1. S

    W205 Garmin map pilot situation update.

    Just had an email from Germany. 'Owing to considerable owner interest I can confirm we are looking at extended features that would allow owners to delete some built in points of interest, and add and display their own. I don't have a timescale for this update' :thumb:
  2. M

    Becker Map Pilot - reset / remove personal info

    Hi all This isn't a "for sale" advert(!); I'd just like to check if there's anything I need to do before selling my Becker Map Pilot unit. Notes / actions so far: >I didn't set a PIN when I originally got the car, so that won't be an issue for the new user I hope... (is it safer to plug it...
  3. S

    Becker Map Pilot Reprogramming

    Hi there, I am trying to find out if it is possible to reprogram a Becker Map Pilot to change the region of the world it can be used in. I bought the BMP on eBay and it was brand new - still in the wrapper. The seller did not go out of his way to explain that it was for the North American market...
  4. D

    Garmin Map Pilot

    Hi All. I was hoping somebody would be able to help! I recently received a new (65 plate) C220 Bluetec as a company car, unfortunately when it arrived it came without the Navi SD card which i believe has to be a Garmin Map Pilot to work on the Audio CD 20 system. Every time I get in my...
  5. Sparqx

    How do I replace my Comand Map update DVD in Mercedes W211

    Hi there, I have just received my Map update DVD and for the life of me I can't find the Navigation computer in the boot to replace the old DVD.... Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to locate the computer?:dk: Thanks Steve
  6. B

    Becker Map pilot for 2010 cabrio ?

    I think I know the answer :( but can a becker map pilot be fitted to work with an audio 20 system on my 2010 e250 please? There is no socket in glove box but can , and is it worth wiring something in?
  7. J

    Bricked Map Pilot

    Hi, I've somehow managed to brick my Map Pilot during a software upgrade. Does anyone know how to get it reformatted? It doesn't show up as a drive on my Mac at all either. I have done all of the usual stuff that Becker advised but to no avail. Mercedes only honour 2 yr warranty if not...
  8. P

    Where are my map settings on command sat nav

    Hi Guys, Another question, hopefully you can all help. I have a B200 2013 model with command online Sat nav. I have read the manual titled Comand online. It says that I can change the sat nav view to 3d and so on, the orientation ect.. But when I go to the sat nav in car there are no...
  9. O

    wanted #mercedes becker map pilot

    Pls i just got a c class 2013 and my old merc came with a command but the new one don,t but was told i can get the becker auto pilote on it..pls help with
  10. thebig1

    Services and Eurocharge Map

    Hi Guys, My car is in for a B1 service tomorrow at the dealer and it is re-mapped etc with a Eurocharge map. Should I take the map off incase they notice or is there no way they can tell?
  11. ACID

    Becker Map Pilot Navigation unit for sale

    2014 Removed from a breaker vehicle £200 posted 100% working comes with updating cable and box will fit C-class, A-class, B-class etc
  12. G

    Update issues with Becker Map Pilot

    Hi All looking for some advice on how to update my Becker Map Pilot. I have downloaded the software and installed onto my computer. But once I connect my black box up it says that the software is out of date and that I need to delete files and reinstall. How do I do this? I have uploaded...
  13. M

    Wanted Becker map pilot

    Hi, I'm looking a Becker map pilot for my 2013 E class. Is anyone selling one around the Lancashire/Merseyside area? Thanks Martyn
  14. N

    OM642 Map Files

    Hi All, I'm looking for map files for the OM642 Viano 204BHP to do DPF and EGR delete along with performance increases. I'd be more than happy to pay a reputable person to modify my file send it back. Can anyone suggest any well known tuners that might be able help? Thanks, Rob
  15. R

    New NTG2 map disk

    The new NTG2 map disk has just started to come through :-)
  16. D

    Wanted : NTG1 Green 2014/15 Map disk

    Looking to buy a 2014:15 green banding NTG1 map disk , thanks
  17. M

    Which map pilot

    Hi, I recently bought a 2013 w212 e250 with the map pilot prewiring in the glove box. I have been looking to buy one from eBay but there are different part numbers and some say, for example, map pilot for A class. Are they all the same and if not which one do I need. Thanks Martyn
  18. M

    Which map pilot

    Double post
  19. S

    Garmin Map Pilot FYI.

    Just so you are aware, I have tonight received written confirmation from Garmin that they were specifically told by Daimler Chrysler to remove/restrict as much customisation (Specifically personal POI's) from the MB software as possible. So we now have an utterly ridiculous situation where a...
  20. S

    Eurocharged Map

    Afternoon all. Thinking of pulling the plug on a Eurocharged map very soon and want to know if there are any negatives... I use my car most days and want it to be reliable as much as possible. Is there anything anyone has to say that would make them consider getting a map or maybe if they...
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