1. M

    Did mercedes do a glass sunroof for a w124?

    This sunroof is glass, yes? Would that be original factory fit?
  2. M

    Sunroof grease

    Should I get some of this?
  3. T

    Leaking sunroof, door trim

    Hello i have a 230e 1984 4 door W123, I have just relized due to this bad weather that i have a major leak!!!!! I cant tell if it is coming in through the manual sunroof or around the passenger door, There was about 2 inches of water under the seat, Does anyone know where i can get this looked...
  4. K

    ML320 Slatted Sunroof

    my ml320 sunroof is broken, basically the roof pulls back unevenly and jams, any suggestions of what i can A: find documentation as to how to remove it, B: fix it or C: dump it and replace with something else (canvas?) would be very welcome
  5. T

    Leaking Sunroof W123

    Just found out today that the sunroof on my 230E W123 1984 has started leaking, I need to get replacement seals to go around the sunroof, the sunroof is a manual one, Does anybody know where i could get this done, I am currently in Hastings but come up to London once a month, Thank You
  6. paddy@polyposta

    Sunroof Jammed W124 500E

    Hi, need to fix my sunroof.........any one done this? Paddy
  7. Timster

    Sunroof & Rear Wipers not working

    Hello again! Seems I have a lot of little electrical problems just now! All of a sudden the sunroof and the rear wipers and washer have stopped working. I've checked the fuse, and its not that. Any other suggestions? (I used the bolt in the boot to close the sunroof, so no emergencies!)...
  8. G

    Ford Cougar V6 X pack with sunroof (1999)

    Hello guys, Since I bought my CL500 now I need to sell my Cougar... and all this due to the annoying parking permits.... (they will not allow you to have more than two cars) If anyone knows someone who wants to buy a fast car in mint condition let me know. -- 99 Reg -- All the electric goodies...
  9. Benz in Brazil

    Sunroof parts

    Hi everyone, One of those plastic(?) leg thingies which raises and lowers the sunroof on my W124 has decided to break in half. I've heard that if you fiddle about and try to examine everything, the other one will break too so I need all the bits to completely overhaul the thing. For me, a...
  10. amwebby

    How do I reset my sunroof?

    The Mobilo guy came, fixed a starting problem and left. I saw him do the right lock / left lock things that's supposed to reset everything but now my sun roof doesn't worrk properly at all. How do I reset that?
  11. IMD

    W124 saloon sunroof stuck open!

    Hi All, I've just bought a 1990 w124 230e saloon. I was driving home, opened the electric sunroof fully, closed it fully, tilted it open and closed it, then tried it again and it's now stuck open! Why I tried this in the rain, I have no idea! When I pull down on the switch to close it from...
  12. B

    Sticking sunroof

    Should have checked it when I bought it but trusted the guy & it was November, anyway it only moves about an inch in or up after loads of wd40, any help would be great. Thanks Bud 200E 1997
  13. S

    W203 (Facelift) Evo Sunroof

    Howdy all, Before I investigate further could someone inform me as to whether or not the sunroof for my car should auto-close? It auto-opens but when I push the button all the way forward it just closes for the duration of the button press. I found a previous post suggesting that it should...
  14. S

    CLK - wind noise from sunroof

    I am getting quite a lot of wind noise from the factory fitted sunroof on my CLK. Does anybody know if the roof can be adjusted as I think that the front lip is sitting slightly high. Any information would be helpful.
  15. gbjeppm

    Fake Panoramic Sunroof

    I remember a thread a while ago about buying stick on sunroofs,, at which I laughed and thought how could anybody be that stupid!! Anyway I saw this on pistonheads, and I have to say that I quite like the look...
  16. tromppost

    Opening sunroof & auto close

    Hi All, When I open the sunroof using the one touch function it only opens about 2'' (it should open more than this?), on the second push it opens all the way and closes in one as it should. I looked in the hand book but could not find any ref to reset this. Also my key will not open all...
  17. P

    210 sunroof parts (new)

    Have for sale, left and right Sunroof Support brackets, bought for my E class 210 because the roof was not tilting or closing correct because the plastic bits broke off, never got round to fitting them have since sold the car, now selling these, want £10 plus postage These brackets screw to the...
  18. C

    Electric Sunroof Woes '97 C-Class

    Three problems fellas, would appreciate your advice! 1. This car has been in the family 8 years but the sunroof no longer works. If you tilt the switch to tilt the sunroof, it SLIDES back, but then it will stop 4 times on the way to fully open. Again to close it, you must use the 'tilt'...
  19. K

    Sunroof rattling only when tilted

    Hi all, I've got a sunroof issue which has been around for 2+ years and I think I should really look into as it is annoying me more now. The W202sunroof operates fine but rattles with every bump on the road when it is tilted up only. No sounds when fully retracted open, just when tilted up. As...
  20. R

    Miss your sunroof?

    This would have saved a few bob on Mrs Rory's car - I don't think she's ever opened her sunroof:
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