1. Benjy

    Pot Hole Damage

    Guys As some of you know I bought my pride and joy R8 just over 12 months ago and had a fantastic year of ownership. That was up until March when me and the wife were coming back through Maldon Essex and hit a huge pot hole which really shock me and the boss up. To be on the safe side as I use...
  2. W

    Light damage (apparently) 2004 SL500

    Needs some love ... 2004 MERCEDES SL500 AUTO SILVER - SALVAGE - LOW MILEAGE - MINOR DAMAGE | eBay
  3. 6

    Malicious damage - bizarre incident this afternoon

    Wife came back from shopping, Noticed driver's side wiper was off the screen. She thought someone had stolen or attempted to steal the wipers. Car had been parked in a leafy Surrey residential road. I took a look and found the wiper arm had been bent back. On closer inspection I saw there was a...
  4. Markjames

    damage to passenger side front door

    Let my wife use my car to take her friends out and it has come back with this damage to front door. Its about 2cm in length and looks unsightly. What would be best avenue for repair? Could someone like chips away sort it or would it require a proper body shop. Its not something I would try to...
  5. L

    Alloys damage, wheel nuts warranty

    HI Just bought an 11 plate C250 CDI sport estate still under manufacturers warranty. The alloys look as if water has got behind the laquer or something (read this can happen) and a lot of the wheel nuts are rusty. Can these be fixed under warranty? Thanks in advance Dan
  6. C

    Tyre sidewall damage - help

    Hi Accidently hit a high curb and it damaged the passenger side front tyre 2 months ago This morning, drove to work and there was a burning smell coming from the tyre.... Should I change it asap. Need some advice please however stupid I sound.. Thanks.
  7. R

    Damage to car from roof tiles

    Damn, got deep scratches and paint chips on my bonnet and scratches on windscreen from falling roof tiles last night. The tiles fell from a neighbour's house. Can I claim on his insurance? Going to be awkward.
  8. Koolvin

    Storm damage yesterday

    Here is the damage - Luckily ACID from MSL is sending me a new glass window.... Had to take all the seats out as the shattered glass went everywhere!
  9. W

    Water in Trunk/Possible wire damage?

    Hello, My car has been messing with me lately... sometimes the key doesnt lock it from the distance... sometimes it does... Today i found out that the right side in my trunk, the cavity right above the tire opposite to the rear fuse box was wet...i washed my car yesterday... do you guys...
  10. A

    car body damage from main dealer

    hi all was doing my usual check over the body work this morning and noticed scuffed bumper in two places scratched head lamp which has been pushed back half inch compared to nearside and a big gap between bonnet and wing so went back to Dartford dealers and said about this they came out and...
  11. R

    Storm damage

    If this is the skylight... What's on the roof???
  12. 4

    Light damage to aluminium interior trim in W212 AMG Sport

    Hi, The interior of my W212 wagon has stood up well to the ravages of family however, the aluminium trim in the interior is less than perfect. The strip on the driver's door card is looking less than pristine. Does anyone know a reputable re-finisher who could return the car's aluminium trim to...
  13. D

    C200k cam pully damage

    Hi all, I'm new to this site and know as much about cars as I know about nuclear reactors.. next to nothing. Anyway 8 years ago I opted for a new merc c200k petrol as I wanted a quality car that would last. I loved it from the start and have had a few problems along the way ( reconditioned...
  14. BIG Sean

    Cat D damage

    Is there any way to check what damage has been done/repaired on a cat D vehicle
  15. sean95

    Debadge Damage!

    Well after the advice given on here, i thought i'd debadge the merc, much prefer the back end now looks alot cleaner but ended up crashing it into the garage wall! idiot man, so heres before, after, and the collision -_- Sean
  16. E

    Mechanical Damage Insurance Cover?

    Browsing (I'd say trolling, but that has rather negative connotations these days...) through another thread (on Smart car problems), I saw a post from Bolide/Nick Froome that appeared to imply that one could claim for mechanical damage on one's (comprehensive, implicitly) insurance policy. Did I...
  17. M

    Wheel Damage - Repairable?

    Been struggling with an ongoing slow puncture since I bought the car but finally removed the wheel today and found a small crack in the lip on the inside of the wheel. It's right where it meets the tyre, is about a centimetre long and just about wide enough to get my finger nail in at the...
  18. D

    SLR damage repairable

  19. DSM10000

    Pot hole damage- Are claims worth the effort?

    As SWMBO was away last night I arranged to meet with friends for supper at a local pub about 8 miles away from home. The route involves some rather narrow lanes that are single track with passing places, fairly typical around here. One such section has a long sweeping left hand bend, as I...
  20. Mobb

    Roundabout Crash - Damage limitation! (Part two)

    So as some of you may remember, I was involved in a crash at a roundabout.. Long story short, - my car came off worst - £1250 in repairs to the car - other parties car only had a scuffed front plate and small crack in the front bumper... £350 MAX in damage. - other party Is now claiming...
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