1. M

    Leather Cleaning Kits - Sand/Canvas Colour Leather

    Hi All, After a decent cleaning kit and some on Amazon seem hit and miss or lighten and dye the colour of the seat! I have a dark beige/sand/canvas colour in my ML and after a gentle cleaner and protector, but do not want it to bleach or change the colour. Has any members found a decent...
  2. T

    Spring cleaning update.

    Hi , so I've owned my 320ce for about 4 weeks now and thought I'd drop a little update, I've fitted new engine harness,re wired the throttle body,had a little clean round and made a list of stuff that needs doing, overall I'm pleased with her but lots to do . Got her tax and insurance and took...
  3. clk320x

    Engine Carbon Cleaning?

    Having just seen an ad of FB for carbon cleaning I have been offered this service on my CLK for £69 by a brand known as 'doctor carbon' using a 'hydrogen machine etc' Link : Any point of this? They promise better/smoother acceleration, better...
  4. brucemillar

    Chassis and Under Body Cleaning

    Does anybody have any suggestions to clean properly under the car? I have a Karcher and wondered if there is some kind of flexible attachment? What do other people do (apart from just not bother).
  5. Johnerz

    Cleaning product help

    So I have had my dream car (E250 coupe Sport) for about 3 weeks now. She needs a good clean, I was wondering what the best products are for cleaning interior and exterior. I have seen the Mercedes cleaning kits but are they really they best? I wasn't sure if it was actually the best product...
  6. fabes

    MAF cleaning - an option?

    Hi Bugga....the day after a service I get an EML and its the MAF apparently. £250 to replace...... (plus an hours labour?) How good a long term option is cleaning it as I am stretched this month and really could do without forking out for a new one? Read a few threads and it seems...
  7. mpc

    C250 W204 - Chrome Roof Rails - Cleaning?

    Does anyone have any tips how to get a shine back on the chrome roof rails. Over the years they have obviously deteriorated with weathering/tree sap/contaminents. Any tips on how to clean up again?
  8. Myclk55amg

    Wheeling cleaning

    What's the best thing for cleaning alloy wheels? , I currently use wheel acid wonder wheels but I'm starting to think that wheel acid doesn't do the paint on the alloy wheels any good
  9. Marku

    Cleaning leather

    Any suggestions for cleaning really grubby leather? Just looked at it in the sunshine and can't believe I have been sitting on it. It is light grey and looking very dirty. Tried some proprietary cleaners, like Simoniz, but although did clean them up a bit still look poor.
  10. Myclk55amg

    Headlight cleaning

    Just wondering if anyone knows if cleaning your headlights with the toothpaste trick works? If not does anybody know what is effective?
  11. M.A.94

    Cleaning out inside of lights using ammonia and distilled water

    Right so a bit of background as to what is going on, my friend has a VW Passat and has recently got a hold of some W8 headlights (rare + expensive) for free. The only issue is that the xenon headlights are not giving out enough light and its been identified that the problem is that the inside...
  12. MSG2004

    Allot wheels cleaning inner rims

    Hello My brand new gle bought in April 2016 - I washed by hand myself almost every week until it was keyed. I made sure the wheels were cleaned almost every weeks and car washed at least three times a month - so no pitting on deep alloys 265 45 20. Since keyed only had washed twice and last...
  13. liamt

    Cleaning AMG Gloss Black Alloys

    Hello, I was wondering whether anyone could recommend some decent Allow Wheel Cleaner for my Gloss Black Alloys on my A Class that are part of the Night Package? Since I've had the car I've been using the alloy cleaner that came as part of the Star Guard kit because the other cleaner I...
  14. A

    CL63 AMG and SL500 A Day Cleaning

    After recently picking up a SL500 that needed a clean, i spent the day yesterday washing both cars. Thought i would share a few before and after pics
  15. V

    Radar needs cleaning

    Seems fine to me a MB gremlin? Says refer to manual there's no subject. :doh:
  16. I

    Cleaning product and wax recommendations

    Having heard some horror stories about getting your car washed at some places I have decided to go the DIY route. What are the best cleaning prducts and wax recommended for an obsidian black colour? I have heard about CarLack 68 and Collinite 845 but I believe the latter is more suitable for...
  17. 2

    2003 W209 Central AC Vent Cover

    Hi. Does anyone know how to properly clean the central AC vent cover in a 2003 CLK (W209)? It seems to be made of a rubbery material that grabs the fibers of anything you try to clean it with. The more I try to clean it the dirtier it becomes. Thanks.
  18. A

    Cleaning chrome exhausts

    SO i have used fine wire wool and managed to get 80% of the tips clean. There is still stubborn black soot that I cannot shift for love nor money. Any ideas? Thanks
  19. L

    recomendations for interior cleaning

    Can anybody recommend a good spray type interior cleaner/detail for an A45 AMG.Something that smells nice too!!
  20. M

    E280 V6 cdi - MAF Cleaning Help Needed

    I panicked and thought my low power and no auto kick down were the results of a gearbox problem, after much research i have read it could be a MAF sensor, which could be causing the 'limp mode' and no EML, which in turn prevents the auto kick down. So today i disconnected the 2 MAF sensors...
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