1. A

    Proud Dad stuff

    Sorry guys but I couldn't resist Someone Like You (Cover by Roisin Age 8) - YouTube
  2. S

    My JL Audio Stuff for MY C63

    MY Equipment ready to go into my C63 Coupe when she arrives in March :) 2 x JL Audio W612 Subs 2 x HD750 Amps 1 x C5 650 Components 1 x C2 650 Components (On Order) 1 x HD600 Amp 1 x HD900 Amp
  3. ecossebev

    Electric windows and other stuff

    Before we go any further, let me explain myself. Oily bits l understand, what l don't understand, l can read and then understand. When it comes to auto electrics, l could read it today, tomorrow and the next day and still be none the wiser:(. Wiring diagrams in my Haynes manual resemble a map of...
  4. S

    Grrr, accident stuff + insurance companies

    To explain. My nice lovely perfect '99 CLK 320, some silly person drove into it going other direction at a junction, writing it off totally (too many parts for it to be economical even if I brought 2nd hand etc). Totally annoyed, as its the best car I had ever owned. Parts list of broken...
  5. D

    horrible green stuff on headlights

    hi as in the title my headlights have gathered up green and like a dirty rought texture on the glass i have tryed polish as in .auto glm .mer .t-cut . and it wont come of i can feel its on the out side not on the inside but this makes the car look horrible :( help please cheers dan
  6. Palfrem

    Great stuff invented by the British...

    Having followed the recent thread originated by one of our more voluble American members and witnessed some of his thought provoking pronouncements on us "Brits", I took quiet solace in the sheer number of brilliant inventions given to the world by the British. May I open the bidding with...
  7. Danny DeVito

    P38 Is it the same stuff as Ext Polyfilla?

    Anybody know ? I might try it on my side skirt to fill a hole, then should i use wall paint primer ? then spray pain t??:dk:
  8. A

    Outdoor play area rubber 'bark' type stuff?

    Hello Currently designing and making good a large area of garden for a play ares approx 6m * 4m I lke the ides of the rubber bark type stuff as it softens any fall, will not blow away like normal bark and you can get it coloured. Any one know any 'cheap' suppliers?
  9. poormansporsche

    Best stuff for stripping / dipping alloys ?????

    alright peeps, im mirror polishing my alloys, i stripped one using nitromors but it hardly touched the powdercoating and i ended up sanding it off and took me days and days just to do one wheel and cant really be bothered to do the same with the other 3. ive heard sand blasting is no good if...
  10. A

    What's all this borked stuff about???

    Never heared it so googled it, why threads are all ending with borked comments....... Urban dictionary Borked= To have totally fcuked something up. Usually by doing something stupid. Specifically used to describe technology that is broken Example Admin: I totally borked my...
  11. C

    w126 300se interior stuff and other parts!

    Trying to tidy up the garage.. I have almost an entire interior for a SWB 300se, in "Velours Light Brown (974)". It actually looks like tan too me. Anyway, I need to shift the following: Passenger seat Rear Seat 4 Headrests 4 Door cards Rear Parcel shelf Rear Speaker Covers 4 Door...
  12. mazza

    New EBC green stuff brake pads

    Hi guys I have a brand new set of EBC green stuff brake pads for a Mercedes W140/C140...(May fit other models) Pads part no. DP2963 Click here to check pads application :: EBC Brakes Direct Limited : DP2963 : Greenstuff Brake Pads (Complete axle set, both wheels) : price new approx £68.00...
  13. Burger

    Winter - Stuff the tyres, what about the wheels? :)

    Having married a German lady (quite some time ago) and therefore having travelled to Germany and back many many times, I've understood the benefit of winter tyres for some time. Seeing how they're finally catching on here is interesting :) In Germany and many other mainland European countries...
  14. R

    Boring stuff - doing my head in...Finding a sink to fit current cutout?

    This is doing my head in! (and is most dull) I'm trying to replace my current sink with a new one, but am having trouble finding one that will fit given the current cut-outs. The width of any new sink seems to be a big issue, here's why: - current sink is 48cm wide - 1.7cm behind the sink...
  15. Godot

    The Stuff of Nightmares !

    Thea Maxfield picked up own head after horse fall causes 'hangman's break':crazy: A FALL from a horse left a woman with such a severely broken neck she was forced to pick up her own head. Thea Maxfield, who runs a stud farm in Oxfordshire, England, suffered a "hangman's break" a clean...
  16. D

    How to transmit stuff through my SKY+ box

    I know what I mean and hope that I can explain it. At home we have 4 TV points plus the one connected to the SKY box. They all show whatever the box is tuned into and I'm happy enough with that. However, I'd like to be able to put DVD or You Tube/Iplayer via my laptop through the SKY box...
  17. D

    C220 CDI Key fob problems and other stuff

    I am looking to get in touch with Television and get my key to him but as i am new to this i can't private message. I can open the boot and unlock an already unlocked car the lock botton is not working. I have a 220 CDI 2002 it was working then just stopped only owned the car a few weeks she...
  18. mazza

    New W140 Lucas 4 piston calipers with EBC green stuff pads

    Hi Folks I have for sale a new pair of Lucas 4 piston calipers for a W140, calipers have been fitted with new EBC green stuff pads. The calipers have been sprayed silver by the chap that bought them for a project. price £90.00 for the lot would prefer collection from West London as they are...
  19. G

    help stuff fell in

    so long story short i had an ac vent that was broken, and got a replacement for cheap.. as soon as i unscrewed the screw holding it, the screw fell inside the actual ac pipe thing? or somewhere in there.. what can i do..? i tried opening the cabin filter location.. no go.
  20. DSLiverpool

    New Wheels And Stuff

    Booked both cars in today for wheels and bits. CLS is in for two new fronts and a rear parking sensor next tuesday with a loaner for the day - Im still a bit bitter about it but hey ho lifes too short DB9 booked in today for early October for new 5 spoke sportpack alloys 19" and bright red...
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