1. S

    Winter Shed - Saab 9-3

    Ideal winter shed (even though it's nowhere near winter)! My 9-3 is up for sale having owned it almost exactly 2 years ago. Current mileage 153207. It is very reliable having spent a great deal of money on it in my ownership. Just MOT'd (no advisories) and serviced this May around 1 month...
  2. JohnDavies

    Need a shed puller?

    Just bought a new 26 foot Twin axle caravan, the guy i bought it from said i needed something decent to pull it with. I said i had a Merc ML270 so not a problem. It won't even sneeze pulling that, he laughed at me so i said go on Youtube and watch this.
  3. Druk

    Faulty shed paint.

    So, I'm building a shed in the back garden. Doing it bit-by-bit with the initial vertical planking in place and one coat of Cuprinol 'Garden Colours' splashed on. 10 days later after a wee holiday down sarf attempted to paint on a second coat. This is rejected by the first coat with what looks...
  4. D

    ML430 shed of the week on PH

    Shed Of The Week: Mercedes ML430 | PistonHeads Neil
  5. The _Don

    Shed Of The Week: Mercedes ML430
  6. Scott_F

    W123 Coupe - Bargain Shed ?

    The W123 Coupe on row two looks very rough but could be of interest to somebody for restoration or just for spares and I suspect that it will be cheap: John Pye Auctions | PUBLIC AUCTION (North London) ? Viewing WEDNESDAY 22nd July ::: Preview Online
  7. The _Don

    Shed Of The Week: Mercedes S500
  8. D

    S211 Shed Newbie from Yorkshire/London

    Hi Guys/Girls, just picked up a shed of a E320cdi Avantgarde. its done 290k and is showing its miles :D runs half decent though. It was previosly owned by an antiques dealer and used as a van so the interior is pretty ruined and the bodywork is nothing short of horrendous. Crucially though it...
  9. gunning

    Best place to buy a large shed (for the w124)

    I'm running out of room at home so I need a large shed to put in my yard, around 20x10 to put the 300ce in. Does anyone know the cheapest online company that does just a cheap shed. I just want it to be dry from the harsh English weather. I've had a look around on Google but sometimes it's worth...
  10. N

    Shed / Garage (with a bit of work).

    Neighbours might frown a bit but what a lot of storage space! Brice Baker 95 Tonne Grain Silo - Boltable Bulk Feed Bin. Galvanized Steel | eBay
  11. K

    A garden shed for storage

    Guys, I need to clear my garage out, could anyone recommend?
  12. A

    M40 Oxfordshire shut, car transporter shed load

    Part of the M40 is closed in both directions after a car transporter carrying vehicles hits the central reservation, shedding its load. Wonder what cars they are, no reports of injuries at the mo so that's positive...
  13. S

    W221 Shed!

    I thought that, outside of crazy former USSR states on YouTube, it would be a while since I saw a molested one of these in the metal. However, the car park at Disneyland Paris, yielded this, ahem, beauty. I would have liked to take a few more pictures but explaining to three excited kids...
  14. P

    Can anyone shed any light....

    As to what this is on my vito. It is behind the bumper to the left side of number plate looks like the radiator but sits next to radiator. As you can see its very gunky. Damn haynes not doing a manual!
  15. M

    Base for shed

    I need to get a concrete base laid for a garden shed. The external dimensions are 5.1 x 2.9 metres, so the base will need to be a little bigger than that all round, and it will be sitting on a part of my lawn. Does anyone know what the going rate (in labour) would be to get this done...
  16. The _Don

    Shed of the week mb s500

    PistonHeads Headlines - SOTW: Mercedes S500
  17. S

    My Holiday minus the shed: Venice

    I took a couple of days to go to Venice.... Always wanted to go.... Some pics 1. The Famous bridge from the water bus Grand canal 2. Famous church 3. Evening light 4. St Marks Sq Back on the Grand Canal A Not so Grand canal Local transport St Marks church Other...
  18. S

    So the shed is back

    So folks, I have just got the shed back. HB and his brother along with my local indie organised my Bilstien B12 prokit to be fitted to the shed. I also had the 7g box drained and all the fluid including the torque convertor drained (they disconnect some pipes to get it all out). The ride...
  19. S

    Touring: Fife and Forth Villages, but not in a shed....

    As per title I fancied a mini tour. My mate James who Ringway and Dieselman have met suggested an easter Jolly. We decided to meet at the Forth Bridge at 930am. I aimed the shed towards there and with the traffic so light I got this MPG Bugger all traffic at this time on the road made an...
  20. I

    Shed / Garden Workshop

    Looking for a wooden shed / workshop about 12 x 8 - any recommendations? Pressure treated / tanalised / natural log cabin ? 12mm / 15mm shiplap / 19mm loglap ? Some places I've looked: ShedStore Garden Buildings Direct Waltons Sheds Direct Skinners Sheds Tesco Need it to be...
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