1. Richard1973

    W210 320cdi smoke.

    Well, it seems like the car is taking a dislike to me! Changed the thermostat today, and yes, managed to break the crappy plastic fuel line. Fortunately Drayton had one on the shelf. It is running better now and fuel consumption is better. Problem now is it is black smoking and lacking any real...
  2. astamir

    s211 320cdi ESP ABS message

    Hi guys! Needed a help from the forum members who experienced this kind of problem. Three messages appeared on the dashboard ESP ABS AND BRAKE PERFORMANCE REDUCED with yellow abs sign on dashboard. Plugged Delphi diagnostic tool and it gave me the following codes C2534-hydraulic fault,right...
  3. O

    CLS 320cdi 2006 (56 plate) Engine oil

    Hi guys, just bought my 1st CLS 320cdi 2006 on 56 plate. Noticed there's a very little of oil in engine, what oil shall i get for it? What spec etc. Thankyou Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. J

    W204 320cdi lowering springs

    Hi folks just recently joined because i am now the proud owner of a w204 c320cdi it has the amg pack as far as I'm aware this comes with slightly lowered suspension but it's not low enough. I was wondering does anyone have pics of there w204 c320cdi which they have installed lowering springs...
  5. wu56Shoozz

    WANTED W203 320CDI Turbo Intake Pipe

    PART NO: 642 094 34 97 Anyone got one or that they don't want or need..please PM me. Many Thanks :thumb:
  6. M

    W219 320cdi power steering pump

    Well getting my car serviced today confirmed my worst fears that the power steering pump is done for. I got a quote to repair but in the mechanics defence at short notice he could only get a genuine pump and recommended i buy a refurb/secondhand one online to save money compared to a brand new...
  7. Charles Morgan

    Mercedes w211 320cdi - likely faults

    Not for me, but my brother in law is running a 2007 W211 E320cdi with about 80k on it. He services it assiduously, numerous transmission oil changes and it has had one glowplug and one injector changed. Discussing it yesterday he is aware that it is not worth a huge amount anymore (around £7k)...
  8. N

    W251 320cdi

    Hello guys. Looking for help with my R class. Bought it two months ago and it keeps doing one thing. It has a intermittent power loss and no limp mode or faults on the engine or gearbox. Tryed carbon clean,no luck. Sometimes it does, when I try to accelerate, sometimes doing the same speed. For...
  9. C

    W209 320Cdi Onging Engine problems

    Hope somebody can help me with this, or point me at a thread.. I've read plenty so far but no help. W209 CLK320Cdi V6 OM642 Engine, 130k miles. Been faultless since I bought it 5 months ago, at 125k. Has a Brabus D6 fitted, which has been removed since the troubles started, in order to...
  10. mick56

    2002 320cdi throttle response.

    Good evening gentlemen.My car has a real slack spot on the throttle,it goes away down before anything happens,then does not have the feel that i think it should.I have looked under the bonnet at the cable to electronics,and there is adjustment to be had on the cable.But i am wondering if the...
  11. astamir

    w211 320cdi rough idling

    Hi guys I have a very strange problem for diesel engines I would say at least. It idles very rough from time to time and getting worse like it can idle rough every time when I drive it and sometimes cuts off and I have to restart it. Its done 145000 miles its a straight line 6 pots engine Has...
  12. wu56Shoozz

    2006 W203 320CDi Brakes

    I've labelled the above specific to mine but as far as I know this issue affects other models in the range too.. My vehicle went in for service the other week and I was advised that the Brakes were low and that the front discs in particular were bad. So I went to order a set from the dealers...
  13. ChrisEdu

    2006 facelift E 320CDi v6 limp mode

    My 211 decided, on the drive to work, to seemingly go into limp mode. No warnings, no other apparent issues, no jerking, just an inability to kickdown and get higher revs. I tried the usual - switch off, switch on - trick, but that magical trick didn't work. :( Sod's Law, as I've just...
  14. D

    320cdi V6 glow plug controller problem

    Hi, My problem is on a W211 320cdi V6 (2008) for which I don't find a solution in the existing treats. In the morning, the car will not start immediately, but when you preheat 3 or 4 times before starting, it starts without any problem. Because the glow plug controller is a common...
  15. John

    2008 CLS 320CDI gearbox judder.

    I have a colleague with said model and is experiencing a juddering when the car is in gear. Apparently it is very bad in reverse but quite bad in forward gears. Gets better as the car gets warmer but never goes away. Still drives OK. Car had the control unit re-flashed to sort out bad...
  16. Gokhan149

    CLS 320CDi 2008

    Hi What connection is this Thank you
  17. C

    W210 320cdi Not starting AGAIN

    Well my non starting issue is now back. I had replaced all of the o-rings on the plastic fuel pipes. Then the issue came back, ended up replacing the fuel pipes. It started much better but only just fired before the end of the first cranking cycle (1 key turn and let go), since replacing them...
  18. James85

    Mercedes clk 320cdi maf sensor?

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a clk320 cdi. I got a friend to plug it into his computer as its running a bit lumpy and it came up with a faulty maf sensor. I've tried looking for a replacement but I'm really struggling I phoned Mercedes and they wouldn't give me a part number, just a...
  19. C

    Another 320cdi w210 starting issue!

    My 320cdi is having issues starting... oddly enough it seems worse when hot but still struggles hot or cold. If I fill up with diesel after a motorway journey go in and pay, then return and start it, it can take 3 or 4 start cycles (auto turn over cycles) to fire. Now, I've replaced the 6 low...
  20. K

    WANTED 320CDI Estate 55

    I cant seem to respond or PM classifieds. Im interested in the car listed on here but cant get in touch. Can someone please inform the owner or post on that thread and ask him to post his number or get in touch. Thanks
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