1. Nasco12

    Engine temperature when replacing coolant

    How cold does the engine have to be before I can safely change the coolant? I ask because I think I am going to have to take a trip to Pit Start to do it and by the time I get there the engine will be fully up to temperature. "But why the trip to Pit Start?" I hear you asking. Two...
  2. PeterE320Cdi

    What temperature should a CLK 240 run at

    I have had my CLK 240 petrol for just over a week and notice the temperature is around 80-90 which is what I am use to on the E320 CDi but the CLK Owners Manual says figures of 120 to 130 are normal. Is this a mis-print in the owners manual or should the petrol run much hotter?
  3. E

    Coolant Water Temperature Sensor W246 (243 / Petrol)

    Can anybody tell me, where is the Water temperature sensor situated in B200 model from 2012 (W246 / 243)? My problem is, that often when I start the engine in the morning, the water temperature indicator goes to 80 degrees C in a minute and shortly afterwards the temperature indicator fells...
  4. J

    Wanted W124 Outside temperature display

    Looking for a LCD screen in (deg C) part of the outside temperature gauge. I have changed the cable but the screen is still reading about 10-15 deg too high.
  5. B

    R129 SL500 temperature issue

    Hi all, My car is an SL500 ('95), if i start it up and take it on a run the temperature will stay in the 80 - 85 region but as soon as i'm in slow traffic/stopped it starts to creep up to 105 at which point the aux fans kick in and bring it to just under 100. After getting to the 100 mark it...
  6. pupsi

    Engine cutting off at operating temperature?

    Been a while since I've been on here, been working abroad and now need to get this sorted out and get back on the road! Car starts up fine and idles fine, but as soon as it hits operating temperature, the car cuts out and won't start up again, just keeps turning over. Wiring harness was...
  7. R

    clk320 w208 ambient temperature gauge not registering anything

    hi, In my instrument cluster all the digital readouts are working apart from the one on the far left that is completely blank. Its for the ambient temperature readout and i was wondering if anyone else had this problem? any quick fixes? or is a replacement cluster jobby? thanks
  8. toolman1954

    Temperature Gauge Now Only Reads 50/60

    Hi, vehicle is 1997 300TD , I recently did a 400 mile journey up to Scotland and almost there I noticed the temperature gauge falling from its normal centre 80 degrees position down to about 50/60 degrees. Because I was so far from home I just monitored the situation and did nothing as there...
  9. J

    W124 Outside temperature gauge problem

    When I recently bought this car the outside temperature gauge was always showing a temperature at least 10 degrees lower than it should be. It then stopped showing anything at all, but occasionally would come back on showing a temperature 20 degrees higher. I just changed the wire from...
  10. Mister T

    C63 oil temperature problem-vented bonnet fix?

    It's no secret that the C63 is prone to a significant rise in oil temperature during spirited driving. Temperatures of 130 Celsius are often seen. It is not surprising that the Black Series has a significant increase in its oil cooler. It's not practical to start playing around with fitting...
  11. IMD

    R129 SL500 temperature gauge not working?

    Hi all, I've just noticed this morning that my engine temperature gauge doesn't seem to be working and sits at 40. Is there an easy way to check this? I'm no electrician! I've yet to look at fuses, although I expect it wouldn't have a fuse to itself and everything else appears to be ok...
  12. R

    cl203 hellp in limp mode again ! thanx MB !

    i'll try keep it brief as this is keeping me from sleeping !... bought the car with a faulty MAF and in limp mode, replaced with original MB part, also had pending secondary air fault, so i replaced check valve at the same time as it was grotty. convinced all faults repaired i took it to main...
  13. jukie

    Engine temperature query

    I recently had a new thermostat fitted to my V-reg E320 CDi as the engine was running cool. Now when it has fully warmed up, the gauge is clearly but not excessively above 90 degrees, i.e. there is a clear but small gap between the needle and the 90 degree. Should/could this been an issue...
  14. L

    temperature problem

    Hi all, im new to this site. Could anyone help me please. Ive got a vito van 2002. 112cdi. I have a question regarding the temperature, it does not go above 40, therefore the heaters are not blowing hot to demist the windows, but on the other hand if i leave it ticking over for about half an...
  15. Yogi bear

    W203 C180 Engine Temperature problems

    Guys, Got a C180 and it literally takes a decade for the engine temp to get up to 80 degrees?! I did a journey from Lincoln to Leeds yesterday (a distance of 80 miles) and the hottest it got was about 60 degrees?! Any advice would be great.
  16. A

    Engine temperature

    Could someone tell me what is the reglar temperature that a 1993 W124 E220 should mark. Mine is usually betwwen 75 and 85, when it ises to 85 and the car starts moving away from traffic it goes o 80 or even a litle less. Is this ok?
  17. M

    C220CDI Operating Temperature

    I've a 2003 C220Cdi which has only done 60000 miles and has been a great car. It runs really well but the other evening i noticed the engine seemed to take time to warm up and wondered if this was usual or not. It was about freezing and i had the heating on in the car. It took about 20 minutes...
  18. J

    operating temperature s class c320 cdi

    Hi all, i think my thermostat may have gone "belly up" grateful if anyone could tell me the correct operating temperature for a 2003 s class 320 cdi 6 in line diesel w220 xx tks
  19. W

    Outside Temperature Gauge C63

    on my central instrument cluster on the C63 has a reading for KMH but in the manual its an outside temperature gauge. this is on the bottom right of the display under the bar. But i cant find anywhere to swap the reading from reading kmh to temperature. any ideas?
  20. tmwsccsh

    R129 Outside Temperature Sensor Location

    Hi all, I have notived recently that the outside temperature indicator in the car is a bit out - was showing me 7 degrees this morning when it was only just above freezing. So, as stated, can anyone tell me where the temperature sensor is so I can check it for dirt or similar in the first...
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