1. F

    S211 320CDI by Rez

    Thought I'd share some shots of the latest addition to the family, a 2004 S211 320CDI Avantgarde... basically stock apart from LED numberplate and sidelights... oh and the wheels! :rock: 1. IMG_7577e by FlyBoyRez, on Flickr 2. IMG_7576e by FlyBoyRez, on Flickr 3. IMG_7574e by FlyBoyRez, on...
  2. SL300-24

    W211 320CDI V6 Glow Plugs

    Had to change a glow plug in the W124 Estate last week. Now it is the W211's turn. Showing the glow plug warning once started for a short while which then goes out. Firstly I do not have star. Am I right in thinking that if I put a meter from earth to the glow plug centre after removing...
  3. astamir

    Brabus d6(II) box for w211 320cdi

    Looking for a brabus d6(II) tuning box for w211 320cdi 2004reg Please pm if anyone selling Thanks
  4. astamir

    W211 320cdi remapping or brabus tuning box?

    Hi guys Wants a bit more power on my 2004 w211 320cdi and thinking about remapping or putting a brabus tuning box on it Any advice would be very much appreciated If you advising the box please state which model and if you know any good places in or around north London please leave or pm...
  5. effbee584

    CLS 320cdi Silver w Grey Leather & 18m WARRANTY

    CLS 320 cdi in Silver with Grey leather interior - for immediate sale Price asked £13,000, payment by bank transfer please. It was bought without finance by me (paperwork to prove this) with normal MB HPI certificate from an MB Main dealer - Listers of Boston in January 2012 with 42,027...
  6. X

    Help facelift my 2009 320cdi with 2012

    Hi guys iv just bought a 2009 c320cdi which was damaged prior to me buying it. I would really appreciate anybody that may be able to help with a few questions. I would like to put a complete 2012 sport front end on which includes 2x xenon lamps 2 wings bonnet front drl bumper, 2 x splash gaurds...
  7. astamir

    W211 320cdi Brabus tuning chip

    Hi guys looking for a brabus tuning chip for my w211 e320 cdi 2004 Thanks
  8. astamir

    W211 320cdi estate BATTERY PROTECTION:convenience functions temporary unavailable

    Hi guys need a help to sort out this one please Out of nothing the message on the cluster came on BATTERY PROTECTION:CONVENIENCE FUNCTIONS TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE but nothing wrong with the car Thanks in advance
  9. A

    320cdi start times

    Hi, Starting car in the morning, takes about 4 secs to start. All day it starts immediately. If car is not used for a week, takes about 6-7 secs to start. Glow plug comes on normally, and I begin to start once it goes out. Is this normal? Thanks
  10. ShinyF1

    W210 320CDI Cranking but not starting

    Our MY 2000 E320CDI has just decided it will crank but not start - first time it has happened in six years. Have called out Green Flag to see if they can fix it but has anyone had similar problems or can suggest a cause? Thanks Sean
  11. M

    s210 320cdi turbo

    I have heard that the turbo on these is variable vein and that the veins often clog up, is it easy to remove the turbo and clean it?
  12. M

    S210 320cdi gearbox problem

    Hi all, I just carried out a full service of my car over the weekend, usual stuff like oil and filter, diesel filter, air filter and also fitted new inlet swirl flap motor as the old one wasn't operating properly, but I also decided to change the auto box fluid and filter. Done the normal...
  13. R

    Hissing noise after switch off - 07 320CDI Diesel Esate

    Noticed recently, that after turning the engine off, there is a hissing noise from somewhere under the bonnet that lasts for about 15 seconds, then dies away over 3-4 seconds. Sometimes think I can hear it randomly inside the car when driving, again last for maybe 20 seconds then fades. No other...
  14. Charles Morgan

    W210 320cdi won't start

    Started the 210 320cdi this morning - turned it straight on without waiting for the glowplug light to extinguish (the confusion of regularly switching between petrol and diesel) so as it was chugging over trying to start switched the ignition back to off. Let it go through the full glowplug...
  15. M

    W210 320cdi gearbox oil change

    Was wondering how much fluid is required to refill the auto box on my car as I am changing the oil and filter this weekend
  16. M

    Wanted - a high specification, 7-seat, S211 320CDI

    Good afternoon all, New to the forum, and looking for a pretty specific specification car. I thought it would be worth putting up a wanted ad in case someone knows of, or is considering selling, the perfect car. I am after an S211 7-seat E320CDI, but I am being incredibly fussy about...
  17. M

    S-Class 320Cdi - is a 10 year old car likely a bad idea?

    Guys i have got this notion of buying a 10 year old 2003 s-class 320cdi, my budget wont allow anything newer. Anyway do these cars require a lot of attention and things replaced as they get to this age. Im good at mechanics and dont mind doing fixes to my car, im just a bit reluctant due to the...
  18. markheaney2

    bad starting s class 320cdi

    hi there i have recently purchased a 2001 s320 cdi when i bought the car it took a long time to start on a morning it would start better after it had been running so i have proceeded to replace all the clear fuel lines on the car replaced the fuel filter and because the car is permanently in...
  19. Gokhan149

    How much would cost me to service CLS 320CDI?

    I am thinking to service my CLS 320cdi 2006, has anyone idea how much would cost me from mercedes benz
  20. M

    2007 CLK 320CDi - Fan Control Module

    HI Can anyone help with the location of the fan control module on my 2007 CLK 320CDi? Thanks
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