1. mat8n

    S Class 320cdi

    Wanted 06 and above S class 320cdi don't want silver, prefer black or dark. Don't want sky rocket milage. Anything out there?
  2. A

    New member - W211 320CDI estate

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum as I'm about to pick up a new (to me) 2005 E320CDI estate tomorrow. It is replacing a 2003 SAAB 9-5 2.2TiD with which I have had a bit of trouble. My new car is a one private owner example, 102k miles, MBSH to 2009 and an indie thereafter (Church Motors...
  3. ChrisEdu

    Personal best mpg in my 211 320CDi

    Just as I was starting to think that I would never live to see the day that my V6 320CDi would do more than 33mpg, today I got a new pb of 36mpg by the end of my journey and a peak of 36.3mpg! Yes, I was driving quite conservatively, but I was going at the speed limit (honest officer) and...
  4. J

    W210 320cdi - new diesel pump and swirl flaps deleted - problems!

    Hi all, Long story but here goes! W210 320 CDi with 156k, 2002 model: I replaced the plastic fuel lines at 142k last year. A few weeks back it developed a significant fuel leak from high pressure pump- few days later diesel had gotten into belt and pulleys , and caused the belt to slip off...
  5. jdrrco

    CLK 320CDi for sale

    Time for a change, so the CLK is up for sale. CLK 320CDi Sport - 2009/09 Big spec, including COMAND, heated & ventilated seats, sunroof, driver's side memory package, phone pre-prep, parktronic plus all the usual Sport model spec. Just had four new tyres (Goodyear Eagle F1), new MB pads and...
  6. P

    W219 CLS 320CDI Airmatic strut rebuild

    I came out the other morning to discover my car sitting on top of all four wheels, hoping it was merely my compressor at fault, however my front passenger side strut seems to have failed completely. The locking circlip seems to have been lost somewhere and completely left the strut assembly...
  7. vauer6

    Cls 320cdi remap.

    Hi. Im looking for a re map my cls 320cdi w219. Im from London,Hounslow area.Any good places,good experiences? :thumb:
  8. S

    W209 CLK 320cdi gearbox "died"

    So i've had the first major fault with my CLK after 60k of ownership - and was with the gearbox last weekend. I@m leaning towards this being conductor plate / ECU issues, but would appreciate help. In any respect, it sounds expensive :) 2006 CLK 320cdi / 130,000miles / two gearbox fluid...
  9. R

    2000 s210 320cdi avantgarde...

    I want rid of the above...probably best to view it as a parts car...£500. Please note, the car is in Belfast so factor in a one way flight + ferry. PM me for details.
  10. trillion

    I'm looking for a £3k 320CDI estate,auto,East Yorks area!

    C or an E I'm getting on a bit and decided a long time ago not to travel to view vehicles so I'm only looking to buy from the East Yorkshire area. I'm quit happy to pay the Autotrader book price but no more. Why would you?:D:D Take it easy I'm new and a bit feeble!;)
  11. trillion

    Hi,I'm new and looking for a 320CDI

    I have a project in mind I'm looking to get a 320CDI estate,automatic, and turn it into a "Street Sleeper" ;) I'll remap it myself and carry out a few "deletes".I've done this with other cars so know the pitfalls. It's going to be fun!:D
  12. M

    ML 320cdi W164

    Hi Merc mates had this ML 320 2007 for about a month now and after sorting a few small faults under warranty am rather enjoying my ownership so far. I live in Bristol city so it may not be everyones choice as a town car but what the heck we just love the 4x4 thing. :thumb:
  13. U

    W210 320CDi starting problem

    Hi All, Just had a funny one with my 2000 model w210 320cdi. Have not driven it for about a week and when I went to start it I found that the car was stuck in Park, and that when I turned the key...I had no response.All the dash lights were there as they should be but no cranking of engine...
  14. G

    2001 320cdi

    Hi chaps and girls,been a long time since I've had a Mercedes,went out earlier to look at a 320 cdi,bit scabby on door bottoms,and boot key hole,but hey it's done 190,000.Sounds sweet and drives nice,my question is,is it worth having or just gonna give me trouble,I've for got how good they...
  15. M

    Glow Plug Relay Module on a 320CDI

    My CLS 320CDI is slow to start, at first I thought it was the cold weather then maybe the battery but after having fault codes scanned its definately the glow plug module. After a bit of research online I know Mercedes changed the module due to issues but does anyone have the Mercedes part...
  16. B

    cls 320cdi atf fluid ?

    Hi all .. recently bought my first merc at the end of last year and I know that this questions probably been asked a million times but what is the correct atf fluid for the 7g-tronic box in the cls 320cdi.. thanks in advance
  17. Timster

    Testing the water - Any interest in my S211 320CDI?

    Hi Folks. Well, since buying the Zoe for my commute, my wife has had the Merc and she doesn't like it. It's too, big, too fast, too many gadgets .......... I'm considering getting rid as I never get to drive it, and probably buying her a wee Dacia! Crazy I know, but there's no point in...
  18. DanMorgan

    W210 EPC (320CDi)

    Hi All, A few nights ago I bought a tuning box (late night eBay). I fitted it and straight away the EPC light came up. Fair enough, so it was taken out. However I cant seem to get rid of the warning light and consequently, im stuck in limp mode. I have tried the following: Soft ECU Reset...
  19. Mr Filipov

    Help needed with a few issues on a W219 320CDI

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. A few months ago I purchased my first Mercedes. It is a 2007 CLS 320CDI with the 7G. As with any second hand car you only have so long to see if you can spot anything obvious and it seemed like a good car. It does however have a few issues. I would not...
  20. P

    SClass 320CDI 2007 low mileage engine wanted

    Hi - My S320 CDI with 178,000 miles on the clock has a critically ill timing chain, and the cost of a replacement with all the parts is way too much... So I am looking for a low mileage engine instead! Anyone breaking a 2007 S320 CDI, please feel free to make contact. Thank you, Paul.
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