1. S

    W204 C200 CDI max. speed 150kmh (HELP)

    Hi, I do not usually do this but this time I need to cry for help :) My beloved W204 C200 CDI is seriously ill. Today I tested my car on straight part of non busy motorway to prove my concerns and it looks like my car does not go faster than 150kmh (around 95mph). When I reach this...
  2. Markssl

    2008 E320CDi Estate max payload

    Does anyone know what the maximum carrying capacity is in kgs please. It's the 7 seat model with self levelling suspension. I want to move 180 engineering bricks. Each one is 2.53kgs. So less than 500kgs. I thought I read somewhere it was 600kgs max. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Pathewolf

    Men's Nike Air Max 90 Size 8.5 Brand New In Box

    As pictured Brand New Nike Air Max 90 In Wolf Grey Solar Red White And Black These Retail For £89 Will Take £50 And Will Send 2nd Class Recorded Delivery, Can Also Deliver Close To London E8 if Preferred! Any Questions Just PM Me Cheers
  4. fabes

    Diesel to the max?

    In the pub with a friend last night, he was in awe of his (investment bankers) brothers tiguan r line TDI 240 -whats £40k to a chap in that business Not a fan of VW at all, but squeezing 240 from a 2.0 TDI is impressive "Its injector pumps fuel it at a pressure of 2500 bar and the 200 bar...
  5. M

    2015 E220 & Millers- Diesel Power Eco Max

    Hi, Is it a good idea to start using this with every tankful on a 2015 car? Just want to keep the engine mint as car is used everyday and will cover around 25K a year. If you suggest something else, please do let me know. Thanks.
  6. W

    C350 Sport max power?

    What would be the max power from the 3.0 V6 turbo diesel with bolt on parts before having to rebuild with stronger internals? Bigger turbo and IC etc? I'm at 291hp/684NM on a stage 1 remap EGR/DPF off in software but mechanically still in place. Not fussed about going any higher with the...
  7. S

    NTG 3 / 3.5 - USB & SD Card format & Max. Size

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what the drive format should be for SD cards and USB for the NTG 3 / 3.5 system, which is basically the S-class version of the NTG 4 system? I'm guessing its probably the same as that used in the NTG 4 anyway. I've tried exFAT and NTFS, neither of which seem to...
  8. O

    Max Oldfield

    My 1964 230 sl chassis no 11304220002755 needs brake shoes and cables and i am finding it difficult to locate them. Is there any persons who can assist me with this. I have tried Mercedes in Edgeware road. Max
  9. BillyW124

    Brabus 20inch IV Mono Block alloys with Dunlop Sport Max tyres

    Original Brabus monoblock alloys made by Ronal. Supplied with original Brabus centre caps and correct bolts. (Flanges are different on the bolts to seat correctly on the alloys) Condition as per pics and seen on my CL before I took them off in ad below. No curbing or major scuffs. Straight...
  10. jonnyboy

    wanted - 3 seat small/med van - £2500 max

    All Business reorganisation means I am selling my L200 and need a van to join the fleet. Prefer to buy from known sources. Will consider a damaged/faulty/project at the right price but that doesn't mean rusty old tat as it needs to look presentable and earn me, not my mechanic, some...
  11. uumode

    W205 max demist button creates vibration in steering wheel?

    My W205 when the 'Max' demist button is pressed and fan on full whack, this appears to drive vibration through the steering wheel which I can feel similar to like when you run your tyres over subtle lane vibrations. Initially I thought it was the lane assistance warning me to get into...
  12. M

    New E350 - 9G Gearbox - Late Changing/5th Max

    Car details in signature. Only had the car two weeks and only put 600 miles on it so far, and very happy. Upgraded from a fully loaded 2010 E350. This car is a big improvement over that one. Experienced something odd today. Set off from a car park and it held in 1st gear for a long time...
  13. C

    NTG2: Max tracks on MP3 CD in Multi Player

    Having spent much time selecting and then burning MP3 formatted tracks to CDs for the glove box Multi CD player in the late 2008 W209 CLK, I find the maximum number of MP3 tracks shown in COMAND for each such CD is 99 tracks. Is this a display or a player limitation? - viz although there are...
  14. moonloops

    Taking crumple zones to the max!

    Interstate 84 semi-truck crash: Crushed by 2 big rigs, he walks out with 2 Band-Aids | Hope he's figuring on buying a lottery ticket.
  15. ACID

    MSL GLA 45 200 + MPH V Max

    So today has been interesting!! We have just cracked a certain ecu first of what we know of in the UK, to actual prove that its done, so we thought we shall do a top speed run of 200 + MPH on the dyno!!! yBbCui5vlHs More to come .................................................
  16. omega1

    W204 Retrofit Head End max depth?

    Hi all, I am looking at retrofitting an audio head end unit on the W204 but am unsure about the available depth, I do not have the vehicle yet (pick it up in 10 days) but wanted to get the bits to carry this out ASAP. This is the unit I'm looking at, and wondered if anyone knew if there is...
  17. G

    E300 Hybrid - Battery capacity max & min

    Quick question to any other E300 Hybrid'ers out there; What's the max and min available charge you've seen from the battery? Mine are 89% and 33%. Just wondered what others' has seen :confused:
  18. Deane x

    Keep them origanal or max power

    Just wanted to see what every ones thoughts where : Keep them MBs origanal , change a bit like facelift or amg bits or go full max power on them ... I like to add a bit of facelift but nothing over the top , but that's me what do you guys think ??
  19. bob6600

    Max Verstappen too young for F1?

    Didn't do himself any favours here :doh: Max Verstappen Formula 1 crash VKV City Racing 2014 - YouTube
  20. scumbag

    Max Mosely again again

    Now, you see, this is where I have confusion.:confused: First, this man wants to ensure his privacy.:dk: Second, to reinforce it, he sues the largest global internet search engine there is, and informs all the press and media of his intention.:wallbash...
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