1. PaulXC

    Passenger seat wanted W211 E Class Estate 320cdi facelift

    Black Artico Passenger seat wanted for a late 2006 W211 E Class Estate 320cdi facelift Avantgarde Sport model. Only really need the base. This is the non memory seat with the motor switches on the side.
  2. F

    03 w211 320cdi remap options

    Thinking of getting my 320 straight 6 engine a remap, what power should I expect. Or should I say what would be available to do safely and not stress the auto box, just had full service and atf changed, been told the gearbox can de mapped differently too, any members had this bone and what do...
  3. Mc1

    S211 320cdi v6 miles per tank

    Ok guys and girls. I have owned my 08 320cdi for about 5 months now and was wondering how many miles you get between fill ups. Best I have got is 450 miles
  4. K

    5w30 Merc Oil for W221 320CDI

    I've recently got a 2008 S320 CDI. Bought 10 litres of 5w30 oil synthetic oil from my local Merc main dealer as it was on offer at £19.99 per 5 litres. It doesn't specifically state that it's low SAPS. It has the right Merc spec obviously as it's from Merc but was just wondering whether it...
  5. The _Don

    Mercedes benz cls 320cdi for sale 59reg fmbsh 57k miles

  6. F

    clk 320cdi bluetooth problem

    hi guys just got my wife a clk on a 55 plate with sat nav it finds her iphone 6+ i put the codes in 0000 and it connect then drops the phone in 3 seconds im sure its been asked and sorted but i cant find any it finds UHI-sn3717 and then drops it not sure why but any help would be great thanks...
  7. E

    Removing EGR on my S210 320cdi?

    Im new here. Nice forum! I got a question about my 2002 S210 320cdi OM613 As the title says, I want to remove/deactivate my EGR valve. But I can't find parts or any "emulator" to do this, like you find everywhere for the bmw's. Have anyone done this? Any help would be fine. Thanks :)
  8. astamir

    2008 cls 320cdi

    Hi guys Friend of mine selling his cls 320cdi It's 2008 in black mot till next year some service history 96000 miles on the clock black with cream leather seats sat nav and ect. Would need a service to the engine and gearbox as its been on a long trip to Europe recently After a short drive...
  9. M

    W204 320CDI Hard starting

    Hi Guys, ive noticed from cold in the mornings that the car takes along time before it starts, it turns over for approx4 seconds before it starts, with winter on its way id like to get the bottom of it, I wait for the glow plug light to go out but I get the feeling the glow plugs aren't coming...
  10. dan-mb

    CLS 320CDI problem under acceleration

    Hi Gents, So recently i have been having a niggling issue with my 2008 CLS 320CDI when i put my foot down to over take (steady 30mph to say 50mph) the car judders badly and the power seems to cut out) not sure if its the box trying to change down gears (i have it in 'C' mode) or if its a fuel...
  11. astamir

    W211 320cdi sign of oil in intercooler

    Hi guys Was under the car for servicing few days ago And noticed an oil leaking from the pipes on both sides of the intercooler. Does anyone know what it can be? Is it a sign of bad turbo? Thanks in advance
  12. N

    W204 320cdi

    Need a bit of advice please. I will be buying a C320 CDI early next week which has a pretty comprehensive receipt file. Previous owner had the car serviced with MB and seems to have agreed to all work suggested by MB without question. There was an ATF change done at 37000 miles and the car is...
  13. S

    W210 320CDI breaking

    Decided to break this old girl if anyone needs any bits it's gold in colour usual tin worm trouble but starts and runs fine it's not a 7 seat version has leather with lumbar support on both front seats elegance model.folding mirrors. Etc etc. Let me know
  14. streethawk

    56 plate E class w211 320cdi sport full closure

    Not sure if I've posted this in the right section but here goes. I've recently purchased my e class and was wondering if it should have full closure? ie Windows and roof close with fob. I've tried and it doesn't but my 99 plate c230k does. Must admit I've not read manuel yet but does anyone...
  15. guydewdney

    ticking noise, 320cdi i6 w211

    My 2004 211 i6 320cdi makes a slight ticking noise, only 'on throttle'. Noticeable from 1200 rpm to 3000. Only hear it when accelerating, even slightly. Goes as soon as you back off. sounds single cylinder ish. Ie tick......tick took my mate / mechanic out and demonstrated and hes was...
  16. C

    Will I regret keeping my CLS 320CDI?

    Hi All, first post since joining so go easy on me;) Need some help and advice. I have owned the above 2009 cls for 3 years purchased from a main dealer. First 2 years it was my main car and used for a 70 mile round trip to work each day on motorways etc. at 70 MPH ish. Then a job change...
  17. F

    V6 320cdi (OM642). Change poly v belt

    Is there a guide out there on how to do this on a 2006 c class? Will I need any special tools? Am I likely to find other issues/need other parts? The belt is cracked from age. I found this, that for a GL. Is it the same prcedure and as easy as that seems...
  18. S

    CLK 320cdi V6 (OM642) 'Hot Start' issue.

    I can't figure this one out. Car has done 110k. Cold starts in the morning are no problem. Drive the car up to temperature. Do a short stop off, such as a shopping trip - about 20-30 minutes, car will start, but almost fails to 'catch' and splutters on startup. Drive is perfect. Drive the...
  19. D

    Glow Plug module part No - W209 CLK 320CDi

    Can anyone advise me of the part number for the Glow Plug Control Module for my CLK320CDi 2007 W209 Regards Dan
  20. guydewdney

    W211 320CDI injector remove and replace - DIY?

    One of my injectors is blocked, and the fuel economy is poorer than it should be. Mileage 192,000 miles FSH. Injector cleaner has made little to no difference. Its cheaper to buy recon injectors than have mine re-conned:doh: Work that out. Last time I had the top off, it all looked...
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