1. A

    CLK230K Running problems

    Hi, I have a 1998 CLK230 kompressor that I am having problems diagnosing what the problem is. The car itself starts however there is no power and when you try the accelerator, the revs never rise above 2.5k. The kickdown had started not working about 100 miles before the main problem but ist...
  2. Beardz

    CLK230K Cabrio 2002 model - Roof Issues

    I am looking at purchasing the above at a very reasonable price, but with one issue, the roof doesn't work. The roof is currently up so car can be used, but what is the worst case scenario cost/work wise to fix? I prefer to use indys rather MB dealers. Really want the car but if it is...
  3. A

    98 clk230k bas asr abs issue

    Hoping for some help on this one. Recently changed the Kenwood aftermarket stereo for an update bluetooth pioneer single din system. On starting the car the BAS ASR and ABS warning lamps did not go off as normal - might be a coincidence ??? :mad: Having read some older threads I replaced the...
  4. D

    Clk230k gearbox change

    Hi everyone, please help. I have a 1998 clk 230k automatic convertible. Shes been having a few gear change issues. I have got my hands on a 2000 clk200 coupe with working gearbox. Problem is it has a tiptronic function and mine doesn't. would this fit and work? Thanks Dean
  5. T

    2001 CLK230K ECU replacement advice

    Hi. My '01 CLK230K W208 has been having ECU problems and I've found an '02 model on eBay. Is it a straight swap out of the ECU,Key Module (plus key) and Column Lock (all off the same '02 car) with no programming required ? Or Do I need to do some re-initialisation of stuff via Star...
  6. A

    1999 auto clk230k MAF

    hi all, i have a 1999 230k, i recently had to deal with the lower breather blockage problem, i had no issues doing the fix thnks to this fourm and have had no oil in my air filter since. i aslso cleaned out the air box and all of the pipe work with carb cleaner, a few weeks after i started...
  7. B

    2001 clk230k

    hi can any one help me the :engine diagnosis indicator lamp : came on on the dash about a week ago but car is running fine and i have checked the exhaust for leaks any ideas ?
  8. P

    CLK230K Exhaust Manifold

    Hi I am after some advice please. My manifold is leaking and Mercedes are asking over £500 for a replacement part. Does anyone know if the maniflods are repairable or if a pattern part is available please?
  9. M

    Noobie with a CLK230K Convertible

    Hi Everyone, I'm Marc from Bedford and I don't know why, but whenever I buy a car it always turns into some epic quest that seems to take more effort than it should. Last night I picked up my 1999 CLK 230K Convertible in very dark blue with cream interior. Was this ebay auction...
  10. T

    Trim pieces for 2003 W208 CLK230K Cabrio

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a source for a trim piece or two.... any suggestions. One part is the "cover" that sits at the corner of the hood bay lid on the kerb side - just a standard piece of MB black plastic held by 2 screws from underneath part No. 208 693 0333 li The other is the door in...
  11. esprit200

    '00 Mercedes CLK230K Convertible Avantgarde

    For sale is my wonderful Mercedes CLK convertible. I have owned the car for 3 years, and previous to that it was owned by a close friend of mine. During that time the car has brought me lots of pleasure and enjoyment and has never let me down, this is the best car I have owned and I am sad that...
  12. mark_le_b

    Would a CLK230K benefit from resonator delete?

    Hi all Question as per the title. I'm about to pick up a cheap CLK230K (1998) as a bit of a run around and was wondering what kind of effect (if any) that taking out the centre box would have? Better noise? Any extra power? Waste of money/time/effort?! Thanks
  13. T

    CLK230K Stalls on Full Lock in Reverse.

    Can anyone suggest what could be the problem. My 2001 CLK 230K (W208) (Auto) Stalls when I am reversing up an incline when applying full lock to turn into my driveway. In retrospect, the car has always dropped a few revs when I used to do this but it has now gotten to the point where it...
  14. watson101

    '98 Clk230k engine troubles....

    So I started off by getting the leads and software to try diagnose the car, after reading up a load of threads I had an idea what to expect.... Codes I got back were p0300, p0300, p0302, p0302, p0303, p0303. Is it usual that the codes are repeated? I googles the codes and the p0300 is...
  15. T

    Fuel Injectors for CLK230k W208

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a set of 4 fuel injectors for a 2001 CLK230K ? I tried a set of remanufactured ones from the US. Initially it solved my fuel consumption problem (down to 12.5 l / 100 km) but after 600km , fuel consumption went up again to 16.5l / 100 km. I...
  16. T

    Need to change supercharger on CLK230K

    I need to replace the supercharger on my 2001 W208 CLK230K. I believe mine would be the evo M111 230k engine? Can anyone tell me if the supercharger on the earlier 230K (pre 2000 W208 and W202 C-Classes) are the same as the one I have on my car ? or the ones on the SLK230K ? Need to know...
  17. D

    Mercedes CLK230K Coupé Elegance Tiptronic Auto (W208)

    Tansanite blue metallic with Orion grey leather and burr walnut trim. One previous owner. 2000 Facelift model. MoT to 19 March 2013. Superb condition throughout, having been fastidiously maintained by me for over 10 years. Fitted optional extras include electric memory driver’s seat, 17”...
  18. T

    W208 CLK230k. No fault codes ?

    Hi. Just a quick question for the experts here. Does the ECUs ever become corrupted enough that the car would post no fault codes despite having problems ? I'm trying to track down a high fuel consumption problem and I just got Autotap an OBDII PC software. What is shows me is that my fuel...
  19. B

    CLK230k on a go slow?

    Jumped into the car this morning ready to begin the journey to work After a few miles I arrive at the roundabout see a gap which requires a little bit of a boost from the kompressor to get there safely and nothing happened, no whine or whirring sound just a quiet flat acceleration? Took the...
  20. CraigBEDS

    Snapped timing chain on CLK230K

    My timing chain snapped. I hear this shouldnt happen? What is the damage likely to be? Is it worth investigating or should I just replace the engine? Would appreciate any advice on this one please..?
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