1. swannymere

    S124 E300d

    Nice looking if dirty S124 with the all important orthopedic seat option. S124 E300d
  2. swannymere

    S124 E300d

    Looks tidy although MB-Tex and not leather unless i'm mistaken. S124 E300 Diesel
  3. G

    immobilsed 96 e300d

    I have just removed an ancient mobile phone system from my car , discovered when chasing a small battery drain on fuse C. The original drain was due to the ariel which is now disconnected. Now ,however, the car will not start. It turns over on the key as before but no diesel is getting through...
  4. SilverSaloon

    E300D Estate (S124) Renovation

    And so it begins.... I have had the S124 for just over 3 years now. I purchased it from a well known Mercedes Specialist dealer, and at the time of purchase, it was in excellent condition. 3 years of family use and 50k later it requires a bit of TLC to bring it back to best. This will...
  5. T

    e300d s210 pump fuel leak

    my benz has started weeping fuel from the top of the pump.its leaking from the part the injector pipe screws on to but at the base .so would like to know if its just an o ring?.and can i get them from the stealer cheers russ
  6. SilverSaloon

    Wanted - rear silencer (back box) e300d w124 estate

    Hi I need a rear silencer for a 1994 E300D estate. I'm looking for a good brand. "As new" 2nd hand one would be fine, as would a new good pattern part. Must be a good brand as I can get cheap ones on ebay.... thanks derek
  7. eggzy43

    W124 e300d WINDOW STUCK

    The other day the driver window started making a rattling\juddering noise when it reaches the top, I assumed this was the ‘stop’ mechanism, some kind of slip-clutch? Or some gizmo to cut the power when it’s reached the limit? Now today the window won’t go down at all - although it’s making all...
  8. eggzy43

    WHITE SPEEDO CABLE???? 1995 e300d

    Re: dash backlights not working after reading someone in the same predicament my last hope is the red fuse on the back of the cluster. After lifting the carpet, trim etc. I can’t find the white Speedo cable, which is described as a thin white cable clipped to the lower steering column. However...
  9. SilverSaloon

    W124 OM606 E300D wiring harness good or bad WANTED

    hi WANTED - W124 E300D engine wiring loom wanted. Good or bad condition. all i really want it for if bad is to disect it and rebuild a new one. if its good and working, then even better as i cant just fit it. so whether its broke or not, i'm interested, but must be a W124 606 engined...
  10. eggzy43

    MANUAL WANTED e300d saloon 1995

    e300d saloon 1995 looking for a manual any condition please help:dk: cheers
  11. J

    w124 e300d 722.4 transmission reassembly

    Hopefully someone can help.... I've taken apart the 722.4 transmission on my 95 e300 d as I suspected there was a B2 problem. I found this instruction book: http://avtopedia.ru/akpp/722-3%20722-4.pdf Now, on page 47, it refers to one way valves (item 49), but I can't see any one way valves...
  12. SilverSaloon

    W124 E300D OM606 engine wiring harness

    hi I was aware of the common issue with the wiring harness on the petrol W124s, but I didnt realise that the E300D would also suffer the same fate, but it appears it has... i assume down to heat... i am rebuilding the wiring loom where needed (a lot of it is solid it seems), but i have a...
  13. SilverSaloon

    how does a W124 E300D physically turn off?

    hi OM606 multivalve in a W124.... (non turbo) i was wondering, how does the car actually switch off when you turn the key... i know its a vacuum system, but is there a specific control unit for this in the engine bay, and if so where is it? thanks Derek
  14. D

    1994 w124 E300D won't start

    When the key is turned to the position immediately before the starter motor is engaged, the following happens / does not happen:- 1 Some of the dash lights and gauges don't come on. 2 There is a frantic clicking noise from inside the engine compartment. 3 The dash lights that do come on are...
  15. SilverSaloon

    where is tank breather on W124 E300D estate

    hi my OM606 diesel estate (1994 E300D W124 estate) has vacuum in the tank where i remove the filler and there is a rush of air. also i think the fuel is getting sucked back into the tank, causing starting problems. one possible cause could be the tank breather? can anyone let me know...
  16. eggzy43

    e300d lights problem

    I just got my first ever MERCEDES ….A 1995 E-300D saloon and after a week of driving it I must say I am over the moon! But there are some initial worries I would like to share: The interior back lights (blower knobs, gear knob area, window switches etc) don’t light up when I turn on the...
  17. swannymere

    W124 1994 E300d Part No's please!

    Can anyone help? I need the part numbers and approximate prices for; 1) The two engine mounts and the gearbox mount 2) The balljoints 3) The belt tensioner? (whatever it is that makes the racket from the front of the engine!) 4) Does anyone know if Sportsline shocks and...
  18. S

    W124 E300d Coolant leak from underside

    Hi Anyone have experience of a rapid coolant leak from behind bulkhead on drivers side? Water seems to be dripping from the chassis box section as it rises for the wheel arch. I had a look in the engine bay around duovalve and all seems well. there is no sign of wet on passenger carpets and...
  19. I

    Go Faster E300D OM 606 (How!)

    Hi All, Last week I bought a W210 saloon, E300D. It was my intention to sell it on once it had served my purpose of getting me to Belgium. Well, I got to Belgium and enjoyed every minute of it, so much so that I'm going to keep it. I've just got ot the age where I think brown, beige and cream...
  20. A

    W210 E300D 7 seater estate sought

    Perhaps this should have been my first port of call? I've spent the past few weeks looking for one on Ebay/Gumtree/Autotrader. Guess what...most vendors seem unable to comprehend the meaning of 'no rust' and failed/sheared glowplugs!!:wallbash: The cars I've seen have been priced between 1850...
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