1. C

    Parking sensors can be expensive!

    Apparently somebody ‘Bumped’ into my rear bumper of the B180 and screwed up one of the sensors, and because they are all wired in series I lost the use of all the sensors. This little so called mishap is going to cost me £300.00, MB will have to remove the rear bumper to replace one sensor.
  2. tali

    World's most expensive 190

    New Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II on eBay (end time 17-Jul-10 12:37:08 BST)
  3. nick.ged

    two more cse's less expensive

    2 Recaro orthopäd C81 Classic Leder Sitzheizung W107 on eBay (end time 17-Jul-10 12:19:36 BST)
  4. nick.ged

    recaros cse, expensive

    2 Recaro orthopäd CSE Leder Sitzheizung W107 Memory TOP on eBay (end time 17-Jul-10 12:27:46 BST)
  5. EDZ649

    Most expensive wheels ever??

    I know these are rare but he must be having a laugh.... MERCEDES 300SL / GULLWING ALLOYS on eBay (end time 28-Jul-10 09:31:39 BST)
  6. DSLiverpool

    Selling (and getting paid for) An Expensive Car

    Not as easy as I thought .... Advertised in pistonheads, then ebay then classic car then Autotrader When the Trader mag came out I got a lot of interest and 2 strong potential buyers. Buyer A wanted to chop in a S2000 Honda which I was quite keen on but spoilt his chances by offering £37500 and...
  7. ringway

    The most expensive private reg. £2,500,000.00

    The most expensive private reg in the world? :crazy: Buy it now price £2,500,000. :eek: Dream on.. :rolleyes: LINKY.
  8. N

    Why are SL's expensive....

    ... i saw a SL350 £71.000. when you can buy an E class estate with more metal, more glass, more leather, and 3 more seats for half the price.:confused:
  9. H

    2nd most expensive item on Ebay

    BAC TSR2 RAF Aircraft Olympus 320 Jet Engine TSR-2 on eBay (end time 12-Jun-10 12:15:53 BST) Really worth £2m? For only £1m more, Ebay's most expensive item - a 2007 Sunseeker seems a bit more useful! HD
  10. W

    Expensive, CL55 AMG (N/A)

    Okay, it's not the Kompressor model - pre facelift 215 CL. And it's not cheap either. But 1 owner from new, nice miles, lovely colour combo :) These CL coupés really are pretty cars, aren't they :cool: 2001/51 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG COUPE - OBSIDIAN BLACK on eBay (end time 31-Mar-10...
  11. gaz_l

    Expensive phone calls..

    My step-daughter is in transit back from Australia to the UK. She's currently on a 2 hour layover in Abu Dhabi. My wife has been talking to her on the phone, to step-daughter's Australian cell phone which is currently roaming. Can anyone think of a more expensive way of holding a...
  12. Gridlock

    Very expensive failure - my V8 CNC machine

    What happens when the rubber spacer behind the crank pulley (I think?) perishes, shrinks, and allows the hardened steel pulley wheel to wobble on its axis? (Photo courtesy Olly @PCS..) It's leaking oil and requires an engine-out repair, the cost of which approaches 50% the value of the car...
  13. tali

    UK's most expensive Merc 230te?

    Dunno if it has been done before Classic W123 Mercedes Benz 230 TE (*30,000miles*) For Sale (1985) on Car And Classic UK :eek:
  14. orangeboy

    Why Are Command Maps So Expensive?

    I´ve just purchased the latest map for command, and I´m left thinking that they are taking the mickey. I could buy two Tomtoms for the same price, and the Tomtom system is clearly better. As it has camera detection, ETA, clearer directions, and lots of other features. Am I alone in...
  15. flat6buster

    E55 Seems Expensive

    Is this a duty thing or is it just ENORMOUSLY optimistic? E55 here
  16. tali

    A very expensive Mercedes

    Adolf Hitler's Mercedes bought by Russian for £5m - Telegraph
  17. R

    Indie's and expensive parts

    I've found a decent indie, my parents have used him for 5years on their Saab. He's well experienced with Merc's. Issue is parts needed have been ordered straight from a dealer, i've had a look online and from Euromerc or similar I can get the same part for hlaf the price!! Annoying but a...
  18. wobbly

    Worlds most expensive motorbike ?

    Well it is a Ferrari !! FERRARI D.O.H.C - MOTORCYCLE - UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY!! on eBay (end time 09-Sep-09 17:01:36 BST)
  19. EDZ649

    Seriously expensive R129!

    1992 MERCEDES-BENZ SL500 on eBay (end time 04-Sep-09 14:08:24 BST)
  20. R

    need a car cover but they are too expensive! any ideas, or anyone selling one?

    Hey, My car is parked on a tree lined street, on the side of the road = bird poo, tree sap and many many leaves! I'd like to get a car cover but at £100-250 they are, i think, quite extortionate. I could just buy a tarp and tie it down, but the wind is more likely to get underneath it...
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