1. S

    Facelift W211 black, possibly S211 any colour, 320CDI

    Wanted: 1. W211 facelifted 2006 - 2007 E320CDI. 2. Possibly estate - any colour, also E320CDI.
  2. Druk

    Strange 320CDi starting fault

    B-I-L has a 320CDi V6 CLS. Wouldn't start early this morning although exhaust puffing smoke. Green Flag attend and operator opens drivers door, presses 'lock' button on remote twice, climbs in and closes door and car starts immediately. :dk: Said to B-I-L that he's seen the fault before...
  3. J

    w210 320cdi manifold and egr removal

    Hi all, Just about to take the egr, cooler and manifold off my 2002 E320 cdi with 146k. Ive got a spare manifold from a breakers which im cleaning up now so I get swap over quickly. Question is - I see the manifold has a coolant port and coolant pipes. None of the threads ive looked at have...
  4. S

    W204 320CDI Front Strut Brace

    Are these available for this car? Are they any good? Thanks for any advice!
  5. nick mercedes

    Breaking 320cdi estate/W203 Estate

    Free to good home! Interiors! Seem to be breaking a small fleet of cars at the moment... I'm breaking a C240 Estate with perfect grey cloth trim, mint car. I never bother keep the seats out of the older ones, but it seems a shame to bin it, anyone want it? You'd need to collect...
  6. E

    Help please, winters here defrost not working, w210 320cdi avantgarde estate

    Hi All, Bought my w210 320cdi avantgarde estate in July. Really enjoying ownership, no drama's until now. The first real frost and the windscreen is not defrosting properly. The vent control dial does not change direction of the air, ie from feet to windscreen. The heater and aircon is working...
  7. S

    320cdi v6 + Brabus D6III - weird vibration under high rpm / load

    Hi All, Bit of an odd one this. I've recently fitted a brabus D6III to my CLK 320cdi v6 (2006). The unit serial was confirmed by brabus that it is correct for the vehicle and that it has the right programming. After fitting the unit to the car, you can definitely notice the difference...
  8. M

    W211 320cdi exhaust

    Hi guys. Im new in this forum :) Im from Slovakia.... I want to upgrade my Benz... I want to take exhaust pipes amg style. Some photos of yours upgrades? thx! :)
  9. G

    w210 320cdi smoke pouring from the outlet from the turbo to the exhaust!!!

    Just thought i would ask, as the title says, fitted fully reconed turbo, been driving fine, then felt rough on the way to work, then this anyone any ideas, on the train again, this car is gonna bankrupt me!!
  10. L

    CLK W209 320CDI (front end leak)

    Guys just noticed little lubricant leak from my front bumper, looks like an intercooler pipe connection, could someone point me into the right direction? I've wiped the lubricant from the bumpers, there seems to be no colour or smell to it, left no colour marks on the towel.
  11. L

    CLK 320CDI Sport & CLK 55 AMG 2006 Bumpers

    Hi guys, I am looking for a splitter/front lip for my 2006 CLK 320CDI Sport, all I can find is splitters for CLK55 AMG. I ask the sellers if this will fit my CDI & they come back with the same answer: NO Now I think they just fear sending out a splitter that might not fit because its...
  12. M

    ML 320CDI Dipstick

    Hello. I wonder if anyone can help. I have a 2007 ML 320 CDI and i just had the oil changed at Mercedes (France) the morning after the change i checked the oil level and the oil only came up a third of the way on the dipstick scale. I called them and they said they had put in 8 and a half...
  13. Druk

    320CDi dipstick length.

    On an OM648 engine how far down into the sump goes the dipstick tube? I've gotten myself one of these vacuum pumps for oil change and need to know if the plastic lift pipe goes to, and stops at, the sump base or will it curl round and maybe miss some oil. Ta. :D
  14. Druk

    320CDi dipstick length.

    On an OM648 engine how far down into the sump goes the dipstick tube? I've gotten myself one of these vacuum pumps for oil change and need to know if the plastic lift pipe goes to, and stops at, the sump base or will it curl round and maybe miss some oil. Ta. :D
  15. L

    W220 320cdi still starting problems

    Hi all Not only am I still having starting problems first thing In the morning, it is now giving me problems through out the day now. Previously I have changed the glow plug relay and the coolant temp sensor. Last week I took it into Mercland who changed the diesel pipes, fuel filter and...
  16. L

    Urgent 320cdi where is oil filter

    Hi I am in the process of changing the filters in my 2001 s320 cdi and I can not fine the oil filter I have been supplied with just the element Where is the casing that the element goes into Thanks Chris
  17. T

    320CDI IL6 Turbo Oil Feed Banjo Bolt Torque?

    Just renewed the seal from the block on the above pipe and putting new copper washers either side of the Oil Feed Banjo Dont want to overtighten or not tighten enough also dont want to dissemble Air Filter Box & Hoses to Tighten Up again. Anyone Know the Torque figure its a 13mm Banjo...
  18. Z

    clk 320cdi vibrating

    As title, my clk is vibrating and which is felt in the car and heard as a low drone, it is louder in reverse gear, the car is driving fine and pulling like it should. any idea guys
  19. T

    Oil Leak from this pipe 320CDI (Turbo Feed ?)

    Oddly enough after my alternator was replaced and my Turbo Leak problems almost at the same Time ( related ?? ) My 2001 E320CDI is no dripping black diesel oil on my newly blocked drive :wallbash: Here is a picture it " appears" to be coming from or close to this small pipe which runs from the...
  20. T

    Cls 320cdi 2006 JUDDERING ???

    Hi I have a 2006 CLS 320cdi over the past few weeks I have noticed a juddering when I'm idle like at traffic lights etc now this happens on a cold start, after the car heats up it stops and is totally fine it only ever happen after the is left over night Any ideas ??
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