1. B

    CLK 55AMG Burning Oil

    Hi guys - quick question. Had my 03 CLK 55 for two years. Used to go through a litre to 1.5 litre of Mobil 1 0-40 every 2000miles. It's now down to 700 miles before I get a message asking to top up a litre. No blue smoke and no leaks as far as I can see. Any ideas what might be causing this...
  2. grober

    Flame is burning

    Not a bad wee song as Euro Song Contest ditties go -- shame about the politics :ban: https://youtu.be/gkv17jMnFNY [YOUTUBE HD]gkv17jMnFNY[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. Braincrank

    intermittent smell of burning oil ...

    Hello there, right, I have another issue with my old 124 /-: Every so often, since a couple of months ago, I get a smell of burning oil in the car. It appears suddenly and then it's gone again. The oil level is not dropping faster then would be expected with an engine that's done over 100k so...
  4. Timster

    Wood Burning Stove

    Hi. I'm after some advice from the MB Club community We bought a house this summer and are looking at installing a woodburning stove into a large open plan lounge / dining room / kitchen area. Have a great supply of dried wood ready but no burner as yet. Got some companies coming in...
  5. CraigBEDS

    2005 CLK280 burning smell/smoke

    I recently got a 2005 clk280 and after having it a week the engine management light came on. A couple of times I have pulled into the garage and smelt a burning smell. this morning when I got to work there was the smell againa nd smoke coming out under the drivers side of the front bumper by the...
  6. H

    E300 hybrid burning smell

    Had a hybrid estate for one week now. It is pretty difficult to get it to run on the electric motor without the engine cutting in but today my trip finished down a very quiet lane so was able to drive slowly and keep it on electric for the last 1/3 mile. When I stopped there was a very...
  7. martyz

    sprinter(OM602) oil burning

    Investigating a "99" 5 cylinder OM602 turbo diesel,runs and idles perfectly but smokes(blueish/white),and clouds of it.First thoughts turbo issue,so removed the turbo bypassed the oil supply and ran it,still smokes from the open manifold and drips oil.No coolant/oil transfer evident or over...
  8. Mjb007

    Mercedes ml burning smell fron heater ??

    Hi guys I got a call from the wife today she says there's a burning smell coming from her mercedes ml 270 cdi it's coming from the vents when the interior heater is on hot but goes away when she turns it to cold ? not had chance to look at it yet has anybody had this problem before ? Or no...
  9. S

    nickel spark plugs for an oil burning engine

    yes, yes, for your smarties, this is still the bosch fuel distributor quiz...but i;m still buggered. my 300e keeps missing and my mechanic reckons it is isolated to cylinder number 6 which he says is burning a little more oil that the others. he says that using a 'hotter' spark plug will resolve...
  10. F

    Smell of burning rubber

    Have an issue with my 2010 C350CDI estate,when I go for a drive and the engine gets warmed up fully, if I pull over there is a smell of burning rubber from around the rear of the car. Oddly enough I only noticed it after the MB dealership had changed a rear parking sensor. I took it back in to...
  11. J

    burning smell w202

    I've noticed a burning smell coming from my car after having been driven. I think it may be from the catalytic converter which appears to have some residue/gunk on it. The coolant level seems to have dropped slightly, so I'm thinking the coolant is leaking from somewhere and running down to the...
  12. devonmercgirl

    Burning smell

    Sorry if this has been posted before, when we have drove for a while maybe and we have to stop or slow down for traffic etc we notice a burning smell coming through the air vents, we have checked for oil leaks and nothing, there is no noises etc just the smell of burning, once cooled down its...
  13. C

    R129 strong plastic burning smell

    Gents, wonder if you can help, i have an r129 sl 320 98 model, after ive have had the aircon on for around 10min, i get a really strong plastic burning smell coming form the drivers side air vent!? everything still works correctly and ive had a look underneath to see if its plastic bag or...
  14. Brian_the_Snail

    CLK 500 (5.5) occasional oil burning smell

    Hi folks Bit of an odd one but I occasionally get a smell of burning oil when going slowly or stationary. It seems to come through the car vents. However, the car doesn't seem to be burning oil in the first 700 miles since I collected it 2 weeks ago and the exhaust pipe is clean/ no soot...
  15. JuJigsaw

    Burning rubber smell from brand new W212 Sport Estate

    Took delivery on a brand new E Class Estate Sport 250CDi yesterday and tonight got home from only it's second run out. Only went about 5 miles max and parked up in a car park and there was a really strong burning rubber/plastic smell coming from under the bonnet. The cooling fan wasn't running...
  16. englishdas

    Doomsday Preppers (wood burning car)

    Did anybody see the doomsday programs on Discovery channel Monday,night? Some dude had a pickup that ran on wood!
  17. D

    R129 burning rich

    My R129 300Sl 3.0 litre seems to be burning quite rich. When I park the car I can smell a 'rich' petrol smell. How do you adjust the carburetor/air intake? And would this be the likely problem? Car is going in for a service next week so I may just ask them to do it instead. thanks
  18. ironsheik

    smell Of Burning Rubber?

    every now and again after a long drive, I park up, get out and can smell what can only be described as burning rubber usually from around the rear of the car. I checked the tyres (and even sniffed them:dk:) they are not hot and don't smell.. whats causing this?
  19. jumperjohn

    Picked up new (07) E500, burning oil smell..

    Hello. I'm looking for some advice. I picked up my 2007 E500 - 63k miles on Friday. As I drove away from the garage all was ok. When the car got warm and the heater fans started up I could smell burning oil, it was quite strong but I thought it was the car in front. After a few minutes the...
  20. babyblueCE

    Burning smell from new discs and pads

    Hello all. I recently fitted new discs and pads to my 300CE and they seemed a bit bouncy when i got it back from my mechanic so i assumed that there was air in the brake fluid. So i undid the brake fluid cap and pedalled the brake until it became firm but this didn't happen so i again assumed...
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