1. C

    £150 off service plans

    If you use code AMG150 you get £150 off a new service plan. New or old. Put my SL and it's come up with £46/month for 3yrs and 3 services which then goes to £41 after the voucher. Might be a good deal? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. grober

    Government announces new diesel plans.

    Diesel drivers will be paid to scrap their cars to improve air quality As usual the devil will be in the detail.
  3. D

    What are your plans for New Year Eve?

    We're off to Carlisle for a nice meal at 6pm then back to ours for fun & games through to midnight. :bannana: Roast dinner tomorrow at our house for 8 people to celebrate the New Year. Whatever you're up to. Happy New Year to one & all. Enjoy yourselves. :thumb: Ant.
  4. N

    MB care plans - thoughts?

    Got a new c250 on lease for 2 years. Have been offered a care plan which includes the service costs for £30 ppm which works out at £700 for the period. Worth it? Anything specific I should pay attention to?
  5. grober

    Whiplash plans to 'cut car insurance premiums by £40'

    Whiplash plans to 'cut car insurance premiums by £40' - BBC News So whiplash plans to 'cut car insurance premiums by £40' or increase insurance companies profits? Maybe at least reduce these concerned cold callers who seem to think you've been in a car accident recently. :rolleyes:
  6. nickjonesn4

    E55k modding plans for 2017

    So... have had the following mods done in the last 18 months... E/C Heat Exchanger E/C Headers and Primary Cat Delete E/C Remap E/C 82mm Supercharger Pullley New Bosch I/C Pump Quaife LSD Car now sat at 554 BHP and 653 lb/ft torque Over the winter I'm getting 6 panels resprayed and...
  7. B

    Service plans up in price

    Don't know exactly when it happened but I took out a 4 year service plan on my C Class last October but I see the price has increased by 16% from £30 to £35 per month for new contracts. Also the better value 4 year plan seems to be no longer available so £1260 now buys 2 A services and 1 B...
  8. D

    Any plans for a A Class PHEV ?

    Any plans for a A Class PHEV ? :dk: Thanks
  9. A

    E220 W211 CDI - Lowered - Big plans!

    Hey guys, Got my W211 around a week ago.. 126k on clock Lowered all round 19" Carlsson Wheels with stretched rubber. Pic What you think? Plans - Air Ride - 20" wheels - Drive it to death! :)
  10. MWCLS

    MB SERVICE PLANS - Dealers random servicing prices

    Evening everyone, my car is due a spark plug / brake fluid, oil/filter change ( I changed the air cartridge myself and the ATF was done only 3k ago ( electro plate replacement) Service plan £52.50 x 24 months ( Ex vat ) 3 Services. My car has only done 600 miles since its last service...
  11. Charles Morgan

    Home workshop plans

    My garage has been full of junk from moving and all the car stuff I have (the Fiat 127 came with a Volvo estate load of parts, seats and panels) but with the planned restoration of the 250CE W114 from my neighbour I'm having a clear out and want to put some form of workspace in. Said...
  12. The _Don

    British Car Auctions revs up float plans ( webuyanycar )
  13. flowrider

    Are service plans worth it?

    A couple of years ago I was talked into taking out a service plan on my ML. The convincing argument was that the service i had just had would cost me £900. I took out a 3 service 24month plan costing £1296. I am now wondering if it has been money well spent as I have had just two small and one...
  14. C

    Are service plans good value?

    Hi all I'm new here and to Mercedes in general. I'm one of those strange people who like the CLA so bought a 220 AMG sport (ex demo model!). The Merc dealership have offered me a service plan but am wondering if this is good value or better to take it along to a local garage. Problem is I'm...
  15. jamesfuller

    Any plans for the next motor

    I'm sure most of you know what car you want next, but there must be a few as indecisive as me and are looking for ideas or inspiration. As I am now a thoroughly happy Mercedes convert, my 'plans' for my next purchase are along the lines of a 126 sec or a 107 slc. I would be interested to...
  16. C

    Servicing Plans and costs.

    Hi there, i have recently purchased a C350 CDI 59 plate in a private sale and am sorting out little niggles with stuff, tyres etc. However am unsure as to servicing costs which seem odd to me, or maybe I'm missing something. The car is due a B service, has done 46k miles and full service history...
  17. A

    E320 with some plans....

    Evening all, I'm alex and I've just bought myself another W210 E320 estate - Elegance trim, Burgundy paint and virtually no rust on it! I say another as I've already got one sitting in my drive which unfortunately was involved in a low speed collision, however its rendered the passenger side...
  18. Justin1600

    Garage plans drawing software

    Hi, i am needing to put planning into the council for my new Garage. Wanting to make it look professional, so if anyone has any good software i could have on a disc or knows anywhere i can download some good software then let me know please :thumb: Also if anyone who does this sort of thing on...
  19. The _Don

    Bernie, button and lewis back plans for london gp

    PistonHeads Headlines - Bernie, Button and Lewis back plans for London GP
  20. The _Don

    Government plans 'happy hour' for hoons
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