1. Grovsie31

    Anybody near me in the midlands with a C55....

    and with a silencer delete and or secondary cat delete. Im really toying with the idea of giving the V8 some more voice, but like others, im worried how much the droning is at cruising speed. If anyone has these mods on a C55, I would be very grateful if I could get a little look at your...
  2. G

    c55 wanted

    is anyone interested in selling there c55 amg? I'm really interested in buying one
  3. cobra7

    C55 or E55?

    I'll be putting my C43 up for sale shortly, MOT tomorrow so then good to go. Have been driving a E280 Sport since Dec and perfectly happy with it bar one negative, it is gutless, well it is compared with the C43!! And it's just not sensible to be running the two cars at the moment. So now...
  4. Grovsie31

    Are C55's supposed to be this noisy on cold startup?

    Ive read a lot about cold start whining noise, which mine has, but it doesn't seem normal to me. First vid is from cold start, second vid is warmed up after 40 min drive. View My Video View My Video
  5. aquanaut

    My old C55 up for sale...

    A great car, owned it from August 2008-2012. Sold it privately. Wonder how its ended up down in Sheffield. Mercedes C55 AMG | eBay
  6. M

    New C55 owner, well nearly

    Hi im new on here. My name is Andy and ive just put a deposit down on a C55 AMG! Ever so slightly excited as you can imagine but I cant pick it up for a week at the mo so im going to be twitching by this time next week I think. I also have questions of course. I am new to Mercedes and dont...
  7. Grovsie31

    CLK500 grille on C55 AMG

    Hi, I can get my hands on a front grille with star off a CLK500 (w209), I want to replace my standard C55 AMG (w203) grille with it. Will it fit? Thanks.
  8. Grovsie31

    Just picked up my C55 AMG

    Hi guys, as title, picked up my C55 AMG this morning. Now my last Petrol car was a Integra Type R DC5, so the engine is a little different to say the least, hahahah. First impressions are fantastic, I love it. Its done 95k miles, silver, 3 owners. 2 brand new tyres on front, and dealer got...
  9. Mr Fixit

    M Car help for C55

    Hi I'm fitting an Mcar to my 2005 C55 to replace the CD changer. The previous owner had simply bypassed the CD changer linking the fiber optic cable together. Does anybody know how to tell which on is TX and which one is RX so i can plug then into the M Car unit. Cheers
  10. U

    C55 w203 Owners -

    Wondering how many C55 w203 owners we have on here, as I don't see many at all... post up a pic :thumb:
  11. Mr Fixit

    C55 audio and its MINE

    Chirbit - amg - MrFixit - share audio easily Enjoy
  12. Mr Fixit

    Amg c55

    Collected from Olly today and really pleased A few things to sort like LED side lights and fogs if anybody knows where Killaherz is plus I need an owner manual and the tools again help!! I'm hoping there's an audio file/attachment for your delectation
  13. Mr Fixit

    AMG C55 estate Tonneau

    Does anybody know what the part number is and what the C55 came fitted with as a rear tonneau Cheers
  14. E

    Selling my c55 amg

    Hi guys After nearly a year of enjoyable ownership, I have decided to sell my C55 AMG. Have only done 6000 enjoyable miles, had her serviced, the alloys professionally refurbished and new Michelin Pilots all round but my endowment matures after 25 years of paying in so I am going to go for...
  15. jacko111

    Mercedes c55 or w204 c350 advice?

    Hi all, I'm looking at buying either a c55 amg or the w204 c350 sport any opinions on what one I should buy thanks
  16. Grovsie31

    C55 amg

    Hi everyone, my first post. Ive been to check a C55 out today, very much like what I see, im going back Thursday for a test drive, was just wondering if there are any major things to look out for? Engine wise, suspension wise, etc, etc. Im surprised at how small the tyres are for these...
  17. X

    C55 estate wanted

    Im after good condition C55 estate. It needs to have full service history. Give me a shout if you have one or have seen one about. Thanks Dom
  18. Lenny63

    S/c c55

    I wonder do we have any similar cars here in the UK I love how you have whine at the front followed by big bark :eek: Really have a soft spot for these http://youtu.be/A-7mbcvvkHY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_AGLBnEpsg :D
  19. U

    C55 Rear Door Blinds..?

    Been trying to find some information regarding rear door blinds on the C55 I see there is one on eBay for sale which has them and also the rear window blind... is the rear door blinds an option from factory..? or possible a mod..? Any info would be great :)
  20. zenman63

    C55 amg

    Hi, I am just looking at a C55 AMG, its a face lift car at 90K Is there anything I should look out for, its seems well spec but I think they all are with xenons and comand etc.
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