1. R

    MB Minor damage insurance and alloy wheel insurance

    Hi all. I am new to this group this week as I have just ordered a new MB GLC 250D AMG Line Prem Plus. Its due for delivery in Sept. Should I buy the Mercedes' own damage insurance and alloy wheel insurance or buy else where> I have done some research and can already get the same products as...
  2. O

    Textured Front bumper damage :(

    Evening all, sorry if this has already been asked I've tried searching to see but can't find anything. I caught the side of a wall this morning in my facelift vito and its scuffed the front bumper, it's the grey textured finish on it. Is there a textured spray or anything that I can use to...
  3. Robdata

    Damage on Bonnet

    Cleaned my engine bay today and noticed some damage on the the lid caused by the rubbers on the engine bay. Has anybody else those problems and what did you do about it? There is still garantie on the car.
  4. Dave.tam

    Minor damage insurance offered by MB

    I just posted in another thread and kinda took it off topic, so I thought I'd start again here. When I bought my 2014 W204 C180, I was given MB minor damage insurance free of charge. The first time I had cause to use it, I had a small scratch and dent to a rear door. Looked through my flashy...
  5. tintinmt

    Flood damage to electric drivers seat

    My wife returned to her W209 CLK 280 today to find that it had been flooded. It looked as though the water had been about a foot deep and had flooded the interior. The obvious damage is to the drivers seat which seems to have maxed itself out on all settings and then burned out at least one...
  6. SmartMAC

    Pot hole damage and buckled wheel. Pics inside.

    Not a happy cahp at the moment. I did this on way back from work yesterday and I am sure it is going to cost me loads of money. Do I have a case to put a claim against the council? If so, do I have to get it repaired before I do? I managed to talk to the house owner near the pot hole who told...
  7. P

    w211 body damage

    Hi Ive got a 2004 w211 e320 with 160k on, a couple of days ago I had my car keyed which damaged all four panels two doors rear quarter panel and front wing, I contacted my insurance company who sent me for an estimate at one of their registered garages they tell me that this repair would be in...
  8. developer

    Pothole Damage

    A 30mph encounter with a small(ish) pothole... £900 rear wheel buckled, tyre deflated and deformed :mad:. The car is in MB Saturday to check if the front is ok, so it could get a whole lot worse :crazy:. Has anyone been successful or unsuccessful in claiming for the damage in similar...
  9. I

    W126 stuck lifter - Damage?

    I'm just hoping for a little reassurance, or information. My 420SE developed a sticky lifter after I bought it. It had not been serviced much by the previous owner. All caught up now and is an awesome car used mainly for higher speed long journeys. The lifter problem was helped loads by an...
  10. M

    This is how you damage a super Rare Mercedes CLK GTR – Video

    From the article: Successful businessman and entrepreneur Ben Chen is no stranger to the supercar community. The super car driving businessman has carved out a serious street cred for being a major car enthusiast. Photos and video - This is how you damage a super Rare Mercedes CLK GTR .
  11. gaz_l

    Hire car damage - bugger.

    Well, here I am in sunny Corsica, enjoying the spectacular scenery & the sun, but not really the abysmal roads. Go onto some of the back roads (as I did today) and they barely merit the description of tarmac. 1st and 2nd gear in my lovely (not) Citroen C3 automatic rental. So anyway, I get...
  12. W

    Estimated cost for damage caused by hit and run

    Hi All, As the title indicates, some moron's hit my parked car and driven off. The car is now at the stealership and I'm awaiting on a quote early next week. What do you guys think is a reasonable amount to pay for what seems to be damaged paintwork? I'm quite **** about any work...
  13. scottydog112

    minor damage insurance

    Hi folks. im a new member to the forum. was wondering if any of you have taken out the minor damage insurance through the MB dealers..im thinking of doing it , got 30 days to make my mind up..would appreciate any thoughts and experiences you have had..thanks
  14. ringway

    Car Park Incident. Who will pay for the damage?

    Thankfully not my car (I just wouldn't let the situation happen in the first place). Serves him right I'd say. From the Full Fat Range Rover forum. LINK. Wonder who will pay. A mate of mine was at An Aldi yesterday day and a new range silver rover pulled in and parked at the doors...
  15. D

    w124 e220 minimal damage run n drive copart finish todAY

  16. Palfrem

    "Medium" front end damage?

  17. T

    W220 Comand system screen damage

    Hi guys Any advice on how to replace the screen or system without spending more than the value of the car to make it work? We have a pushed in, right lower corner of the screen making pretty much half of it unreadable. Any ideas please?
  18. RobertoMercini

    Defrosting an E250 to avoid damage

    Having searched the forums to no avail, does anyone have any advice on how to defrost the drop-down windows on an e250 without having to resort to oodles of chemicals? What I don't want to do is end up on a situation where the deicer hasn't yet worked and i go to open the door and bingo, the...
  19. D

    Alloy wheel kirb damage

    Hi has anyone used a good alloy wheel refurbisher in Newcastle Upon Tyne? Cheers David
  20. D

    C63 Rear Wheel damage

    Alright Gents, My C63 is in at Merc just now to have all 4 alloys replaced due to corrosion. The dealer has just phoned saying they wont put the tyres on the new wheels due to sidewall damage they claim is due to the tyres having been run flat. I seem to remember noticing once that the...
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