1. ioweddie

    Having my first service on wednesday

    Hi all, had the c220 amg sport plus almost a year now, and its being serviced at Esplanade IOW on Wednesday, I will leave feedback to the experience, so far they have been very good, and especially understanding in the 1st year of ownership. Looking at around £230 which compares well to other...
  2. SPX

    The Wednesday Afternoon Windscreen Price Guessing Game

    I got a chip in the windscreen of the RR Sport without noticing and after my wife has driven over a speed hump at 60mph, it turned to an unrepairable crack. The windscreen is heated (little wires running through the screen) and my car has auto lights and wiper sensors. My insurance policy...
  3. nigel cross

    Great deal lasts till Wednesday Spotted this on another site I use great deal but only lasts till Wednesday, not me selling so shouldn't really be here, but wanted you guys to have a great deal
  4. E

    Get my new ML250 Sport on Wednesday

    Got a good deal on a few options thrown in, black with black leather interior, airmatic and the pano sun roof, 21" alloys, COMAND :) yay! Can't wait test drive in a 250 and a 350 didnt sway me to the 350 given the price differential and running cost hope I made the right choice!
  5. Godot

    Wednesday Evening 22nd February Square Mile Salute

    Stuck for something to do mid week in London, few tickets left. Great setting, Excellent Nosh fit for Royalty, Great Raffle Prizes.. like Branson's Necker Island etc etc :devil:;) Info from the old Regimental web site..a bit late, but it may still have time to tickle your fancy &...
  6. F

    "M" day - Wednesday!

    Wednesday lunch time I pick up this beauty. Excited doesn't quite do it! I'm like a 31 year old child on Christmas Eve!! 4 years of driving a Honda Jazz has been difficult to say the least, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! :-)
  7. R

    Charity Trackday @ Goodwood next Wednesday

    Hi all, just flagging this trackday at Goodwood oppountinity up, albeit very short notice as the trackday is on 30th November, (next Wednesday). Stumbled across it yesterday on the PH forum, its a charity day, and have just had a chat with the guy organising the day, its a 95DB day, meaning...
  8. ringway

    NW Cheshire GTG at The Dog Inn - September?

    Having looked at the NW and Curry GTG threads I thought it would be simpler and tidier to start a new "Dog" thread here. Wednesday 10th of August at The Dog Inn - Wellbank Lane, Over Peover, Nr. Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8UP. LINK. We usually meet at around 7.00pm. All welcome and I...
  9. ringway

    Cheshire Mini-GTG Wednesday 2nd June.

    Hi Folks, Does anyone fancy a GTG in Cheshire on Wednesday 2nd June? Myself and Corned are meeting up and we thought it would be a good idea to meet with anyone else who fancies a bite to eat and a few drinks at a good pub. There are some decent places to be fed and watered and some...
  10. The Boss

    Robbery at my place in Richmond/Twickenham Wednesday night!

    Gents/Ladies.. Had a break in at my place in Richmond/Twickenham last night... Broke in at 8pm, smashed the triple glazed windows to pieces, got away with my partners entire jewelery draw and few other sentimental possessions :( Just to be aware, that there has been one more robbery in the...
  11. coupe deville

    Making my will on Wednesday

    Mrs bandit has just informed me that she has arranged for a legal eagle to call on wednesday evening to prepare our wills :eek: I know it makes sense but it's just brought home to me that at 58 even if i live a normal lifespan there's not that long to go :( why has she arranged this without...
  12. R

    MOT Time - Wednesday

    The W202 is booked in for an mot on wednesday!! Getting nervous as its the first time ive mot it since i got it! 2000 (W-reg) 123000 miles!!
  13. D

    Cancel your plans for next Wednesday, it could be your last day on Earth

    Large Hadron Collider will not turn world to goo by inventor of Internet. He had deduced that it would be “quite plausible” to conclude that black holes resulting from the collider experiment “will grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside” across a devastating four-year period of...
  14. Gollom

    Orange Wednesday code

    Anybody on Orange who would be happy to pass a code for today to me? :) (I have registered but there is a problem with their registering system at the moment) If so, PM me and I'll advise my mobile number :bannana: Many thanks!
  15. Gollom

    Masterchef - episode Wednesday 20th Feb

    Anybody record this and could dump it to DVD for me? Damm series link on the TopUpTV thingie (DTI1600) did not work (got Bill Oddie instead :eek: ) Also missed last Thursdays 1 hour episode :mad:
  16. Satch

    Heavy snow forecast for Wednesday night

    Overnight Wednesday and Thursday morning are going to see quite a significant band of sleet and snow into south west England and South Wales and eventually by morning across much of Wales into the Midlands and into the London area and southern England as well as the South East," he said. "The...
  17. DR1VER

    NW/Cheshire GTG Wednesday 25 May 2011 at The Dog

    Hi This follows on from a previous post, just thought i'd make a new one with all details on. The meet will be on the 1st tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at So the first one will be on the 1st of August. Look forward to seeing you there...
  18. Howard

    A little Wednesday jollity

    A German guy approaches a lady of the night.... "I vish to buy s3x viz you." "OK," says the girl, "I charge £20 an hour." The German replies " goot, but I must varn you, I am a little kinky." "No problem," she replies cautiously, "I can do little kinky." So off they go to...
  19. D

    Pick up Hairdessers Car This Wednesday

    After being a Company car user for the last 18 years, I decided to stop paying out payment in kind to the tax man, as I'm now a low milage user and have no need for a family car. Both my kids have there own now and my wife has a sensible BMW estate, so it's back to my youth and a four year old...
  20. DrFeelgood

    new(ish) car Wednesday

    Picking up a c class from Mercedes Direct following a very costly foray into Land Rover ownership. I've previously only bought German or Japanese and will be chuffed to be back behind the wheel of a quality car. I'm not going overboard, just a C180k. I've traded off going upmarket for going...
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