1. N

    190E 2.6 clicking instead of starting.

    I just went out to go somewhere in the car & it clicks instead of starts. I parked it 3 hours ago & all was well. Would this be a sticky starter motor? TBH I don't know where the starter motor is to give it a wallop & can't ever find anything on the Russian diagram site...
  2. A

    Clicking from centre console

    I have C200K auto. There is a clicking noise coming from the centre console where the gear shift is. It is like something is fouling something in the gearbox as it is tune with the speed of the car and not the engine speed. The noise disappears when I turn left. It only does it when the car...
  3. chrispy

    Clicking & Squeeking On Front Wheel

    Knowing nothing about how cars work, the front passenger wheel has started to click (like the sound when kids put a playing card in the spokes of their bikes to make it click) and also it's squeeking like hell. This is driving me mad as it draws a lot of attention to my car (a 97 W202). Would I...
  4. C

    strange clicking noise

    Whenever i turn the key in my ignition to start it in the morning or at any time for that matter i get a loud constant clicking for around a minute coming from the centre of the dash. It also makes this noise occasionally when i switch the ignition off but i dont know if it last the same...
  5. M

    clicking sound when i start my car

    does any knw how to get rid of a clicking sound when i start my car... the sound coms from the centre console
  6. M

    Clicking sound from Duo Valve

    Hello, i would like to know if its normal to have some noise coming from the Duo Valve while the A/C is on. In my car i cant get hot air blowing into the cabin, just very cold always. I read so many problems about duo valves, but usually is the opposite, people only get hot instead of cold...
  7. 1

    W203 270cdi auto: clicking sound switcing to P

    As per titile, being my first auto, I'd like to have your kind confirmation that hearing sometimes a single click sound from the engine bay when passing into P before turn off the car is OK. I'm wondering that this shuold be related to a sort of mechanical coupling depending of the gearbox...
  8. 230K

    A170 cdi Clicking from behind dash

    Clicking from behind dash of an A170cdi Hi What would cause clicking from behind the dash of an A170cdi. It happens for approx the 1st 30 seconds after start up and then all is fine. The clicking gradually speeds up then stops altogether. Thanks, 230K
  9. G

    w202 odd clicking type sound

    bit of a shot in the dark, but someone may have some ideas... I get an odd clicking type sound when the car is idling, usually after being run for a while and not usually from cold. The sound disappears once the accelerator is even slightly pressed. Any ideas? Car is 97 c280
  10. HughJarse

    Hand/foot brake not clicking.

    As in title my foot / Hand brake has stopped clicking tody. It seems to work OK but just seems to "pressure up". As far as I am concerned it seems to be working, and I believe this has been a gradual thing over the last week or two. It releases ok with the handle on right handside. Anybody...
  11. jeremy156

    Clicking from near glovebox - stops when I change temperature

    Here's a bizarre one... on my W210 E-class I have air-con (not climate control). Quite regularly, when the car is quiet enough for me to listen (i.e. stationary) I can hear a regular ticking or clicking noise that appears to come from the area of the glovebox. At first I thought it was the...
  12. O

    Clicking Distributor

    Hi Folks, I have a 1984 500SEC with 148K on the clock. The car started to idle unevenly shortly after I bought it in August past. This roughness was especially noticeable waiting at lights and under acceleration at low revs. I could hear a clicking from the distributor and reckoned this was due...
  13. mstar01

    fuel filling constant clicking

    guys i have a problem, ever since i brought my car, when i fill up the "clicking" noise occurs even when i have no petrol in the car/only put in 30p of fuel and i have to limit the flow sooooooooooooo much that it take agesssssss to fill and a big arm ache. Is there something wrong with the...
  14. P

    C200K clicking noise from dashboard!

    Hi all, I have a 2001 C200K(W203) which has lux automatic climate control,just recently when you switch the car on you get a semi loud clicking noise from the passenger side front dashboard for about a minute only.It sounds if it is from the ventilation system as you can hear motors opening...
  15. nigel cross

    Strange clicking Noise

    Hi it started once in a blue moon and has now got to the stage of every time I start the car. A strange clicking noise that appears to be coming from behind the heater controls. It lasts for about 15 secs then goes away until you start the car again . Nothing appears to be effected apart from...
  16. M

    loud clicking noise

    i took my 2001 clk cab into a bodyshop last week for stone chip removal and wheel refurb after they had dropped the car off (the manager whom i know did so on his way home) , i took it out to have it washed and noticed a loud clicking noise from the rear and the engine warning light was on. i...
  17. T

    Really annoying clicking from heater vents

    Hi Guys, My 2001 C Class has developed this really annoying clicking sound that starts off when the car is started and the AC vents behind the dash auto adjust. It is as if a worm screw has reached the end of its travel but does not switch off, therefore continually clicking. It does this...
  18. D

    Strange clicking noise from radio

    Hi All.. It must be a good month since i've had any problems with my car, it's funny how quick things get sorted after writing to the managing director of the dealership. For you good people out there, SG Mercedes who have all of South Wales dealerships, how can i put it?? Well lets just say...
  19. R

    Strange Clicking sound

    I have a strange intermitent clicking noise coming from my w202 c36 amg. It first started last Saturday and was a feint noise that sounded like it was coming from the dash.(It only happened on mway when accelerating) It then made a louder clicking sound (that I think sounds similar to a lolly...
  20. Y

    e240 clicking sound

    anybody knows what this part is?.. need help please
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