1. P

    Removing hard water spots

    It's washed the car at home where we have pretty hard water with lots of deposits and now what should be a lovely clean car is covered in water spots all over, thousands of them. Is white vinegar still the cheapest and easiest way to remove these as they seem pretty stubborn to move.? Will...
  2. A

    Rust spots wife's fezz

    Washing the wife's little fiesta this morning I came across a couple of what I think are rust spots. Car 6 years old now not sure how long the warranty is with fords. If it's not covered how best to stop it from getting any worse and spreading under the paint. And this one is underneath the...
  3. reflexboy

    Black spots on alloys

    Been detailing my partner's SLK and I am struggling to get millions of tiny black dots off one of the alloys. I have tried T-cut and tar remover to no avail. I'm pretty sure they aren't iron as we had the same black spots on a previous car and Iron-X did nothing. Any ideas what would shift them?
  4. S

    W216/W221 Climate Comfort W'screen - Clear Spots for GPS signal

    Hi guys, I have a Merc. CL500 (2013MY, 2014 registered) with climate comfort windscreen (the one that has a slight purple tint to it), and I had tried a friend's road angel for a couple of days, and..... it doesn't get a signal at all. Upon some investigation, it transpires that the infrared...
  5. D

    Odd spots on paintwork

    Seems like some keen car cleaning guys on here so thought I'd make use! Over the past few weeks some odd spots have been appearing on the other half's car (see attached, note this is dirty not clean). They are sporadically over the bonnet, roof and bootlid They started out as a few spots...
  6. I

    Tourist Drivers in the Lake District - and probably other beauty spots

    I am often in the Lake District, having a place centrally in the Ambleside area that I let out part of to holiday makers. I've only been driving three years and enjoy the freedom driving gives me. What does take some of the enjoyment out of it is when I'm heading to Ullswater from the...
  7. J

    WD40 to remove tar spots?

    I spent an unsuccessful 30 minutes trying to get tar spots off the roof of my car with AutoGlyms Intensive Tar Remover after reading good reviews about it. I'm not knocking the stuff but I think most tar spots are only a car for a few weeks if that before they are removed. Now my car was...
  8. A

    W124 rust spots and paint defect... repaint?

    Evening All I have recently considered getting round to getting some minor cosmetic work done on my E320 coupe. In typical W124 fashion the front wings have slight bubbling on the leading edge a little rust blister above nearside door cladding. The car is finished in Azurite blue. The car...
  9. rk100

    Spots of rust

    Hi all I was just having a general look around underneath my car when over at a friend who has a lift. I noticed a few spots of rust on my brake pipe in one location, nothing major but would like to prevent any more. Is the best option to sand down the rust spots lightly and cover in grease or...
  10. Twistedmind

    Tar spots on wheels

    Anybody found an easy way to clean tar spots from your wheels I just use intensive tar remover and elbow grease Bloody hard work when the wheels are bad Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  11. DSB SL AMG

    SL Mirror black spots?

    Hi all, Cleaned the SL R129 today, decided to put a bit of showroomshine on my side mirror (as done many times before), however its now left black / purple dots on the driver mirror surface which will not come out... Any ideas? Cheers DSB.
  12. DSB SL AMG

    SL Mirror black spots?

    Hi all, Cleaned the SL R129 today, decided to put a bit of showroomshine on my side mirror (as done many times before), however its now left black dots on the mirror surface which will not come out... Any ideas? Cheers DSB.
  13. arfan786

    spots of rust appearing on rear arches SEC

    hi guys i am in a dilemma my car is in the body shop right now having the gen 2 amg rear bumper and side skirts along with AMG lip spoiler. The bodyshop have said best to do the arches now while bumper and skirts are off and have been quoted 250 each side?? :dk:is that right? also the...
  14. M

    Paint Spots On Leather

    My recently purchased CLK appears to have a few small paint spots on the leather interior. Can anyone recommend a way to remove them without damaging the seats?
  15. moff

    The problem with white cars... tar spots!

    So it's only been 1 month and already my car is covered in tar spots!!! I've just been out to clean my car (which was a very cold and icy experience) and when drying off noticed them. It's so depressing as I am pretty sure the only sure fire way of getting rid is to clay the suckers. Wouldn't...
  16. S

    North Wales -good spots

    Folks, The hog is off on his annual week camping holiday with his mate and we;cew picked North Wales. Both of us love driving and photography and are not adverse to some hill walking. Things for us to do 1. Drive the Evo Triangle, are there any other note worth roads. 2. Snowdon, part of me...
  17. G

    What are these spots on the camshaft? Oil Gunk or Corrosion?

    Is this engine gunk, or is this actually metal that has corroded? I'll assume it's like this all along both shafts. Is this normal for car with 150,000 miles? or is it because it was poorly taken care of? I have to admit, that I did go for almost 9,000 miles without an oil change the last time...
  18. TedMartin

    Spots on screen

    Hi all, On the screen of my comand aps unit there are some spots, as if the protection, or filter, was peeling off. Is there some way in which this film or tint can be completely cleared or cleaned. I'm thinking of some sort of strong cleaning agent which doesn't affect the glass, or plastic...
  19. SilverSaloon

    Spots of wax on convertible roof

    Hi I treated by SL to a machine polish the other month. Unfortunatly this has left the convertable roof with some small splatter dots of wax. Does anyone have any advice on what to use on it to get rid of the dots? I've tried; - rubbing with stiff brush - stiff brush and white...
  20. Mactech

    Tar spots

    I have always assosicated tar spots on the car bodywork with summer motoring and melting road surfaces. However the last few weeks of freezing weather and both my cars are covered in the stuff:( The lower flanks of the dark coloured ML feel like sandpaper and the spots are quite visible on the...
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