1. Tan

    Becker Traffic pro

    Hi I am looking to buy a Becker Traffic pro to use either in an A-class or our Porsche Boxster, will these connect to a regular fibre optic CD changer. The Mercedes has an MB changer and the Porsche is a Porsche one. From what I understand both MB APS 30 and the Porsche CD head unit use...
  2. Y

    Volume for traffic bulletins - W204/UMI

    (Sorry - this may be a duplicate of another thread) Is there a way to regulate the volume for the TAs only? My problem is that I like to listen to my MP3 player on a journey, and this connects through the jack plug into the AUX selection on the radio. To maintain battery life, I use the MP3...
  3. Charles Morgan

    Useful Traffic Camera info

    After the misery of being stuck in snow on Saturday, and realising both the Highways Agency and Met Office sites are hopeless at real time info, looking around I found the BBC traffic info site here has up to date feeds from traffic cameras all over the country, so you can check traffic...
  4. Littledigger

    How do i turn off traffic news Audio 10 permanently

    It irritates me to the core that when i've got the sound turned right up, listening to my favourite Burt Bacharat cd, suddenly the local traffic news comes on 2 stops louder and ruins my 'lost in the music' mood. :wallbash: Could someone please tell me how to turn this off or at least make it...
  5. J

    Comand NTG2.5 how to set Traffic Announcement?

    Hi everyone, I'm newbie here. I came from Poland. Sorry for my English... End offtop :) I have problem with new Comand NTG2.5 euro-unit, because is not receiving messages about traffic jams when I listen to different radio station than the one who gives them. Off course receiving TA is on...
  6. C

    parktronic sensors whilst in traffic

    Whilst I was in slow moving traffic today some car kept staying up my backside in traffic so my park tronic sensor kept bleeping!!! how annoying!! I thought they were only meant to come on when car in reverse? (-its C320 automatic ) Dont get me wrong - it does turn off, once I go above a...
  7. W

    120km traffic jam

    Let there be no more complaints about London's congestion: BBC News - Thousands of vehicles stuck in 120km China traffic jam
  8. SilverSaloon

    Aircon only working when 40mph+ (not sitting in traffic)

    on my 1994 W124 on my trip down south recently, i noticed that the aircon stopped working on several occasions (but not always) when the car was sitting idling in traffic at eng temp ~90deg. approx 20 degrees outside. then, when i started to accelerate and reached about 40mph it started to...
  9. C

    pointless traffic laws

    here are some stupid traffic laws and funny in the same time In Hartford, Connecticut, you're not allowed to cross the street walking on your hands. It’s illegal to drive an ugly horse in Washington. In the UK it is prohibited to drive a car without sitting in the front seat. i wonder what...
  10. jimti

    Any Traffic Police here?

    I am just wondering what the code of practice is when it comes to stopping vehicles on a hard shoulder. :dk: This was posted on another forum I visit and it just seemed a bit wrong to me. This was at about 4.15am, In my opinion this should never have been allowed, they should have either...
  11. F

    Adjusting Traffic Announcement Volume in Comand

    Hello The instruction booklet for my Comand unit fitted to my 2003 ML270 states that I can alter the Traffic Announcement volume during a traffic bulletin by rotating the right turn/push knob. When I try this all that happens is the traffic announcement stops and the Comand unit reverts to the...
  12. T

    Becker 7945 traffic pro problems!

    My head unit will not load the sat nav cd it just keeps saying loading cd but doesn't. I have rebooted it as instructed in the manual but makes no difference but have not disconnected it fully from the battery yet. Also when I swapped it from my last car I forgot the microphone I have used an...
  13. W

    Audio10 RDS Cassette won't play traffic bulletins

    I've got an audio 10 RDS with cassette deck and CD changer. The problem is that I cannot get it to play traffic bulletins. I know they only work on the FM waveband. I have the radio tuned in to several BBC local radio stations and they all have good reception. All the buttons seem to work...
  14. J

    One traffic law for us and a different traffic law for Gordon Brown

    PM's convoy speed was 'safest tactic' - East Anglian Daily Times:dk:
  15. R

    Rough Idle When in Traffic

    I don't use my car very often (I've done 110 miles this month) and have just discovered a potential problem. My car (CLK55 AMG 2000) when sitting it traffic for long periods of time, starts to idle roughly then sometimes stalls. It will re-start straight away and be fine. I have narrowed it...
  16. Ade B

    Best site for live traffic info

    Heading up north shortly, M1, M6 to J16. Anyone know any super traffic sites to check road conditions. The AA one isn't great. Take it back, the AA one seems fine.. Mods delete if you like.. TIA Ade
  17. P

    D or N at traffic lights - another view

    I stumbled across a few arguments about whether you should leave an auto car in N or D at traffic lights. I go into N more often than not. Unless someone with knowledge of what exactly happens inside a g/box when it shifts from N to D can enlighten, I would say that the wear when the car is in...
  18. BTB 500

    Beaten at the traffic lights ...

    Coming home in the SL500 on Saturday night, stopped in the outside lane of 3 at a set of lights. Alongside me is a Vito. Lights change, off we go, Vito gets the jump on me and I have to pull in behind it when the road goes back down to 2 lanes after the junction. The shame, the humiliation...
  19. st13phil

    UK Government Admits Traffic Accident Figures Miscounted

    Well, well, well. It seems HMG have been quietly cooking the statistical books to make their "Road Safety" policies look good. Short article which includes a link to the full DfT report here. I wonder why this publication didn't get the same trumpeting from Ministers as the one earlier this...
  20. ringway

    Air Traffic Controls Transcripts. Funny.

    Air Traffice Control Transcripts. Tower: "Delta 351, you have traffic at 10 o'clock, 6 miles!" Delta 351: "Give us another hint! We have digital watches!" "TWA 2341, for noise abatement turn right 45 Degrees." "Centre, we are at 35,000 feet. How much noise can we make up here?"...
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