1. BruLan

    W209 Heater Clicking

    Hi When I turn on the Ignition and / or engine getting a clicking from behind he Heater Glove box area Only lasts around 45 seconds Its a CLK500 Seen a similar problem with 203's Any cure apart from the Bend Over heres the Bill at a Main Agent ?? Thanks in advance
  2. B

    C200k m271 clicking noise in cold start w204

    I own a 2009 c200k which has a clicking noise for about 30secs on a cold start. Usually more audible when the car has been stood overnight and the weather is preety cold. Is this normal for the m271 engine? If the weather is warm then clicking lasts few seconds and once the car is warm its...
  3. J

    Clicking noise on full turn

    Recently I've noticed an occasional / intermittent clicking noise when turning hard at low speed (eg, parking etc). It seems to be coming from the front end of the car. Power steering fluid seems ok, but my mechanical knowledge is limited. A trawl of the web suggests possible issues with CV/...
  4. R

    W203 C180 Coupe Climate Fan Clicking

    Hi guys. Yesterday when i switched the climate control on there was a clicking sound coming from the dash. It was one click every 2 sec i would say. If the ait flow control is set to the dimist part it will start the click. If air flow pointing forward or down to the foot well i would have no...
  5. J

    C200 CDi Actuator Clicking

    HI all, when on idle the turbo actuator is constantly clicking. i have code P1407 stored but i thought that was EGR? power seems down, i have just steamed out the DPF but this code was there before. also a U0407 invalid data from glow plug module? I will try to phone BLACK55 as i am very close...
  6. M

    W203 Heater Clicking

    So......... I picked up my new car last night which I am really happy with however this morning when I started the car I heard a clicking from around the heater control unit?????:confused: Can anyone help?:wallbash:
  7. C

    Clicking sound when ignition turned on

    Hi there, I've got a clicking sounds coming from the rear right hand side of the car when I turn on the ignition. Lasts for about ten seconds. Garage says it's likely to be the power supply control unit, which determines which battery to charge. Problem is - it's 557 plus VAT to replace...
  8. C

    Clicking sound from off-side rear for 10s when ignition on

    Hi All, I've got quite a loud clicking sound coming from the off-side rear of a 2002 R230 SL55 when I start the car. Only lasts about 10 seconds. I've been told it's probably a Power Control Unit, which will be 557 plus VAT to replace (!). Any ideas before biting the bullet?
  9. R

    w210 E430 Clicking Brake Pedal and Sporadic ABS

    My W210 has just started this problem. When braking, the pedal feels a littel softer than normal and you can fel the odd click through the pedal. then, when close to stopping, the ABS system kicks in (you can hear it and feel it) and applies greater pressure without me pushing harder on the...
  10. D

    2003 CLK C209 clicking noise coming from stereo area

    Hi all. I have a clicking noise which comes from around the stereo area when I turn the ignition to the second step. It lasts for a few seconds then stops.
  11. D

    2003 CLK C209 Car not starting Clicking

    Hi all The problems are mounting up and it's time to get them sorted. One of the main problems is the car not starting. The battery is fine, the starter and alternator are fine. I try to turn the ignition on and I get a clicking noise, like there's not enough juice to turn the starter...
  12. chrispy2005

    W203 Clicking When Accelerating

    When I pull off from a standstill in my W203 I get what sounds like a clicking noise in the passenger footwell area. It's only there when accelerating and not at other times, does anyone have any idea what this is? Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to help.
  13. AMG Steve

    Clicking from behind dash ???

    Can anybody shed some light as to what is wrong, clicks a few times and stops, car drives perfect, everything works so what is the clicking ??? Cheers Steve
  14. E

    W203- how do I get to this clicking heater vent motor??

    Hmm, whilst rummaging the passenger footwell, I thought I'd pull the trim, and the carbon filters and see if I could spot the motor making the dreaded clicking. . Indeed- I could see it, the clicking flap! So, how do I get to the motor that drives this fella? I pulled the fan motor and...
  15. Dr-Nab

    Clicking sound from N/S/R wheel on A207 E350 CDI

    Evening all, just a quick one... Recently refitted my AMG 18s and now I've noticed a clicking sound coming from the right rear wheel only at all speeds and in drive or reverse, it's like a plastic clicking sound when the wheel rotates, can't see a great deal right now (can't be bothered to take...
  16. J

    W168 - Clicking in steering wheel

    Hi, I have a 2000 Mercedes A140 Manual Classic, and whenever I steer the steering wheel, there's a very slight play with a clicking noise that sounds like it's coming from the connection between the steering wheel and steering components. It's just clicks once during the first cm of steering...
  17. E

    W168 steering clicking

    I have a 2004 A170 which has started to click when turning the steering at slow speeds. The noise appears to be coming from around the glove box, but cannot be heard from outside the car or under the bonnet. What is causing this?
  18. T

    w203 heater clicking behind dash

    as title states this happens when the ignition was turned on and lasted for around 2 minutes, i have removed the radio and unplugged the clicking unit which will do for a temperary fix. does anyone on here know what unit has packed in? and with the winter months closing in will i need to replace...
  19. T

    722. Gearbox 'clicking noise'

    Never really noticed until recently, when driving with window down, I noticed that when moving from P to N then D, the gearbox in the ML 'clicks', sometimes its quiet loud. When inside the car with windows up cant hear anything. I asked someone to change while I was under the car and its def...
  20. S

    Clicking noise in dash

    Can anyone help with this one ? I have a CLK W209 which has a clicking noise in the dash when the ignition is turned to position 2, it only lasts for about 30 seconds. Someone has suggested it is the air distribution flaps being set and thinks there is a way of doing a re set to stop the noise ...
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