1. JasPed

    2013 Becker Map Pilot for sale

    2013 Becker Map Pilot for sale, with original box update cable and instruction manual. £125 or nearest offer please.
  2. L

    MSL Custom Map

    Hello everybody Considering getting my E-coupe 350 CDI flat bottom steering wheel mapped a few questions first. Does the MSL map remove the speed limiter. Does it remove EGR. Will they Change oil and filters before map. Is it possible to map the Car on the road...
  3. B

    2015/2016 Comand APS Map DVDs for NTG4-W204

    Hi forumites, Would anyone have the 2015/2016 Comand APS Map DVDs for NTG4-W204 to sell on, by any chance?
  4. Piff

    Used Becker Map Pilot

    Just under 3 years ago bought a new Becker. As I remember, on unpacking, the unit is connected to computer & the interweb to Beckers website. Registration takes place with e-mail address & password. Latest maps are downloaded & installed on the unit. The car is being returned to MB soon...
  5. L

    Becker map Pilot Sat Nav

    Hi All, I have just purchased the above with an assembly date of 2013.. Is it free to update, or do you have to pay? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. jonnyMercUK

    Corrupt Becker Map Pilot

    Hi, looking for some advice. I purchased a new Mac and wanted to back up my Map Pilot. I downloaded content manager, plugged the unit in and it's now corrupt... :mad: Can anyone help as it's now not working in the car :crazy:
  7. B

    Garmin Map Pilot updates

    I have had my C Class since October 2015 and after getting an email from Garmin that my free for life portable sat nav had an update available I decided to also check the SD card in the car for the first time. Using the new road layout at junction 10A of the M1 at Luton Airport as a reference...
  8. O

    Becker Map Pilot

    I have followed the correspondence relating to this item but as yet I am unable to get my BMP to work. I purchased the device second hand last year in September and following a slight battle with the computer I got it to function and it was fine until recently when an upgrade upset it. I was...
  9. L

    COMAND - how to check software/firmware versions & Map updates

    My ML350(2014) is going into the dealer this week to have them check on an issue where I sometimes get "drive unavailable". I'm assuming they will replace the hard disk or the actual COMAND unit. The engineering menus also show the error code of DTC 94D9. Is there a way to check the current...
  10. Ttstang

    Reversing guidance map!!

    Hi i have e250 sport 2009. This is the best way i can describe what my display, centre of speedo display, was showing on a one off occaision. I had just picked car up from having a service, in order to get out i had to reverse, thats when i noticed the display showing some guidance parameters...
  11. B Evans

    Becker Map Pilots

    Hi all Is Becker Map Pilot faked at all? I am looking at buying it for my new E Class if it will take it. You can buy it from Ebay for £335. Cheers Ben
  12. Piff

    Comand map updates

    We have an April 2013 E-Class Cab with NTG4.5 Comand. Car came with 3 years free map updates. I know it needs an update which I could get main dealer to do now. As a rough guide, how often are new maps available? Is there likely to be another update before April 2016?
  13. C36fan

    becker map pilot

    Hi could anyone supply me with the part number for becker map pilot for the new vito? Many thanks in advance.
  14. ACID

    CLS 55 AMG in @ MSL Performance Pulley and Map

    CLS 55 AMG we had in last week with us here @ MSL Performance!!! In for a Remap Eurocharged Remap and a 84mm Supercharger Pulley. Tuned Figures: 553.46 Bhp 665.08 Ft Lbs Torque [/URL][/IMG]
  15. F

    W205 C Class Comand Latest Map Version

    Just had my W205 Comand system maps updated at the dealership. Car is September 64 build and maps were at 2014 version. Now updated to: Europe 2015 V6.0 Free update until car is 3 years old.
  16. Brian 1

    Becker map pilot

    Getting used to my map pilot now, it's a great navigation system, far better than any other I have used,this came free with my car, just wondered what you guys think??
  17. Jay2512

    Becker Map Unit

    As we're swapping our A180cdi for a A45 we now have no need for the Becker Map Unit. I will post a picture tomorrow and advise of the map version number. There is no box or USB lead as I can't find them. £180 posted.
  18. J

    Garmin Map Pilot on UK car

    Think I know the horrible answer to this but just to double check... Am about to buy the new A class with Garmin Map Pilot. Am I right in thinking this is a totally offline nav system with no live internet traffic option either as a paid app or otherwise? Thanks :)
  19. O

    Garmin Map Pilot question

    Hi This is my first post on this forum. Just ordered a new C Class Estate which should be here by early February. I have a trivial question regarding the Garmin Map Pilot which is - can this unit display speed LIMITS as well as current speed? I am aware of the problems with speed cameras and...
  20. B

    Becker Map Pilot not Recognised

    I just bought a 2nd hand becker map pilot for my SLK, stuck it in the car and it was all working great. I decided to purchase the speed camera update for it so I downloaded the Becker Content Manager, plugged in my device to the pc and downloaded the speed cameras to it. I then plugged the...
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