What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

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Lifted the bonnet on my W124 230e, trusty can of ACF50 in hand, looking for anything with a hint of rust on it. Earthing points dribbled on, any washer contacting bodywork gets a drop, jubilee clips the same.
Found the leak. It's the metal pipe from the flexi hose to the hydraulic unit on the o/s/f wheel.
Turned the wheel outwards and pressed on the pedal and fluid sprayed out.
Can't be repaired until next Tuesday
Looks like BOTG might have to be missed this year unless I can hijack the wife's Kia Rio and slink somewhere unnoticed at the George.:(
Got the brakes fixed and the car back home for £190.
Needed both the metal brake pipe and new flexi hose as they couldn't be separated easily. Whole system refilled with fresh fluid too.
Was a bit scary driving with my foot almost to the floor on braking. Luckily the workshop was only a few hundred yards away.
I left a nice trail of brake fluid leaving my driveway and down the road:oops:
All sorted now.
A busy few days on the repairs front. Firstly, the B Class was showing an SRS fault which iCarsoft narrowed down to the driver’s seat belt buckle. A second hand replacement was fitted and all is well again.
On to the SLK which wasn’t pulling well and making squeaking noises. The left rear hub was very hot and, when jacked up, the wheel wouldn’t turn indicating a seized caliper (I’ve already posted a picture of how low the pads were). So a new caliper and pads were fitted and all was well with that side. To keep things right I went on to fit new pads to the other side only to find that it too was seized, this time not applying the brakes at all. Another new caliper was purchased and fitted, new pads and all was well with this car too. What a difference not having the brakes stuck on makes!
I don't know what i was doing wrong when i used one of them on a W205 diesel, but it left 1.5Lt of oil in the engine i couldn't get out, i had to take plug out to get the rest out :wallbash: Has anyone else had that problem with that engine 2.2 ?

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