1. V

    Need an idea of repair cost.

    Anyone have any idea of cost to repair rear bumper. Wife reversed over a high kerb and has broken the clips that hold the coloured diffuser at rear onto the black section that house 2 of the reversing sensors. This also requires replacing as it has also burst the retaining part on this. Really...
  2. R

    C63 Tuning Idea's

    Anyone tuned or modified there C63? Think i might go down that road, just not sure where to start
  3. merc85

    SBC Warning Reset?? good idea?

    On my quest for a e55, ive come a cross a few cars that have had the Sbc counter reset. This worries me abit tbh, Do you think it's a good idea or not,and if the counter has been reset do you still get the white warnings before the RED warning and No brakes (very little) brakes.
  4. rockits

    TVR...please tell me this is a bad idea...

    ......TVR TUSCAN 2000/PRIVATE REG,4.0 SPEED 6, 29000 MILES,SERVICE HISTORY,CAT D | eBay A TVR has been on my list for some time & over the last few months I have been doing some research. Seems like a Chimaera 400/450/500 would be an all round good/best option. I'm not ready yet so wasn't...
  5. Z

    I have no idea if i have command or audio 20

    Hello I have recently purchased my first mercedes being a class 180 Blue efficiency sport CDI it's a 14 plate but I'm unsure if it's audio 20 or command. Is there a way to find out this information, sorry I bet this seems to be a stupid question but I would like to learn more about my...
  6. K

    Help, car wont start C207 e class coupe no idea where even to start :(

    Hi all, Any idea what that could be?(see video) the car was in an accident before now fixed, started first time all fine after repair, left for a week or so and tried again when i put key in, dashboard did have no life, just all the warning lights started blinking, at first i though...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Project Idea

    Take a dirt cheap rotten to the core facelift W210 E270 CDI or E320 CDI for £700ish Remove the engine & sell the remaining parts to make most (if not all) the money back Place in a late 90s/early 00s G-Wagon Thoughts? W210s can be picked up for less than it costs me to fit 2x rear...
  8. K

    Is buying a R129 a good idea

    Hi All, As a huge Merc fan and lover of their build quality and reliability , I have a 1992 190d with 176k miles and waiting to collect a 2009 C220 , I have sort of agreed to trade the 190d in for a 1992 300sl with 154k miles and FSH. The 300sl looks great with almost no rust( probably...
  9. V

    K & N filter a bad idea? R230 SL500

    hi everyone, Thinking of buying a pair of K & N Filters for my R230 SL500. Ive googled this and some recommend not doing it because it damages an air flow sensor because of the oil ? Any help greatly appreciated ! Thanks
  10. Marvin16x

    Cornwall in August – not the best idea?

    Hi everyone, me and my friend Felix are in desperate need of another UK road trip and since we've got quite fond of the South last year we thought visiting the South West would be a perfect idea for our next trip. Now the thing is, we won't be able to leave earlier (nor later), so August it...
  11. H

    Xmas present idea

    I'm trying to decide who I could give this book to
  12. poormansporsche

    Reposition Kickdown Switch ?? Bad / Good idea ???

    Good morning good peoples, Everyday I pull onto the motorway into slow moving traffic and straight onto a steep hill. Lane 1 is always solid from my junction to the next. Every time I try and move from lane 1 to lane 2 its a bit hit and miss whether the gearbox is going to engage kickdown and...
  13. IMD

    W124 AMG Bumper & fogs - idea on value? Offers?

    Hi all, I have had this AMG bumper for a couple of years. I bought it with the idea of buying a W124 Coupe and fitting, but that never happened! As you can see, I bought it in pretty rough condition, as it's been filled with a lot of fibreglass, but I am sure it can be fitted, if the work is...
  14. c955

    Good idea for the UK?

    I somehow doubt the DVLA would sign up for this, but it's an alternative approach :thumb: Driving and Texting in Belgium :cool:
  15. T

    Help With My Idea

    Hello This is my first time posting on this website. I am 22 years old and I have held a driving licence for 4 (will be 5 years next May), the time I have worked out I will have enough money to buy a 190E, after saving up. It would be my first car, and I have looked at insurance 3rd party...
  16. B

    Clever Idea from Samsung..........
  17. richard300

    W140/M104 Any idea what this wire is for?

    So, recently purchased a 1996 S280. As i cant find a definitive answer on if 1996 onward or 1997 onward is 'safe' with respect to updated wiring harness, i have been inspecting my wiring harness/loom. I have to say, that my car was either manufactured with the later harness or has had a new...
  18. R

    Any idea what this squiggle is please?

    Hi, First post and it's a request for help please. I have this weird squiggle on my display. Does anybody have any idea what it is and how to remove it please? Thanks
  19. 219

    Mobile phones & driving = a bad idea

    Last night , I had just got my son down to bed when the phone rang . SWMBO was on the other end , and in-between the tears I managed to determine she had just been in a crash . About all she could tell me was that she was outside the BP petrol station in the nearby village . Fearing the worst...
  20. John_Doe

    Any idea what these acronym's are?

    Really random I know but I recently had a diagnostic on my car and they gave me a print out of all the codes that came up. Most are stored with a few current but there's a few I don't really understand lol Fault in CAN communication with control unit... EZS REAR SAM (is that the rear fuse...
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