1. F

    Ferrari - The Rare, The Fast and The Ugly
  2. Darrell

    Another ugly car.....

    Just been flat hunting in Radlett and someone living on the development where we were looking has a Bentley Bentayga. Is it based on a Cayenne or a Q7 cos thats what it looks like...apart from a chavvy grill on the front.. I read somewhere that these cars are the thick end of 150,000 sheckles.
  3. Brian 1


    Many moons ago my dad bought a Jowett javelin van it was the most ugliest thing I have ever seen, it was so ugly when we went to pick my cousin up from work she caught the bus instead, what's the most ugliest vehicle you have owned
  4. E

    Good, bad, & ugly

    Hi all, hope every one is well. Its been a while, thought id share my experience I've had in the past month. BAD: I got rear ended whilst sitting at red lights(low impact, scuffed bumper) GOOD: Whilst getting repaired installed boot spoiler(paint & fitment courtesy of third party:D)...
  5. C240Sport97

    Another ugly Lexus

    what are they thinking?
  6. Deane x

    Ugly cars

    I am interested what people think is a ugly car , I see some really ugly cars on the road but some one must love them it just me ? things like the Nissan juke Nissan leaf Renault Zoe ...keep it nice its just opinion The 10 Ugliest Cars Of 2015 |
  7. poormansporsche

    F.Me - Are these ugly or what

    Org. Mercedes W231 SL Winterreifen + Alufelgen 17" Komplettradsatz A2314012402 | eBay
  8. J

    ugly duckling to a swan :)

    bought my w202 originaly for £1100 and it was a standard w202 2.5 elegance with rust and a cloth interior. During the last year or so ive resprayed her, added new wings, new H&R 40mm drop suspension, original 18" AMG monos, full stainless steel exhaust, full C43 AMG 2 tone interior..more to...
  9. B

    The good, the bad and the ugly.

    The Good. My SLK has just passed the MOT again, with no advisories. £ 10.00 - hows that for value, courtesy of Tony Purslow of Guildford. The Bad. Reversing into my garage, I caught the wing mirror on the garage door arms, pulling the door down onto the bonnet. The Ugly. Two dents and two...
  10. P

    And the winner of ugly car of the year is....

    Which do you think is the ugliest car in production today? IMHO the Porsche Cayenne is a contender,looks like a moody bull frog from the front. Or the BMW 6,looks like one guy designed the back,another the front and they were both blind. Maybe the Range Rover Evoque, it went into production...
  11. whizzkid11

    Similar to S-Class ... hmm

    Even the dark side commands more respect than this!!
  12. @MARK

    Rejected My 2012 C350 CDI- It just turned ugly

    So as many of you will be aware my car has suffered from various build quality issues since the day I drove it off the forecourt. This is my first Mercedes Benz. Previously I have run BMW, Ford and Volvo. Whilst I was somewhat disappointed with these issues on a "premium product" my dealer...
  13. P

    Hologram Look on paint. Ugly

    Does anyone know how to get rid of that hologram look to the paintwork after it has been cleaner. I have a W203 in Obsidian black. Not sure how to rid it of that hologram look. Any tips for a DIY er would be great. I don't have a rotating electric pad just lots of clean clothes and elbow...
  14. neilz

    Wow this is ugly

    1990 Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Automatic Two Tone Blue | eBay UK :eek::confused::doh: I know it's trying to copy this new Bentley paintwork thing but it's failing miserably!
  15. The Boss

    One Ugly House

    India's richest man Mukesh Ambani moves into £630m home - Telegraph
  16. N

    Ugly 500 sec convertible

    MERCEDES 500 SEC AUTO CONVERTIBLE 84 PRIVATE PLATE, KEY on eBay (end time 07-Apr-10 12:05:06 BST)
  17. The Boss

    Ugly tuning solutions! lol

    What have you found that looks gastly? how about this for starters..
  18. fatherpierre

    Ugly As They Come, But Looks Like New

    Nasty colour, on an already unnattractive design - but someone will like it!
  19. coupe deville

    radio controlled clocks, the good, the bad and the ugly

    THE GOOD I was in bed enjoying the extra hours kip. THE BAD wife shouts up, have you altered the clock in the kitchen no, I'm in bed and I was asleep well I'm putting the clocks back an hour and the one in the kitchen has been done yes its radio controlled radio controlled ? yes it keeps...
  20. grober

    The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

    What happens when a Euroncap 5 rated car FIAT 500 meets a 4 rated car an Audi Q7. Its not pretty. Commentary is in German unfortunately but the results don't require much interpreting anyway.
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