1. hearsse.driver

    Mercedes C124 230CE 1987 Poland

    Hello! I own a C124 230CE from the first year of coupe production, that is 1987. I bought it in 2011, earlier I had W124 300D. I decided to register on this forum to practice my English a little bit. Also I presume it will be fun to see feedback from abroad regarding LPG installation and a...
  2. M

    W123 230CE Serving

    All, I have a W123 230CE in need of a 36k service. I have narrowed down the choices to: Stevensons near Maidstone (Steve Garlick) or Wright Tech UK I am leaning towards Stevenson's even though its further to travel as the phone calls I have had inspired far more confidence...
  3. SL300-24

    My 230CE W124 for sale

    The advert is on car and classics website here.....you are welcome to PM me if interested or call thanks Super original Mercedes 230CE Coupe For Sale (1988) on Car And Classic UK [C854593]
  4. M

    Bonnet jammed shut W(C) 124 230CE

    I recently pulled the bonnet release latch inside me C124, it responded with a 'twang!' and now the release isn't engaging with any cable. I'm guessing the cable is snapped or has become disengaged in some way.... Essentially the bonnet is now stuck shut. I'd like to get the bonnet open (since...
  5. M

    230CE Crayford

    A friend of mine rocked up the other day with a 230ce Crayford convertible. It's looking a bit sorry for itself, but is believed to be complete. A rare beast indeed, as I can't find much about it out there. Is it worth restoring is the question?
  6. B

    123 230CE Transmission Noise (Again)

    Forgive me if this isn't even the right website but some time back I received replies dealing with my new transmission noise coming through the body in to the car when in fifth. The noise is slight but I hear it and it didn't exist before changing the gearbox shift bushes, propshaft center...
  7. anfieldassasin

    230ce vs 300ce control arms

    Hi guys does anyone know if the lower control arms on 1990 230ce are interchangeable with a 1988 300ce? I have the old original arms from 230ce stripped and ready for a repaint before I put new bushes and ball joint in. I want to fit them to my 300ce, they look identical but thought I...
  8. B

    123 230CE Transmission Noise - Misfires - FRENCH Mechanic

    Gentlemen, Ladies, Having replaced and adjusted the centre bearing of the prop-shaft according to all the postings, e.g. lower the vehicle and rock it backwards and forwards or push it around the place before tightening the locking nut, when I change in to fifth there is a transmission noise...
  9. anfieldassasin

    c124 230ce parts for sale

    hi guys sold my 230ce so have some parts for sale. Please see my ebay adds for details. you can contact me via ebay or PM here for any further details. I would prefer cash on collection but may post also bw Sam W124 coupe 230ce parts bundle | eBay W124 Mercedes Haynes manual...
  10. anfieldassasin

    1990 W124 Coupe 230ce Low Miles

    Hi all, I am selling my 1990 C124 230ce Coupe. Its in original condition with only 102,000 miles, i bought it at 93,000 and it has been my daily driver over the last year and has never let me down. It has MOT till 28th April 2016 and i have all the old MOTs to verify milage. It has the...
  11. anfieldassasin

    230ce voltage regulator

    Anyone out there with a 230ce know the part number for their voltage regulator? Mine is a Bosch 1 197 311 009 EL 14v 4C I can't find a replacement anywhere, I believe my alternator is the 55amp one Car is running anywhere between 13.2-13.4v when on, if I'm going to pull the regulator...
  12. M

    1988 Mercedes 230ce. mot. essex £2150 o.n.o

    Here for sale is my w124 coupe and the second i have i owned. full history with clean MOT and low 126k miles engine and gear box perfect All filters recently changed including gearbox Enthusiast owned and been nothing but a pleasure to own (and be seen in) Drive away purchase This car is...
  13. hitt

    FOR SALE - W124 230CE (Coupe)

    I'm rather reluctantly putting my 230CE up for sale. Engine: 4 cylinder 2.3L (136 BHP) Mileage: 178.5K Colour: Smoke Silver Interior: Black leather interior retrofitted from donor car (replaced worn interior cloth) Bodywork and engine in great condition given the age of the car. There are...
  14. J

    W124 230CE intermittant starting problem

    Hi folks, New to the forum so bear with me! I have a 1991 W124 230CE, great car but has developed an intermittant starting problem, it spins, catchs, runs for a few seconds then dies, sometimes I can get it going again with patience and a good battery! Also happens when cold and hot. Somewhat...
  15. K

    w123 230CE: major interior spend

    W123 230 CE Fully Restored For Sale (1981) on Car And Classic UK [C599181]
  16. D

    W123 230CE - Correct oil sump plug?

    Hello, I'm looking for a definite fit for a replacement sump plug and washer. I got one at the time of its last oil change but it did not fit. Now looking online there are so many different ones that claim to or not to fit... Ideally I should of taken measurements and photos whilst I had...
  17. anfieldassasin

    1990 C124 230ce Sea Sick

    Hi all, 1st post but long time surfer of the forum!! I'm a weekend novice DIY'r when time allows mainly thanks to all post i have read on this forum! have a 1990 230ce 8v M102 engine (NonCat and duplex chain driven! :thumb:) coupe with 95k miles I bought it a few months ago with 94k on it...
  18. C

    230ce V8?

    Now then. I assume something like this has been done here before so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Yonder 230CE has head gasket issues. I have acquired a lovely great V8 lump from a 1980 450SL with FSH but without fuel injection Gubbins. There seems to be a...
  19. M

    Cheap 230ce coupe on eBay 271760236141

    Put my motor up forsale now got to many cars lovely old coupe new head and gasket fitted
  20. DanMorgan

    Breaking W124 230CE

    Hi All, Starting to break a W124 230CE as ive taken some parts and put them on my 300CE with 26k miles :cool: Most parts are available, there is a full cream leather interior, but im half way stripping down the seats. (Swapping over with the black from the 230). Many cream interior panels...
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