1. mymini007

    Top 10 Most expensive cars to insure

    A lot of MBs here Expensive Cars To Insure - Top 10 Most Expensive Cars at Car-Insurance.com
  2. nick.ged

    c classics getting more expensive!

  3. J

    Careful - it may be more expensive

    I have noticed that the odd item being offered for sale secondhand in this part of the forum may well be cheaper new or elsewhere. Not suggesting that any member would deliberately want to take advantage of another. Quite happy for the moderator to remove my post and warn members in a sticky...
  4. D

    must be the most expensive 300 d 1990 saloon i am not sure it is worth it u judge it

  5. JohnEclass

    Expensive Week

    Well the CLK told me it was 100 miles to B service so time to bite the bullet and decide dealer or independant, so call MB and get quoted £685 :eek: so call specialist who said £285 non DPF or £385 DPF, sorry MB no brainer, these guys are MB trained and can provide digital service report and...

    Nice looking G Wagon - expensive?

    What do we think of this? Don't like the interior but car looks nice. Mercedes-Benz : MERCEDES BENZ G 350 TD
  7. Mblinko

    Gosh, aren't AMG badges expensive

    eBay: Neue und gebrauchte Elektronikartikel, Autos, Kleidung, Sammlerst
  8. jukie

    W210 headlamp wash leak - potentially expensive?

    MY2000 E320. Water is leaking from the back of my off-side headlamp wash and draining the reservoir every time I fill it up. I can feel the leak and it's coming from something solid as opposed to a hose. It's dripping directly onto the "tray" underneath the radiator & pulleys, etc. Hopefully...
  9. I

    Very Expensive Low mile 123 Estate

    Mercedes-Benz 230TE Estate car 1985 Concourse | eBay I'm a fan of this model, but I don't know if I'd give that money when you can get a mint ball Diesel that's had reasonable use for the year for around the same money. Doesn't it look faintly funereal? There may be an element of jealousy...
  10. RobertoMercini

    Expensive hobby...

    Just returned from my local MB dealership (who incidentally have been fine to deal with). Been through all my receipts as I'm thinking of PXing soon. Since June 2010 said dealership have had £2100 plus of my business :eek: This, on a car that is probably worth just over double that... its not...
  11. T

    w203 manual gear knob, seriously too expensive

    I'm needing a new gear knob for my c class as mines that worn its falling apart, so I went to my local dealer and was quoted £186.00 for a new one, that's outrageous, just the knob, no gaitor or anything. Does anyone know a cheaper option?? Its the only thing spoiling my interior. Cheers Tom
  12. Justin1600

    Is this the most expensive Petrol price ?

    Had to fill up my car today on the M2 near Maidstone, was shocked that the price at this BP station was 10p a litre more than the next one i came across afterwards :eek: :eek: :eek: Anyone else came across more than 148.9 for unleaded :mad:
  13. M

    this seems a little expensive no?

    i am no expert on the pogoda but i cant believe a car in this condition is worth that, and i dont think i have every seen a pogoda up for 100k please feel free to educate me!!!:confused: 1971 MERCEDES 280 SL W113 pagoda | eBay
  14. shorty

    my car appears to have an expensive drink habbit

    Morning all As the title suggests my car has become rather thristy its a 211 E200 k auto . The trip computer has been showing 22 to 23 mpg , only geting as high as 28 after over 40 miles continous diving . Over the last few tank fulls I have only managed 300 miles . The cars not been driven...
  15. C

    Cheap Tyres v. Expensive Tyres

    I always buy cheap ones. They have never let me down (so far) and I don't see the need to spend hundreds on tyres when I can get them much cheaper. For example........today I got 2 new 225/55x16 tyres fitted and balanced along with a puncture repaired in one of my other good tyres. Pleasant...
  16. stevieb15

    HS2, another expensive vanity project

    It's reported the government will today announce the go ahead for the next two phases of the UK High Speed rail network, at the astounding cost of £32 billion. Having followed the debate such as its been, I've tried to ignore the NIMBY comments, valid thought they are, and the equally valid...
  17. M

    cl55, expensive no?

    GORGEOUS MERCEDES CL55 KOMPRESSOR,2003 MDL,63K MILES,FMSH,HUGE SPEC,SPECIAL CAR! | eBay amazing car, love the grille, but its a very early facelift what is the general opinion here
  18. 300CE

    1995 MERCEDES 220CE COUPE PILLARLESS (looks nice but expensive?)

  19. kam05

    Why is it so expensive to update the command/sat nav system?

    As titled really, why is it so expensive to update my W204/57 plate command/sat nav system? My car is a 57 plate (one of the first W204's) C220CDI Sport and I have just got a quote from MB Bradford for a update sat nav disc- £204! I'm guessing the current maps date back to 2007? I asked them...
  20. M


    Supercar pile-up wipes out 14 cars All-in-all, an expensive way of ridding the planet of a Prius... Thankfully there were no serious injuries.
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