1. tommerc49

    B200 CDI Sport suspension upgrades/ alternatives

    OK so anyone who owns one of these cars will know that the suspension is very unforgiving... I've owned many cars over the years with sports suspension (standard or aftermarket), but this cars standard setup really takes the biscuit. So I'm now looking into alternatives. Don't get me wrong I...
  2. A

    Drive the Deal Alternatives

    Hi guy, I'm aware of the website Drive the Deal, but the options they list are not quite inline with the buying choices from the official MB website, therefore, can anyone tell me if there are alternatives to bash out a deal with? Thanks
  3. S

    Alternatives for Comand W204 pre 2011

    Hi Guys I am new here so please accept my apologies if this subject has been covered but after having my C63 for a week or so I am finding the Comand very limited (unless I am missing something) also my Sat Nav doesn't know where the car is so probably a GPS antenna on its way out.I was...
  4. S

    Alternatives to OE Wheels

    So, out I go to the car and flat tyre. I look over the wheel and it's not the tyre, another f***ing crack in the OE Ed 125 black multi spokes. I'm sick of this now, this has happened on one of the newer wheels (all replaced originally under warranty due to cracks) so clearly new AMG wheels are...
  5. 5

    MB laser wheel alignment - alternatives?

    Hello all I wanted to get wheel alignment sorted on the E500 to make sure it's dead on. I am due to replace the rear suspension bushes and arms etc. so should I wait until this is done first? Also, MB charge £280-£320 inc VAT and anything else required - is this in line with how much it...
  6. A

    2015 A Class sat/nav screen alternatives

    hello can anyone tell me if the drive kit plus for the iphone exists ? as all the mercedes dealers i have spoken to deny its existence or say it is incompatible with a 2015 A Class or That it will not let you use one of the iphone sat/navs on the a class screen ( i do not want to use the becker...
  7. F

    A45 / CLA45 Weistec / ARMA mods / Alternatives

    Hi all, I have an amateur understanding of the inner working of cars at best. However I'd love to look at all the options to have some fun adding stuff under the hood. Just wanted opinions of this Weistec gear, and suggestions of any other parts. Weistec Turbochargers & Accesories -...
  8. M

    T-Cut or any alternatives...?

    Have a few minor swirls and scratches on my c class.. What's the best product to use.. I've used t cut in the past on other cars but is there anything else which could be recommended and does a better job. Car colour is silver iridium. Thanks in advance
  9. Beetnik

    Alternatives to SKY

    So, at long last, I've cancelled my Sky subscription and have one month to contemplate the alternatives. I get to keep Sky in the form of Freesat from Sky. I have Freeview on TVs. I have a Netflix subscription. I have Chromecasts. I have PCs/Android tablets and an XBox 360. I could buy a...
  10. T

    Mercedes Comand - Alternatives?

    Hi everyone, My W220 comand does not work properly; sometimes I cannot eject CDs and sometimes the command does not turn on. So, I was thinking about replacing it. What are good alternatives to the Mercedes comand? Thanks! :rock:
  11. Khamen

    DAB Digital Radio Alternatives?

    It seems a bit odd to me that M-B stick radios in new SLs that do not have DAB as standard. My old C Class had it, so why is it a cost extra on a more expensive "flagship" model? Anyway rant over. My SL does not have DAB, therefore I need to look for alternatives if I want to listen to Test...
  12. SilverSaloon

    Alternatives to Windows

    hi I'm looking at formatting my HD and reinstalling everything on my old-ish PC. Its a duel-core with 8 gig memory. Massive hard drive. Its just for browsing the internet really. I previously had windows XP. I'm thinking of alternative operating systems to windows, the free ones...
  13. M

    alternatives to sky tv????

    I am currently paying £100 per month for my sky tv and internet, which i only watch about 30mins due to my little girl watching cartoons :wallbash: what is a cheap alternative to sky, without such cost? i would like to maybe record a few programmes and watch catch up. i did see an advert...
  14. D

    Online alternatives to Access

    My parents run an Access Database that lists their instructions and file numbers. I think I designed it about 13 years ago. They've just upgraded their computers and are complaining that they can't get to the database. I suspect that they have not got Access within the Office suite. As...
  15. Spinal

    Alternatives to AdSense?

    I've been thinking of trying to monetise one of my sites... but after having a read through some reviews of adsense, I'm not sure I want to use them. Has anyone had experience with any other providers? M.
  16. Gucci

    NHS hospital alternatives

    So this calm evening was abruptly ended by my 16 month old son splitting his forehead on the back doors. Poor little soldier. Anyway, down to A&E to get him patched up. Now I have to say, the doctors were fantastic, and the in/out time of 2 hours wasn't too bad. BUT, it's not the cleanest and...
  17. S

    Recommended alternatives to Angel or Celtic Tuning ?

    Planning an ECU remap for my 320CDi. Wondered whether anyone could recommend alternatives in the North West of England Thanks Steve
  18. S

    Alternatives to Motorway services

    I know that some on here drive the length and breadth of the land for a living. For others, like me, driving isn’t the day job but forms a significant part of my working week. I look after accounts all over the UK for a small company so can be at all four points of the compass in the course of...
  19. BigJC

    W203 220cdi Brake alternatives

    The brakes on my 203 estate need replacing and I was wondering what the alternative is to using OEM parts? The standard brakes simply don't provide enough 'bite', very spongy and frankly past their best. I was thinking of Brembo discs, ebc greenstuff pads and braided hoses, has anyone got...
  20. Donza

    Alternatives to Nando's...?

    Nando's is awesome! I am going out with a few mates to the Leeds on tonight. Have not been for six months, and i'm already chomping at the bits. But i was thinking are there any decent alternatives to Nando's? Same value for money and food style (Spicy meat etc) I went to Tampopo once and...
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