1. mickday

    My E55K just been written off after accident last week

    After being rear ended by a Citroen van last Thursday my S211 E55K has just been written off by my insurance company. They have offered a value of £8,000 which could be worse I guess due to high mileage of 164K although it was worth a lot more to me obviously. Was considering buying it...
  2. ringway

    A Story Written by MBClub Members.

    Rules. Try to follow the previous post in the style of a novel without using more than 20 words. The story can switch genre along the way. Perhaps we can write a bestseller! Once upon a time, there was a car salesman called Eric...
  3. brucemillar

    Brand New Mustang written off outside the showroom.

    According to somebody involved in the crash, it was on a "test drive" Maidstone: Crash outside Texaco garage closes Ashford Road
  4. D

    car written off, but bought back

    Hi All I bought a C Class 2.7 CDI 10 months ago. initially it was an old dog, but with a new boost sensor and a replaced injector, it is now wonderful!! getting 54MPG on long runs. But some eejit pulled across in front of me last week, and in avoiding him, I ran the car over a log someone...
  5. crockers

    New written drink drive test..

    New test as below....
  6. tonyc280

    Well hope she's not written off.

    Well my beautiful and battered C280 go's in today for my first claim in 36 years. Hope She's not a write off. £600.00 worth of damage to a car that's not worth more than £1000.00 Any thoughts peep's
  7. tonyc280

    Written off or not?

    my 1997 c280 that cost me £1250.00 about nine months ago is going for a repair and not i hope to be written off. There's about according to a couple of local body shops about £600.00 worth of damage including a new front wheel and tyre that's needed and a side door moulding that's about £50.00...
  8. L

    Ouch! CLS likely to be written off

    Last week my CLS was struck by another vehicle on an otherwise deserted motorway. The other driver drove off in his badly damaged vehicle but fortunately for me he was found by traffic police a few hours later and subsequently admitted liability. I'm told that the damage to my vehicle is so...
  9. MercFanUk

    Can anyone read old written English?

    Hi all! I've been doing a lot of work on my family tree lately, and more often than not I struggle to read half of the writing on the census records. Most times I eventually figure it out, however this time I'm stuck... Can anyone read that word? It's a profession of some sort, most...
  10. P

    Written valuation

    Hi guys I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction... I'm planning to ship my car overseas as i'm moving away from the UK so in preparation for this I need to get a official written valuation. Its for the customs clearance on the other side as i dont wanna get stung with...
  11. Howard

    Brentfords C350 written off picture

    Further to Peters post ( http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/driving-incidents-roadrage/77726-brentfords-c350-written-off.html ) , here is a picture of the damage to said car. Peter asked me to post it as he was having problems with uploading it. Personally , i think Anna is very lucky to have...
  12. C43AMG

    Brentford's C350 Written Off.

    Last night on her way home Anna was involved in quite a serious accident. She is fine, bruised and battered from the Airbags and the Seat belt, thank goodness for Mercedes. The ambulance took her to Hospital to be checked over, no broken bones, just shock. She was traveling west on the...
  13. Spinal

    One more written off...

    A quick and short message as I'm quite tired and the codeine has started to kick in... Tonight I had a little "encounter" while riding my motorbike... a car hit me (from the side, as I was driving into my driveway - he was coming from behind me and was going fast enough not to brake in...
  14. A

    I dont want my car to get written off

    Right, so i came back from holiday yesterday, and the girlfriend came round to say hi and on our way to her house some guy driving an 'L' plate moped desides to suddenly stop at light that just gone amber, i had considerable distance from him so i stamped on the brakes as hard as i could, but...
  15. T

    my car written off?? - help!

    s reg c200 classic saloon was going along at 20mph when a driver of the fairer sex pulls out of driveway and drives straight into my right hand side!!! my first rta ever!!! right passenger door and right rear wheel completed knackered..looking at the rear wheel , seems to indicate serious...
  16. D

    Written in the dust

    People have a habit of using dirty vehicles to write things on. On the way home today written on the back of a very dirty knackered ford transit was "the stig!" and an arrow pointing towards the driver's seat. It made me smile! And I wonder - what witty sayings have others seen on dirty cars...
  17. Gucci

    Anyone written a novel?

    The long walks on the beach in Antigua was great for clearing the mind. I reflected on what I wanted to do next, including where I work etc. While I may change jobs at some point, I realised how much enthusiasm I had for writing a novel. I wrote a chapter in a published book on Digital Design...
  18. WLeg

    Car might be written off

    My neighbour (shared driveway) backed her RAV4 into the Merc yesterday.... Not too bad, we thought...but have taken it to Hilton (who just resprayed it under warrenty) - MB Hertford bodyshop people, and the bumper is broken, as are some brackets, so it may well be written off.......It all...
  19. Donza

    My car was written off a month ago. Looking to buy another W211 (2004 Auto Seq)

    Hi, as some of you may may know my car was written off in a horrible crash a month ago. The reason i am alive today is due to my W211. The car saved me from certain death. For this reason alone i am buying another W211. This time its going to be a Tealite Blue with an Auto SEQ BOX. My...
  20. gaz_l

    Written in dirt..

    On the back of a van. Saw a new one today, or new to me at least.. "Cleaned by the NHS". Cheers, Gaz
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