1. Omega

    Pioneer TS126 Speaker replacement

    Hi, I need to replace the speakers in the back of my E220 124 Saloon. The existing ones are Pioneer TS126. There dosn't seem to be a lot about this model on the interweb,,,, so I was wondering if anyone here knows an equivelent that I might consider ? They are about 120cm / 4 ⅝". ((Am also...
  2. grober

    Pioneer To Stop Making Plasmas.

    It would appear from this article that following restructuring Pioneer are going to pull out of making their own plasma screens and buy in from a subcontractor.
  3. nimmat

    Pioneer avid HD3BT or Comand

    We might be inclining towards getting either of them fitted in our W211. The Avic is around £1500 fitted with a nice 7" screen, 30GB drive, USB slot, satnav + bluetooth phone kit + dvd/divx/mp3 player and the DVD drive is free even when using satnav as the software is on the hard drive. Has a...
  4. Thmsshaun

    Pioneer AVIC X1R DVD / Navi unit

    SOLD For sale is my Pioneer AVIC X1R touchscreen Navigation head unit with 6 disc multi changer. For detailed specs please click the link below The unit is in as new condition and has had approximately 8 Months...
  5. Howard

    Pioneer TSW 301 12 inch sub brand new

    I have one of these in my boot and it sounds lovely . 400w , old skool sub .... brand new in box, with cutting templates . £10 SOLD !
  6. JPD

    W203: C200 Retrofit Pioneer AVIC Headunit

    W203, 2002, C200 Kompressor Coupe I intend to install a none Mercedes Pioneer AVIC-X1 Navigation/DVD head unit (single din) in place of the standard radio/cd player currently mounted in the centre consul of my W203. Obviously the Pioneer will not be connected to the CanBus. I have purchase...
  7. W

    W202 Custom Pioneer Speakers / Tweeters

    Always fancied these when i had my W202 but could never get my hands on a set. Typical set comes up when i sell it on! Link
  8. 1

    Pioneer AVIC X1R

    I'm thinking to sell my DVD Navigation AV Headunit, Pioneer AVIC X1R. Since I've bought it mounths ago but, frankly I don't need a Navigation system. It's all under warranties that should cover all the Europe (I'm in Italy). All is actually installed on my W202 and is in immaculate...
  9. A

    Pioneer AVIC-X1R

    I am thinking of buying the Pioneer AVIC-X1R, before I buy it any know if it is any good and/or any good alternatives.
  10. MikeL

    Pioneer Amp with iPod control

    This is the sort of thing I like, something I didn't know I needed until it became available. (usual gadget syndrome I guess) Pioneer have released a pair of AV amps with full iPod control, diplay, remote, etc. Yum
  11. G

    DVD Pioneer Nav system

    Have just bought 2001 CLK 230 Kom with the above install, but there seems tobe feed back on the screen. Ok when the negine is off , starts to jump like mad when engine is on and the volume is turned up. Any ideas were to start..... not the Dealership
  12. A

    Pioneer DEH-405 face off stereo

    Not a great deal to say really, it's a Pioneer head unit with a removeable front fascia. 4 speaker and two pre outs for external power amps. CD/FM/MW/LW radio with preset storage. Seperate Bass, Treble, balance, front/rear fader etc. Two different illumination modes (either green or...
  13. Mambo

    Pioneer DEH-P70BT

    Just ordered one of these plus an ipod interface for it: Bluetooth hands free built in and also the ipod interface I mentioned. It's the first non-Alpine head unit I have had but I have heard good things about Pioneer. Anyone had any experience with them? More info here...
  14. M

    For Sale: Pioneer AVIC-X1 DVD/Sat Nav - Unused

    Since I've ordered a brand new revised edition CLK 280 Coupe (collection from Bremen in July) I no longer need this Pioneer AVIC-X1 . The system was purchased, but never installed. It is still boxed, with all manuals and cables. All the protective blue plastic bits and pieces are still...
  15. KLP 92

    Just installed a Pioneer Sat nav into E55.

    Just installed my Pioneer 6600 touchscreen DVD and navigation head unit. Installed the navigation unit in the boot along with the cd changer. I bunged in Origin B2 which i pulled out of my last motor. I was originally going to fit a Command unit but i really wanted a DVD player and the...
  16. S

    Trying to install pioneer head unit

    didn't go for Command in the end :0( I was basically in for the thick end of £800 for sat nav functionality, not sure i'm going to use/need it that much... anyway, bought a head unit that will give me all the functionality i need ('cept sat nav) and is compatible with my CD changer. but...
  17. Iyse

    Question for those who have installed Pioneer speakers in W202

    I'd just like to know how you disconnected the bloody factory tweeters. The clip seems to be impossible to get undone. If anyone can give me an explanation, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  18. Thmsshaun

    Pioneer Custom FIt W202

    Having recently been out bid on ebay with seconds to go :crazy: I have been searching franticly to find some of these speakers. Well Now i have from Having sent an email yes we have got some expect in around 10 days :) . But the price Approx £192. Seems expensive. So the...
  19. grasmere

    Pioneer speakers customised Mercedes W202 C Class

    Pioneer speakers customised Mercedes W202 C Class Absolutely Superb Custom Fit 150 Watt TS-H2AT Pioneer Speaker System for Mercedes C Class, W202 model from 1993 - 2000 Now unavailable new from anywhere else . . . On ebay at Pioneer Speakers on ebay
  20. R

    For Sale : Pioneer DEH-P90DAB

    Unwanted gift, This unit is brand new, boxed with a full 12 month warranty. This is one of the top models regardless of any make with the built in DAB tuner as well as the DAB tuner it features many other functions: Full Dot Matrix Display, High-Speed PLL ARC-5 Intelligent RDS Tuner With...
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