1. 219

    Novel way to avoid parking charges
  2. grober

    David Duckenfield faces manslaughter charges

    David Duckenfield faces 95 Hillsborough manslaughter charges - BBC News David Duckenfield faces 95 Hillsborough manslaughter charges along with 4 others on related charges
  3. Haven't a clue!

    DART charges - anyone experienced charging issues?

    Have a DART account minimally used for rare east M25 jaunts, recently advised it would be closed as in deficit. Checked and found both south/north charges allocated on 25th June, only I was down deepest southwest in another car that day! Called them today and queried in case there was a clone...
  4. tali

    Car insurance costs: beware charges and fees guide

    Found this handy guide -to the charges car insurance companies sting you with. Car insurance costs: Fees and charges - How it works and what it covers - Car insurance - Insurance - Which? Money
  5. developer

    Ford Forum (FFOC) Charges For Advice...

    I recently signed up to the Ford Focus forum. Registration is free, but your first 5 posts are not published until a moderator has seen them, and you can't access the technical sections until you've paid an annual subscription of £10. All the things we get for free as bigged up as the...
  6. T

    Insurance Companies Charges.

    Hi phoned my ins. company yesterday to inform them that I had changed my wheels. The extra cost was £5.00 and the admin fee was £35.00, I won't say who the insurance company was but I was a bit pi**ed off that they charge that amount for something as trivial as that. It is not as though it...
  7. J

    Mercedes-Benz Chelsea charges £80 for 4 fusess

    Mercedes-Benz Chelse is actually in Wandsworth the other side of Wandsworth Bridge over the Thames in London. it is a company owned outlet so that I expected it to give an honest repair job. On Tuesday after Easter I took in an old Mercedes E class estate. It had been sitting out in a London...
  8. E

    Out Of Areas Delivery – New Lower Charges | New Courier Options for 2013!

    Due to feedback, from customers, as of today we are able to reduce the delivery charge to 'out of area' postcodes, as per below: Isle Of Man | £6.50 | 72 hours Northern Ireland | £6.50 | 72 hours Republic of Ireland | £9.50 | 2 - 4 working days Channel Islands | £6.50 | 72 hours...
  9. verytalldave

    Dartford river crossing new toll charges

    Please see table below for new charges to be introduced. This is despite a promise to remove the tolls once the crossings had been paid for.
  10. R

    Free - US plug for Apple charges

    Free - US plug for Apple chargers Yes, free - I've got so many of these, it's embarrassing :crazy: I've completed an inventory of my Apple chargers and decided that there's no need to have more than two for each of MBP17 and MBA11 and three for each set of iPads & iPhones my wife and I have...
  11. MercFanUk

    Small Business - Accountant Charges?

    Hi all :) I'm in the middle of planning a small business. Ltd company - just myself as a director to start with, no secretary. I'm trying to plan what outgoings I would have to begin with... I'm planning on using one of the online services to create the company (Keeps things simple for me :D...
  12. B

    Bank Charges

    I have been a bit scatterbrained this week and accidently drifted past my overdraft by £50 (I was using the wrong bank card) As a loyal Lloyds customer for 27 years (never missed a payment on a loan and never gone overdrawn before) I would have thought that as it was only 2 days that they would...
  13. M

    US charges car firm Daimler with violating bribery laws

    BBC News - US charges car firm Daimler with violating bribery laws
  14. Satch

    Transport Committee Report: Taxes and charges on road users

    Well well. What surprise. I suppose there will be Select Committee soon that will be telling us that bears do in fact poo in the woods. "The Government handled a phased set of increases to Vehicle Excise Duty so badly they tarnished the image of environmental taxes. Report: Taxes and...
  15. flango

    Beware of Toll charges in Greece

    Thought you might appreciate the new method of taking toll charges in Greece. Think I'll stick with the E-Pass thanks !!!
  16. D

    Is this new after we got rid of congestion charges?

    Drivers face £5 toll on motorways into London Toll roads around M3, M4, Gatwick area and between M11 and M1. What the point of building M25 and don't want us to use it?
  17. vijilants

    Some interesting main dealer charges

    I had the car back today from the main dealer after an "A" service - £150 all in....pretty good price. However here are the prices for the additional work (which I had already previously done myself) but they were unaware of: Recommended: Replace 4 spark plugs - cost £196. Time - 1.1hrs (I...
  18. D

    Here your chance to stop congestion charges, don't miss the opportunity.
  19. robert.saunders

    Police officers are to face charges of causing death by dangerous driving Terribly sad, and very difficult :(
  20. steveatpipex

    Difference in Servicing Charges

    My CLK 270D needed its first A service so checked the pricing at my local dealer and the one in the next city. There was £90 difference between the two for the same thing!....... Went to my local and the A service was £180 inclusive, which I don't think bad really! Is that about right around the UK?
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