1. merc85

    e320 2007 Waste of time Grrrrrrr

    Had a 330mile round trip today to look at this! Mercedes-Benz E Class 3.0 E320 CDI Sport 7G-Tronic 5dr Herishi who is a mate of mine contacted the seller and ask a few questions before we set off. One of the questions was "has the vehicle any dents?" The reply was no just a few small...
  2. K

    Snow Foam - waste of time?

    I bought CYC's Super Snow Foam and foam lance a few years ago and have used them irregularly since. Doing the particularly dirty family VW today I broke out the lance and foam - and was struck by what a complete waste of time and money it is. After a pressure wash, a good coat of foam left for...
  3. paulbenz500

    What a waste of an E55 kompressor

    151495127263 eBay item no. It's in perfect order and being stripped for its engine and parts too build a race car. is it a good thing or a bad thing? it's a shame i think because if it was smashed up' it would've been a perfect idea but in mint condition i think the owners crazy ?? Sent from...
  4. Harrythedog

    Waste of money or not?

    BBC News - Parliament repair bill 'could top £3bn' £3b to repair The Houses of Commons. Tough one this as it's an iconic and historical building but there are also many other worthy causes that need money spent
  5. nick mercedes

    waste of money?

    "The parliamentary authorities have defended the practice of removing leaves by hand from trees at the Palace of Westminster rather than allowing nature to take its course each autumn. The Palace's gardening staff have been "pleaching" lime trees outside the main entrance to the parliamentary...
  6. I

    What a waste.

    All for the sake of insurance fraud. (Mild language warning) http://youtu.be/4NJmB1F2mdE
  7. The _Don

    Tuning is a waste of money: Tell me i'm wrong

  8. WesLangdon

    nuclear waste

    Where should this be stored, in repositorys underground, on site by the nuclear power stations or elsewhere...overseas, in space etc etc
  9. LTD

    Something to waste your time over the holidays

    Bored ... First-Person Tetris :D
  10. developer

    Avatars and signatures - useful/entertaining or a waste of space?

    I noticed while perusing today someone suggested how one might "preference" out signatures and the like when viewing posts, describing them as "guff" Are they guff? I put a photo and spec of my car that I assumed other MB enthusiasts might enjoy, however, I've seen a couple of signatures...
  11. st13phil

    Oxford's 20mph Limits 'waste of money'

    An outbreak of common sense at last? This was the front page article in the Oxford Mail last night, in which it transpires that average speeds have reduced by 1.3mph in the 20mph zones while KSI numbers have actually risen. I particularly liked the the Thames Valley Police spokesman's comment
  12. M


    Supercar pile-up wipes out 14 cars All-in-all, an expensive way of ridding the planet of a Prius... Thankfully there were no serious injuries.
  13. Beetnik

    Plod - what a waste of time

    So we turn up at the shop a few days ago to find a smashed window - going on £200 to replace, disrupted business etc. 'C'est la vie' we think but mid morning a guy comes into the shop to tell us that he witnessed what happened, followed the miscreant home and provided a description and...
  14. spinaltap

    Waste Disposal Advice

    I am contemplating adding a waste disposal unit to my existing sink since it was reported on the news that we might be required to place our unused foodstuffs in a 'slop bin' for council collection. Given that I had not previously considered installing such a device on my existing Franke sink...
  15. E CLASS

    BGT 2011 - If its true what a waste of time!

    http://justpaste.it/c8g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzUl2eiKx5E
  16. horgantrevor

    what a waste

    YouTube - Mercedes W202 Interior Disassembly YouTube - Center console disassembly on Mercedes Benz w210 makes me sick what a wan?er:wallbash: :devil:
  17. Dand

    Waste of space saver more like

    Late last night my mums C180 SC had a blow out which lead to a large split in the side wall of the tire(suspected faulty tyre). Luckily she was only traveling slowly and wasnt far from the house. Due to there being next to no light i decided to change the tire in the morning before taking it to...
  18. R

    Plumbers - can't remove plastic sink waste

    Hi, Really appreciate some help. I think there's a problem with the waste on my sink as it takes ages for the water to drain from the sink, and no amount of unblocker will help. So I've decided to replace the waste, seeing as they don't cost to much. However the waste is stuck solid, i...
  19. JumboBeef

    What a waste

    Words fail me: Now, where did you say you left the car? The £28m backlog of perfectly driveable vehicles waiting to be SCRAPPED | Mail Online I spot at least three MBs in there.....
  20. dervdoc

    waste oil burner plans

    dont need these anymore, £2.oo via paypal, pm me if ya want them, will send plans for woodburning stove, car transporter and towing dolly with em
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