1. KillerHERTZ

    Real Life Austin Powers Causes Traffic Chaos

    GxomW9x1eq0 Napoli, il video dell'automobilista incastrato a Cardito spopola sul web - YouTube
  2. M

    Hi c32 bit of smoke when sat in traffic or if I reverse

    Hi just wondered cars done 95000 miles when sat in traffic or if I reverse I get a small amount of clear smoke is this normal. Idling fine and coolant level seems ok. And it is cold at mo (might just be being paranoid) thanks rob :-)
  3. knighterrant

    Traffic Jam

    Did you get stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work this morning? I bet it wasn't as bad as this one: Russia: Drivers Stuck In 120-Mile Traffic Jam - Yahoo! News UK :eek::eek:
  4. Pitts Pilot

    Traffic info by radio TMC or TomTom's HD?

    Has anyone got any experience with TMC (Traffic Message Channel) for traffic info, versus TomTom's HD traffic subscription service? I've heard the TomTom traffic info is superior to TMC as TMC can be difficult to pick up in some places, but I have never made a comparison. Comments? Thanks :)
  5. ShinyF1

    Road Traffic Accident Bureau

    Just had a call from a 'genuine legal advocate' on 0161 408 3061 who had been advised by the "Road Traffic Accident Bureau" that someone at my address had a pending unpaid claim....:wallbash: Well I humoured Max Williams as he called himself [an unusual name for a sub-continental accent I...
  6. S

    COMMAND 2.0 Traffic Notification

    Hi, I have a W209 CLK320 with COMMAND v2.0 fitted. My question is on Navigation when i look in setting the words for traffic are greyed out and i therefore cannot access it. Unfortunately I do not have the COMMAND user manual, does anyone know how i can switch the traffic part of COMMAND...
  7. Harrythedog

    Any of you London boys affected by the Olympic traffic chaos

    Is the traffic as bad as it is been portrayed on the news or is there a touch of journalistic bull involved?
  8. S

    Potential traffic chaos

    M4 closed in London after crack appears in viaduct | UK news | Can't say I am shedding a tear that the Olympics may be hindered by this. :ban:
  9. Igurisu

    Traffic Warden dissmissed for not issuing parking tickets!

    Sometimes topical and a subject close to many of our hearts. " A traffic warden, who preferred to warn motorists that they had parked illegally, rather than automatically issue a ticket, was found to have been unfairly dismissed by his employer who had “trumped up” charges in order to dismiss...
  10. Y

    Traffic Cops = "Law Enforcers"

    Yesterday, as I was visiting sunny cornwall I was being followed by the most infamous of them all, a traffic cop. In the aggressive and rude tone that most of them have, he said, and i quote; "oi, you, i need to speak to you, pull up over there and get out of your car." in which i replied...
  11. SPX

    Traffic Film Remover (TFR); How To Apply.

    I've just been gifted a couple of gallon of TFR for my vans and just wanted to know the best way to apply it. This might also become a good thread for others in a similar situation. Thanks in advance...:thumb:
  12. Gucci

    Caught with mobile phone in traffic?

    My wife was travelling to an appointment and got caught in a traffic jam. The client rings her mobile who's expecting her. Now, my wife points people out on mobile phones who drive and berates them for it. HOWEVER, she decided to take the risk and pick up the phone. At that precise moment...
  13. W

    Traffic Cops - talking carp

    That crashed red car with roll cage. Firstly they say the car has been modified for track use - true. Then they say he was driving too fast - quite possibly true. Then they said the roll cage saved his life - quite possibly true. Then they said that car shouldn't me on the road despite it...
  14. MarkP80

    Traffic Cops last night

    Anyone watch Traffic Cops last night? There was an interesting part where they parked up in an unmarked car, in a lay-by on a dual carriageway, and got the laser speed gun out. It was a good place to catch people they said, as it was a long, clear stretch of road. At first, I thought this...
  15. S

    Traffic cops tonight

    Or I could have titled it 'why you should not let your dealer return your car to you after it's service'. To précis: Dunstable Audi mechanic caught doing 116 mph on dual carriageway and then 60 in a 30 returning car to customer. Always drop off and collect my car myself.
  16. st13phil

    Traffic Control with a Sense of Humour

    I think it's called "getting the people on side" :D F1HqiUeKpyg
  17. O

    How to turn off traffic reports?

    Does anyone know how to turn off the traffic reports on Comand?, it's a 2003 W211 with DVD based Comand.
  18. B

    HELP! W221 Left headlamp failure when driving in traffic

    Hi there! I have a very strange and quirky problem. Upgraded my standard halogen W221 headlamps to top quality aftermarket xenon ones. No issues on the driver's side - works 100% all the time in any scenario (Auto on/off, etc). However, on the passenger side, when I drive the car for an hour...
  19. J

    Tom Tom Live Traffic

    I just had an email from Tom Tom with this link. Great if your starting out and if you have Internet on the move Live Traffic
  20. gina2201

    Becker Traffic Pro Radio Code

    Hi all, I have replaced my rubbish head unit to a Becker Traffic Pro 7825 that we had lying around. However I do not have the radio code as we removed it from a car a while ago now. Does anyone know where I can find this code, maybe online or is there a generic password so to speak. Obviously...
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