1. C

    MB wiring loom tape

    Genuine Mercedes loom-tape used for wrapping wires together to ensure they don't get damaged. £8 posted. Email me at: [email protected]
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Duct Tape - Go Faster Stripes

    To lighten all the doom and gloom around, take a look at this which I have spotted down the road from me:
  3. Palfrem

    Weapons grade double sided tape?

    Does anyone have any ideas on what is the best make ( and where to buy) of double sided tape to use to stick trim bits and rubbers back on with please? What do they use in the factory I wonder - something by 3M? Many thanks
  4. Spitfire

    Boot-lip spoiler fixing, 3M VHB tape?

    Hi all I have just finished making my own one-off carbon boot-lip spoiler (and carbon diffuser section beneath the rear bumper) and reading some earlier posts on here I understand that some people have used 3M VHB double sided tape to fix their spoilers in place and am considering doing the...
  5. zaen1

    double sided tape or glue to fix rubber arch trim

    Hi guys,was going to put the rubber arch trims on my car but should i be using a glue/adhesive or double sided tape,i did buy some double sided tape but it does not seem to be very strong hence the question:dk:
  6. J

    Tape Error

    Hi. I have a W220 (S430) year 2000. I cannot get the tape opening door to remain shut. Motor continually runs until it then drops down again. It remains down unless any tape function is selected where it then tries to close but then still drops open again. If I insert a tape it informs me that...
  7. D

    repair plastic windows without tape kit!!

    Convertible Soft Top Rear Plastic Window Repair for Mercedes Benz | eBay
  8. C

    audio 10 tape player

    hi my 99 230 clk came with no radio but cd changer is still in the boot, ive found a audio 10 out of a w203 will this run my changer ok ? guy says he don't think it needs a code, is this correct...? thanks in advance Lee
  9. C

    Fixing tape for CLK spoiler

    Hi all, I finally found my lip spoiler for my W209 CLK, can anyone tell me the best fixing tape to use to put it on? Thanks
  10. I

    Exhaust tape

    I have a badly corroded pipe on my GS. Whilst considering repair options I was wondering if tape would: a) effect a reasonable temporary repair b) pass MOT which is due shortly? Thanks folks.
  11. developer

    Tyre Weight Sticky Tape Removal

    What's the best (and least aggressive) solution for removing the strips of tape used to stick previous tyre weights onto painted wheels. White spirit perhaps?
  12. D

    alpine tape & cd changer wanted

    Im keen to replace my current modern cd player with a more period item from the late 80's early 90's. Must be alpine and im ideally looking for a mint head unit either cassette with cd changer or cd on its own. Must be black and not interested in anythimg new. Pm me if you have anything. Scott
  13. reflexboy

    Paint and masking tape question

    When painting a wheel arch inner lip with hammerite, when is the right time to remove the masking tape? Let it dry totally, or pull it off carefully whislt still tacky? TIA
  14. J

    Tape around pipe?

    Hi everyone, I've just noticed this tape around a pipe under my bonnett in my Mercedes-Benz A140 (2000). Any idea's what it is and how much it would cost to fix and is it anything to worry about? I can only presume that there must be a hole or something. I have circled it: Thanks!
  15. BoyracerAU

    Becker demo tape someone?

    Hi All, In 1980 my late father took delivery of a new W123 300TD. Along with the car came a grey audio cassette with black writing on a red sticker from Becker. This tape was not an instructional tape. It just had music on it and it was music only, there was no singing at all. In recent...
  16. mattyv33

    2001 W210 Tape to Aux

    Hi All, Just wondering if it is possible to connect an aux lead to the back of the Mercedes tape player? Also if not, I will get an aftermarket, is it just a case of buying an iso adapter to get this to work. And lastly, can I get a lead so that the steering controls work for the...
  17. AMGeed

    Gaffer tape

    Just a quick one Anyone know the best way to remove the adhesive stuck to paintwork after some gaffer tape has been torn off? Not on the Merc, but my workhorse which had a window taped up waiting for a new regulator to be fitted. Many thanks.
  18. S

    is double sided sticky tape recommended??

    hi all, looking at fixing my number plates tomorrow, but dont fancy drilling holes if i am honnest.... but i also dont like the look of the frames that hold the plates in either. out of the two i would rather screw the plates to the car, but is double sided sticky tape an option ? is this strong...
  19. chilsta

    Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes

    I see this has been mentioned before, but not for a few years now and I thought there may be new people here who'd appreciate it. Every 8 weeks Mercedes release a free mixtape (well, a zip file containing MP3s) of what is usually some really rather good music by new artists. It's a refreshing...
  20. npuk

    Double sided tape for spoiler

    One side of my spoiler has become loose so need some tape to re-attach it. It is a genuine Mercedes part and it came with double sided tape pre-attached to mount it. Which type of double sided tape would be the best for a spoiler? I have seen VHB Gel Tape mentioned before. Would this do the...
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