1. L

    New member help! 01 w220 320cdi

    Hi All I am a new member, just joined after buying a 2001 (51plate) S Class 320cdi, coming over from the Jaguar fold, so whilst I am good with the spanners, this diesel engine is completely new to me. I bought my S Class on Monday and drove it back 150 miles without any problems, drove it...
  2. S

    DTUK Tuning box for 320CDI Engined Cars.

    DTUK CRD-T box and wiring harness Suitable for OM642 V6 320 CDI (may fit others, please check with DTUK themselves) Adjustable map programs from standard 224PS Up to 270PS and from 510 NM Up to 640NM Torque Easy to fit/remove (instructions included) Diesel Tuning UK | Select the right...
  3. J

    w210 320cdi plastic fuel lines replacement

    Hi all,*I’m new to this forum. I recently purchased a 2002 E320 cdi estate with 142,000 miles. I have 3 young kids and needed a 7 seater and would sooner have shaved off an eyebrow than drive an MPV!*Given the age and mileage I was not surprised when it developed* diesel leak. I traced this...
  4. H

    The dreaded lack of power on 320cdi !!!!

    Hi, I know this subject has been widely covered on the forum and I have searched and read tons of threads but the problem I am experiencing is very specific so just wondered if there was anyone out there who could suggest what might be causing it. My car is a 2009 clk 320cdi with 60K on the...
  5. R

    CLS 320CDI - iphone bluetooth

    I guys, I have a problem with my Bluetooth. When I connect my iPhone 5 it states, "unsupported device". Any ideas at all? It does connect but then gives this message once connected.
  6. D

    EML W211 320cdi

    I went to overtake today. Whilst lots of throttle the power cut and eml came on which I guess is limp mode. Pulled over and switched off. Started again and have some power back but eml still on. Can't get on a star unit till Friday. Might be coincidence but car had a service 2 days ago?
  7. K

    Best tyres for 320cdi CLK

    I need to replace 2 rear tyres on my CLK. Currently the car has Continental on the front, and Michelin on the rear( what need replacing). I have looked at serval different options. Pirelli Avon Continental What would you say are the recommended, i do not do many miles per year, also...
  8. Druk

    E220 V 320CDi

    Asking to compare an S212 E220CDi BlueEfficiency with an S211 E320CDi (S6) insofar as driver involvement and towing capability goes :dk:...what does the panel think? I pull a large 1700KG caravan and wondered how the 220 would cope in comparison to the 320 which is brill.
  9. C

    2007 CLS 320CDi Turbo Problems

    Hi - Got a real problem with my CLS. It started stuttering and going into limp home mode when accelerating hard so I took it to my local garage (done all my services/repairs). They ran their diagnostic and took it to MB for a second opinion, the problem was diagnosed to be the manifolds breaking...
  10. A

    Air Filter Change MB CLK 320CDI

    I would like to carry out an air filter change on my CLK 320 (V6) CDI. I read somewhere that I need to get the car reset by 'Star' to complete the installation. Is that correct? Also I was als thinking of K & N's but I have seen conflicting reports if they should be fitted or not. Many thanks
  11. B

    considering buying a cls 320cdi

    Hi all im a newbie here so please be gentle. I currently have have a bmw 530d e60 and now considering buying a cls 320cdi. is there any specific things I need to look out for when buying that model (apart from the usual checks) For example on the bmw diesels swirl flaps were a big issue...
  12. Telebass

    '04 S211 320CDI thermostat swap...

    OK, maybe i should have got one from a dealer. However, I got a pattern part from ECP.:doh: Owing to the excellent descriptions of other members of this forum, the nuts-and-bolts of the task was easy. Siphoned the header tank, so almost no spillage. Have a chain wrench, so the oil filter was...
  13. G

    advice please 320cdi

    Hi, not long had my 52 plate w211 e320cdi & its done 115000 miles. Ive read about the valeo radiator & mine has it.& worried incase the antifreeze starts to go into the box.. Ive heard of people fitting a seperate gearbox oil coolers to overcome this, can anyone help me into which cooler fits &...
  14. Telebass

    S211 I6 320CDI - message

    Happy New Year! Something that my car greeted me with promptly on Jan 1st is: Emissions Test Carried out On Time? And this is flagged as a malfunction, so it pops up repeatedly! As the next service is still some time away, I can't think why this is waving at me at this time. I didn't own the...
  15. T

    s210 320cdi ventilation problem

    Any advice gratefully received. The ventilation and air con has suddenly decided to develop a mind of its own, mostly not responding to any attempt to increase the air flow, just stopping the fan, leaving me with no ventilation at all. Presumably not just a blown fuse but bo idea what else it...
  16. S

    WTD: Brabus D6 III or Carlsson CD32 for 320CDI

    Hi All: looking for a Brabus or Carlsson chip for my GL 320CDI. cheers s
  17. C

    w211 320cdi eml on

    Looking for advice here car lost power today then after 30 mins driving eml came on then got full power whats the best code reader to check out ma issue
  18. grizzly2020

    W210 320cdi fuel line starting issue

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could help. I have had the bus now for a few months and it is starting to grate on me this niggling issue. If the car is sat for any length of time it struggles to start. It turns over fine but sounds like for 5-10 seconds as if no fuel is going through and...
  19. B

    320cdi big problums

    HI to all have tried Electronics Forom but no joy ABS BAS ECP lights on new brake switch £12 lights still on local indy put star on front wheel sensor fault new wheel sensor £150 lights went out for 10 miles back on again key out of ignition ABS electrics still running so pulled ABS relay then...
  20. Borys

    W221 320cdi service

    Had my car checked yesterday and seems last service wasn't done properly. Anyways car booked for tuesday and we will do: - engine oil + filter - fuel filter - air filters - gear box oil -rear brake discs and pads - 3 faulty glow plugs with the relay Car should be spot on after. Just cannot...
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