1. O

    Mobilolife Cover: The indie vs dealer conundrum

    I have seen threads on this topic however none seem to directly relate, so apologies for potential duplication on my part. Dec 2007 registration on my C200k (cl203) and the bitter looking “Service B due” on the dashboard is now flashing on every engine start. This is my first experience with...
  2. Alps

    MobiloLife cover in europe

    Just wondering on peoples views on this one? planning a trip to Disneyland for the kids in the summer and will be driving there, is extra breakdown cover needed or do you think mobilolife is enough? any opinions welcome :)
  3. S

    30yr anti-corrosion "MobiloLife" warranty

    Hi guys. Does anyone have any experience or advice on how to claim for bodywork to be repaired under the mercedes 30yr warranty? I have an '02' ML270 with a full MB service history within the last 10k miles and 8months. Even though I now have 166k on the clock. Rust is appearing all over the...
  4. H


    MOBILO-LIFE and MOBILO There seems to be much confusion about Mobilo-Life and its replacement MOBILO. I hope this summary may help. Subject to terms and conditions on servicing at an MB dealer, all cars with Mobilo-Life or more recently Mobilo are covered for 30 years from 1st registration...
  5. B


    Mobilolife is the roadside assistance program designed to keep you on the move in the event of abreakdown or a technical problem. There are several variations of the program, the registration date will decide which variation your are in. 24/10/98-31/12/03 There are no requirements to follow...
  6. H

    Mobilo-life To End And Service Plus.

    MOBILOLIFE TO END AND SERVICE PLUS. In the past I have posted info on Mobilo-Life and Service Plus from a high level contact I have in MBUK. Here is some more information, but this time bad news. Mobilo-Life as we know it is to come to an end. In addition, Service Plus will end from April...
  7. Birdman

    An accolade for MobiloLife

    Having promptly replaced four wheel arches under warranty last month Mobilo sent a specialist Mercedes techie to the door within ninety minutes of my call today, to investigate a worrying power loss on the E55. Out came STAR - no fault found on engine or gearbox so after topping up the...
  8. H

    info on mobilolife

    Regarding(hawk20's)"More info on Mobilolife" HAWK20 can you get this point "warranty against bodywork corrosion" clearified, My sevice book page 8, states and I quote "We provide a warranty against bodywork corrosion, In the unlikely event that the vechicle rusts through from the inside...
  9. H

    More New Info On Mobilolife

    MORE NEW INFO ON MOBILOLIFE Recently I posted some new information on MobiloLife and in response to questions said I would seek further clarification from my high level source in Mercedes. I now have this and set it out below. For completeness, and to save save members reading through pages of...
  10. H

    New Info On Mobilolife

    There are several threads running on MobiloLife at the moment. I've started a new thread to save members reading through pages of older stuff to find this information. There is -or has been recently- an error on Mercedes website and in some of their literature saying that punctures and other...
  11. amwebby

    Thank MB for MobiloLife

    My CL went in for what we thought was little cosmetic 'body perforation' at the leading edge of the sunroof. I've just spoken to the body shop and it turns out that the rot was far deeper than that and the whole sunroof cartridge was rotten. From the outside you couldn't see it so I'm glad...
  12. A

    First (and Second) Mobilolife Experience.

    Thought I’d share with you my first (and second) experience of Mobilolife as I know it was a hot topic a while ago. Driving to work on 21st December my car lost most of its power. Couldn't accelerate beyond 2500rpm in any gear and what was there was pitiful. Little transmission light on the...
  13. Barryh

    Indys & Mobilolife

    I am thinking of putting the SLK into an Indy for its B service.Will this invalidate Mobilolife?It is a Mercedes specialist.
  14. kbhogalW126

    Thumbs UP Mobilolife. Thumbs DOWN MB SHEFFIELD!

    Right then. Long story so I shall keep to the main points! Tuesday Night - went to MB Sheffield to price and spec up a new C220cdi Sport - total spec (inc Comand which I added when I got home) costs about £35k for December delivery. I told my salesman, John, that I would think about the...
  15. J

    Incredible Service from MobiloLife

    Further to this & this thread, yesterday the fault with my accelerator pedal was a constant one and the engine light was on. So as the car was dangerous to drive, (loss of power and 10 sec to crawl away from hitting gas time:confused:) I called Mobilolife at 8.50am this morning and the fellow...
  16. Subyland

    Mobilo-life option code

    Hello all, I am currently looking for a used A Class and have found 3 potentials cars so far. When checking the spec with the VIN, I get for 2 of them the option code 250B, described as Mobilo Life / Europe Service Package. Does anyone know what this mean? All cars were reg in 2003, so should...
  17. Dieselman

    Mobilo-Life warranty conditions.

    There have sometimes been questions asked about when Mobilo breakdown warranty changed to Mobilo-Life and what is covered. Here is a pdf of my original Mobilo-Life document. HERE
  18. S

    Mobilolife- Changes in term?

    Hi, We have a W203 (03) and my friend has a W203 (04). My friend got a card recently talking about Threeplus. Right at the bottom with an * next to it, it said that your car must be serviced every year at MB if you don't want to lose Mobilolife. We don't drive enough miles to warrant a...
  19. compress ignite

    What is "Mobilolife"

    My apologies, Mercedes Benz North America [Montvale,New Jersey] does not offer what I gather is some form of corrosion warranty. Thanks!
  20. lofty

    Mobilo-life /servicing on the NEW 'A' Class

    Had a word with MB yesterday about the value of Mobilo-life or otherwise! I was surprised to hear that membership ceases at twelve months I.e. the service span on the 'A' Class, if you have not had the car serviced within the twelve months from the last service date. When you get your car...
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