1. EV84

    Mercedes abc shocks and valves

    Hello, For sale two rear shock absorbers for ABC suspension. Fits on W215 AND W220. Both have just been remanufactured. 450£ EACH Two valve blocks for ABC as well for W215 AND W220, comes with new oil seal kit.- 300£ each 07948729766 :rolleyes:
  2. S

    IPE valves care

    Folks Before I fit my IPE to my c63, is there anything I can do to protect the valves from issues due to road salt etc - acf 50? Wd 40?
  3. A

    Tyre valves

    My C class Merc needs new rear tyres. The tyre valves are the original metal covered ones with a chrome cap. When new tyres are fitted are the new valves the same? i.e. chrome. Are these special valves or are the metal coverings simply used again? I want to use TyresOnThe drive, are they...
  4. C

    Tyre valves

    Do those fancy metal tyre valves need replacing when you fit new tyres on a W205 with run flats? There's mention of potential extra cost due to valves that I've found whilst I've been pricing tyres on a couple of websites.
  5. P

    Bolt in valves.

    Hi, I am looking to fit bolt in tyre valves on a set of 1980's UK made Penta 8x16 rims for a W126, I am wondering whether anyone could tell me what the valve hole size is ? There seems to be a couple of different tyre valve hole sizes from 15.8mm to 9mm, and a couple in between. My feeling is...
  6. 1

    Tyre pressure sensor valves

    Hi I have a cls 55 amg and am looking to replace the tyre pressure sensor valves. Has anyone ever replaced these before and is there anywhere else that sells them other than mercedes? Any help is appreciated, Thanks Imy
  7. S

    avantgarde e320 cdi Inlet manifold butterfly valves?

    Hello, I have an e320 estate (03 plate) which is losing power. Star diagnostics originally showed an P1189 Inlet port shutoff valve and p0100 hot film maf sensor. fault. We had some work done to the car recently ( see below) and now Star is coming up with code p1189-016 M55 (inlet port...
  8. J

    hydraulic valves

    Forgive my ignorance but I'm a relatively new Merc. R230 SL owner. I've had my 2006 SL 350 for 6 months now and recently the tappets started to make a tapping noise. I checked and topped up the oil and they quietened down. Can anyone tell me if the valves and tappets are hydraulic and self...
  9. M

    109e 2.5 16v head exhaust valves

    Needed desperately are 8 exhaust valves for cosworth head or poss complete cylinder head for my current project Thanks in advance rich
  10. optimusprime

    abv valves

    Hi after refurbing the alloys i found that all the discs want replacing,and also the flexi hoses at the same time. Now i have no garage and working on a tight cash flow. Can i ask, as any member ever fitted these Speed Bleed Nipples.I have to work out side without a pit or ramps.These items...
  11. rk100

    Tyre sensors and valves for CL (215)

    Hi all Does anyone know the best place to get tyre pressure sensors and valves for my CL. Does anyone know what the correct sensors are? Thanks Thanks
  12. J

    Air Conditioning Valves C Class 08 Plate

    Are these two valves highlighted in red the Air Con Valves? I have Starred what I think they are.

    W210 fuel del. Valves service info.

    hi everyone, i have just serviced the fuel pump fuel delivery valves so may be somone will find the experience usefull. :) my car ia a 1997. e-300 td. 7 seat. est. with 208,000 miles on, i have owned the car from new. herbiemercman. see this link...
  14. S

    C250 TD 1998 heavy black smoke after seal change fuel pump pressure valves

    Hi all Not sure if anyone can help I had a leak from one of the pressure valves on my fuel injector pump after spending a couple of days locating the tool to take it of changed the the rubber and copper seals on all five valves ever since then the car has been running badly and heavy black...
  15. O

    Delivery valves leaking, car studdering at top end?

    Hello, My DV are leaking, and the car is studdering at the top end, the engine has hard time once t reach 4000 Rpm, is that related or should I look at something else? I cannot do the DV for another 2 weeks at least, I hope they are going to hold... Cheers. Olivier
  16. M

    om606 - delivery valves done... wont sart :(

    I had a bad fuel leak on my e300td om606 (caused by me not connecting the clear lines properly when i changed them).... so i figured that as i had to take of the intake mani again to do it, i may as well do the seals on the delivery valves while there (trying to sort out a longstanding air leak...
  17. MrML

    Tyre Valves

    I went to check the tyre pressures - not checked for a few weeks..... The nice shiney silver metal dust caps have started to look a bit second hand lately. Unfortunatly they were welded stuck with cack from the winter. Had to go to the tyre shop to get the wheels off etc and a bill for £39. Now...
  18. corned

    CDI EGR valves - servicing/cleaning?

    My E320CDI now has 125k on the clock, and it is going like a train. Great! However, when I read about the many EGR issues on here, I can't help but wonder if there is some mileage in having a look at my EGR and seeing if a good cleanout might be in order. The big question is - how much of a...
  19. T

    How Many Valves Do I Have?

    Could someone tell me please, how many valves per cylinder my 1991 500SEL has? Thanks in advance. Mike
  20. L

    Flush Fitting Tyre Valves

    Has anyone come across or used flush fitting tyre valves? Are they easy to fit or do tyres have to be taken off?
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