rear Boot Mechanism sticky The good points- 17" AMG alloys - Mint Condition Leathers MOT till Feb 2013 TAX till August 2012 Drives ok! Its cheap because it needs...
  15. S

    New shape slk

    Hi new member would like some advice please currently have 08 reg slk 200 ( wife's car honest ) she keeps nagging me to change it for new shape slk .had quick chat to sales guy I bought from last time I mention to him it's a bit more expensive on like/like spec to what I paid for on my currant...
  16. S

    New shape E cab Which 19" or 20" wheels??

    I'm new to the forum and had brand new E cab for just over a month. Its the AMG spec E220 on standard AMG 18" wheels. I just dont think they fill the arches well especially as the rear end is so big they look out of place in the arches! I just cant find enough on the net or pics on a decent...
  17. A

    SLK 200 / pre-2005 shape

    Dear All, I am looking to purchase a SLK 200 Auto pre-2005 shape with reasonable mileage (no colour preference), as a station / week-end car. Condition needs to be good in and out with no rust. FSH preferred. I am located in Kent (Tunbridge Wells) but can travel around if necessary...
  18. W210 Fan

    what body shape is this car?

    no tricks and sorry no prizes, im just interested to see what the masses think the shape of this car is from a registering/V5c point of view, as some of you may know I am planning on building a replica of a group C car (which the Sauber C9 is) and im using an W210 E55 as a donor vehicle for...
  19. smillion

    19" AMG 5 spoke from new shape CLS (C218)

    These are from my new CLS. I have fitted a different design of Mercedes wheel and so these are sitting in the garage. I know they aree not cheap but they are absolute quality ................ 19" AMG 5 spoke alloy wheels from new shape 2011 CLS (C218) | eBay Front alloy wheels: 19x8.5"...
  20. smillion

    1/18th Diescast new shape CLS

    Anyone know where I can source one of these -preferably in White. There seem to be some websites showing a company called Norev making them but none show availability .... am trying to keep up the habit of owning a 1/18 scale model of every car I have owned. can you beleive you can't get an...
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